Shapeshifter System
4 Chapter 4 - Paradigna Market -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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4 Chapter 4 - Paradigna Market -

Martin used the command paradigna had already told him to access the store. This command was referred to as "Paradigna Market".

«Paradigna Market»
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After Martin checked into the market, he came across three different creatures. Underneath it, there was a different note wroten by the Paradigna.

«Paradigna Market»


«Name =Male Lion»

Level = W1

Type = Animal

Strength = 0.9

Agility = 0.5

Vitality = 0.4

Intelligence = 0.1


- Information -

"A classic earth-creature lion"

Skill -


Skill 1 = Lion Roar (Strengeth 20% Faster For 30 Seconds) Cooldown Time = 60 Minutes

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

- Price = 200 Paradigna Points -

Martin smiled slightly when he looked at the first choice. He wasn't expecting something like this. He didn't think the animals on Earth would be here. Naturally, a lion did not have the title of the monster to itself. But maybe there were no lions in this world. That's why for those who were here, the lion wasn't an animal. It was a monster.

Martin has bypassed the Lion creature for now. And he didn't have enough points anyway. Martin looked at the other option under the Lion.

« Name = «Stone Swordsman Statue»

Level = W1

Type = Golem / Statue

Strength = 0.7

Agility = 0.1

Vitality = 0.95 (Almost 1.0) (Defence / Health)

Intelligence = 0.0 / Magic Power (


- Information -

"A statue of a swordsman made of stone"

Skill -


Skill 1 = Stone Body (Passive) - (+30% defense - +50% defence againts sharp weapons)

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

- Price = 500 Paradigna Points -


Martic was surprised when he saw the result. This Paradigna was something different than he thought. He could even present something like that to himself as a creature of transformation. In general, this creature named Stone Swordsman Statue has a quite weak attack and speed compared to the lion, but it has a really good defense.

Martin wondered why the price difference between the lion and this statue was so big. Paradigna asked him about it. A few seconds later, he got his answer.

"Stone Swordsman Statue - Vitaliy = 0.95 - With a little development, the defense of this transforming creature will evolve."

Martin smiled with the system's answer to him. It seems that the creatures began to evolve when their score reached 1.0. That was important information. Paradigna didn't give him that information beforehand.

Bypassing this, Martin began to examine the last-ranked creature.

«Name =»Four-Legged Blade»

Level = W1

Type = Metalic Life Form»

Strength = 0.3

Agility = 0.95

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.0


- Information -

«This is a metallic form. has a sharp body of steel that is 60 cm long and 4 sharp steels which used as legs.

Skill -


Skill 1 = Blade Whirlwind (+ %30 speed will be gained after using this technique.) Cooldown = One Day

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

- Price = 1000 Paradigna Points -

Martin wasn't surprised this time. There was only one thing he was curious about. Why was this creature more expensive than the other two? In general, the only thing that distinguished this creature from the other statue-like creature was that Agility was about to evolve instead of Vitality.

That's when Paradigna started talking to Martin again.

«This creature is a form of metallic life. It's very rare.»

Martin never asked any questions this time, and he started cooking some of the animals he killed under the fireplace in his house. He was pretty hungry. It's the first time he's eaten since he was born into this world. And his Paradigna Points wasn't enough right now. That's when Paradigna Informed about the Market

«The creatures for sale this day will be randomly replaced the next day. You have one chance to lock the creatures. After locking the creatures not randomly chance before you unlock.»

Martin didn't answer. He had to think about it for a while. He was going to confirm it after he decided if there was a creature here that he was supposed to take.

What he needed to do right now was to search the area a little more and find the right prey. The more he killed, the stronger he would grow and develop.

He didn't think to have locked up the Paradigna Market for now. As rare as it was, as long as he had the Paradigna, he can easily grow a quite powerful player in an undiscovered and strange world.

The target he set for himself was a week. Within a week, he'd have to gather enough points and try to get in the eye of the incoming organization. He was a man who loved his freedom. But the idea was good for him right now. What would happen the next day was not exactly known.

After he ate his food, he scattered the remaining pieces of meat directly around. That's because if the villagers came looking for him, they wouldn't have the opportunity to blame him.

Martin knew he wouldn't be found like this.

For this reason, after eating his food, he lay straight to bed to spend the night.

To be honest, he had a lot of ideas in his head. But he knew. If he didn't regain his strength, there would be nothing to execute all these ideas.

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