Shapeshifter System
6 First Shapeshifter Creature - Chapter 6
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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6 First Shapeshifter Creature - Chapter 6

Within a few minutes, he saw a crowd of 40 to 30 people. This crowd, naturally, gathered around the weak boy he had killed.

The only person in the crowd he noticed a little bit different was a middle-aged man with a dirty beard, this man dressed in a red suit. For some reason, he had a different feeling about this guy.

The middle-aged man took a deep breath after examining the body for a while. Meanwhile, a gray-haired middle-aged man and a woman in his 30s showed up in the crowd.

They approached the body and started crying. These two were the family of the weak young boy.

That's when one of the villagers started talking.

"This morning, Malnik and Alminka attacked this child here. No one else could have done this!»
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the woman who spoke was a young woman from the crowd. she witnessed the incident this morning when she was carrying wood behind herself. When Martin saw her, he smiled slightly. He noticed before this woman watching from a distance.

The woman's words started to annoy the crowd. They all knew young people called Malnik and Alminka. They wanted to ask them to answer it.

That's when an old man in a red suit started talking.

"Malnik and Alminka are more valuable than anyone else here. Only they, me, my son, and a boy named Maren, son of the Village Blacksmith, can transform. We can't do anything to them, no matter how this is making us sad. Everyone go home»

After the red man spoke with a shameless expression on his face, he ordered two men who were with him to collect the body. And then he started walking without looking back.

Martin knew at the time that this man was the head of this village. He also heard from people's conversations that this man was the Fire Bull (Shapeshifting Creature).

Naturally, Martin wasn't interested in that kind of thing at the time. With the crowd falling apart, he began to move away and went home. Then he looked at how many points he earned from killing the young man.

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.0»

«HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « None «

Paradigna Points = 120

«Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online)

Martin smiled slightly. Killing a young man earned him 100 Paradigna Points. That's when the system started talking.

«You earn Paradigna Points in direct proportion to the power of the soul of the slain person or the creature. You earned 100 Paradigna Points because the person you killed was weak-spirited.»

Martin began to think deeply after the system's words. What the system was trying to say was pretty simple.

"More powerful the person or creature. More Paradigna points ı am going to earn when after I killed them»

Martin knew that for sure. That's when he heard a voice in his ear again.

"Renovating the Paradigna Market."

«Market Renewed.»

After this announcement, Martin took a deep breath and examined the market. It wasn't that he was going to get anything for sure. But still, if he saw a cheap and useful transformation, he was thinking of buying it.

«Paradigna Market»

Martin thought inside. A few seconds later, he was confronted by three different creatures.

«Name = «Big Bat»

Level = W1-Animal

Strength = 0.3

Agility = 0.7

Vitality = 0.1

Intelligence = 0.3


- Information -

"It's three times bigger than a normal bat. His vision is a little weak»

Skill -


Skill 1 = Improved Echolocation ( Can sense beings and objects around 100 meters for 30 seconds. (Cooldown - 1 Hour)

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Price = 100 Paradigna Points

Martin went through a lot of scrutiny of this creature. A creature like that wouldn't do its job. It wasn't very strong anyway.

Martin started looking at the other creature.

«Name = «Dead Spearman»

Level = W1-Dead

Strength = 0.6

Agility = 0.3

Vitality = 0.1

Intelligence = 0.0


- Information -

"Soldier using a spear in a dead body"

Skill -


Skill 1 = Heart Smell (For 30 Seconds It can smell beings and objects (300 Meters Radius) (Cooldown - 3 Hour)

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Price = 100 Paradigna Points

Martin thought this creature wasn't so bad. But from a general point of view, this creature had nothing special. Because the only difference he had was that he was a little stronger than people. He knew he wouldn't choose this creature either. Martin looked at his last creature today.

« Name = «Claw Demon Minion»

Level = W1-Demon

Strength = 0.7

Agility = 0.7

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1


Information -

"This creature, which has a small body 1.6 meters tall, has extremely sharp black claws 60 CM long"

Skill -


Skill 1 = Demonic Frenzy (For 30 seconds %30 more claw damage and %10 Attack Speed) Cooldown = 1 Hour

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

Price = 120 Paradigna Points

When Martin saw this option, he made his decision, and a return surface appeared. He didn't realize why this creature was so cheap. But he didn't care at the time. That's probably the best creature he could get. There were a lot of things that made the creature special. But Martin's favorite point was his strength and speed balanced.

Martin thought he wanted to take the creature without much thought. That's when Paradigna spoke to her.

«Do you want to take the creature ?»

Martin just took a deep breath and confirmed it from within.

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