Shapeshifter System
5 Chapter 5 - Murder and Plan
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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5 Chapter 5 - Murder and Plan

Martin opened his eyes when the sun entered his room through his window. According to the sun, he thought it was 9:00 a.m.

He got up from the bed and washed his face with water in the bucket outside first. Then he warmed up the chicken pieces from yesterday. He cooked them so these pieces wouldn't spoil. They weren't directly corrupted in this way.

After he ate his food, he went back to his room and sat down.

"Attacking people made perfect sense at first. But now that I don't know which person would be a Shapeshifter, it's become a dangerous issue.»

That's what Martin started thinking. Under normal circumstances, attacking people was a wise idea. Not only was he the one he knew best how to kill a human, and even a man with a strong physique against himself in the face of a sneaky attack had no chance.

But the situation around the world forced him pulled himself back a little bit.

Martin came out of the cabin. He had an ax with him, and he put it right next to his bed in case of a sudden attack from any kind of danger.

He has to walk around and gather more information about the world and humans.

"Killing farm animals will not be a problem for the first time. But if I keep it up, I'll get caught eventually.

Martin was hanged his ax around his waist, and he was moving down the stone road. The villagers made these roads by working together. Every once in awhile, caravans were said to pass through here.

A few young people were caught in his eye as he continued to advance on the stone road. These three were between the ages of 16 and 18. There was an incident between them. Martin started listening without revealing it.

"You useless, and you don't want to work. And you're disrespecting my father"!

According to others, the physically advanced teenager yelled at the weak 40 kg of a young boy in front of him.
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The 40 kg-looking young man stared at the bulky young man screaming at him with fear in his eyes. The expression of fear in his eyes was clear.

Martin started looking at a young man with a disgusting look on his face. The reason for the disgusting look on his face was the look of fear in the eyes of a young man weighing 40 kg. That expression of fear didn't suit a young man. However, according to Martin, things like physical ability or having muscles do not matter.

Even if the other person was much stronger than you, or muscular, he would still die when he was stabbed in the neck.

Martin kept watching.

"Malnik why are you talking about this useless piece of shit, he was kicked out of the house by our father because he was no longer working on our family business. No one's going to help him, let's go.»

A young boy who was with Malnik started to walk away with Malnik after spitting at the 40 kg-looking boy.

The kid, who weighed 40 kilos, just sat on the grass and waited without doing anything.

At the time, he didn't realize he was being watched by a hunter.


He started to look around with his eyes open, the skinny young boy. He felt a great pain in his head. A few seconds later, his eyes were red. He couldn't see anything. All he wanted to do was close his eyes and go to sleep.


Martin with a big smile on his face, after the other youngsters left, threw the ax right at the boy's head. Naturally, he looked around before he carried out the attack. He attacked after making sure no one was around him.

He killed the weak kid in the face of a single attack.

with quick steps, he removed the ax from the young boy's head and struck the boy's neck with two major blows to secure his job.

Martin ran home without wasting any more time. He used the leaves that were around when he escaped and wiped the blood marks off the ax. After a while, he took a deep breath and immediately entered the forest in the area where the people were.

He faked hitting trees and pretending to cut wood. The purpose was simple.

The young people seemed to be fighting and arguing. He also noticed that a few people around saw these young people. so when people found the young man on the side of the road. They will think the youngster killed him.

That way, no one would think he killed this young man. It was to secure his job even more.

Within minutes, the forest area echoed with the screams of a woman. The men of the village, all around, abandoned their jobs and began to run towards where the woman's screams had come from. Martin put his ax where another man worked before he ran and took one of the different axes around and put it around his waist.

Before he took the ax, he examined it to see if the ax was any different from his ax.

Then, like other peasant men, he ran to where the woman's screams came from.

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