Shapeshifter System
3 Killing Cows and Chickens - Chapter 3
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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3 Killing Cows and Chickens - Chapter 3

Martin was able to examine what the creature the child was turning into after a certain time.

Naturally, it was because of the Paradigna. At the same time, Martin's old world was active in a power-setting system in the games he played when he was bored from time to time. Martin more or less remembered this system. (Status Screen aka str agility) A lot of things that were already written were self-explaining.

The boy, who had turned into a wolf, started running directly behind the flying yellow eagle. When Martin saw the wolf's speed, there was a strange expression in his eyes. The reason for this expression was that the boy who had turned into a wolf was fast.

Martin, as far as he understands in the situation window, 0.1 should have been the power levels of a normal person. This wolf he saw had a 0.7 Agility Score. It meant that he could react faster and better than people. Three or four times faster if he didn't think wrong.

As Martin was thinking about it, a middle-aged man came up to Martin and started talking.

"Oh, it's nice to have a Yellow Eagle as the creature of the transformation of the village leader's child. I believe it will be taken by the Fire Mountain Shapeshifters organization, which will arrive in a few weeks.»

Martin turned to the man who spoke to him and looked at him. The guy had a dirty beard on his face. This middle-aged man was also holding a shovel. The reason Martin looked back at him was that he heard things that interested him.

He asked a man with a tone that wasn't too suspicious.

"What is the Organization of Fire Mountain ?»

After Martin asked the question like this, the middle-aged man in front of him frowned slightly and then laughed.

"Martin, since when have you been such a joker? You know the organization you're talking about is the biggest Shapeshifters organization around.»

After the middle-aged man finished his words, he turned around and started to walk. He thought Martin's real question was a joke. But Martin was just smiling.

The answer he got was enough for him. As far as he understands, these organizations were rounding up people who have nice and powerful transformational creatures and taking them to their territory. After that, they teach young kids and not so smart village people how to fight and give them money and a place to stay. So they can use their powers to become more strong.

That's how Martin had it in mind. After a while, he continued to walk around and explore. Most of the houses were about 100 feet from each other and were made of wood.

Paradigna told Martin that the world he was in was technologically somewhere between the first and the middle ages. Martin was able to see the reality of it by touring the village. That's when he thought of something else.

"As I understand it, this fire mountain organization will stop by this village in a few weeks and check on the people. It would be nice if I could get myself a powerful creature by then. It wouldn't be a bad idea for me to be under an organization until I know it in a simple way at least.»

Martin talked to himself. He had to score points. He had to kill in it. And the only way he could do that was to kill creatures that wouldn't put him in danger. The first thing that came to your mind was, naturally, killing the livestock in the village. He could have easily killed many of the livestock. And it was easy to hide.

After Martin put the idea in his head, he started looking around. He had his eye on a house far from his own home. There was a barn right next to this village house. Chickens and cows were coming from this barn. He knew if he killed them, he'd get some points.

He waited for it to get a little dark. After dark, he first went home and took the little backpack that was in the closet. He wanted to put some of the meat from the animal he killed in this bag. Then to eat.

After making preparations, he began to head towards the village house he had chosen. As the candlelight went out inside the house, it began to move slowly and insidiously. He approached the barn and after taking a deep breath, he opened the door without much difficulty.
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Such abilities were martin's old-fashioned talents. He could open a lot of doors with very simple logic. He was also insidiously experienced in approaching and killing. He was able to get in because of all this.

There were two cows and 10 chickens in the barn. He knew he had to kill them quietly. even if the cows were okay, if the chickens suddenly started making noise, it was possible that the owners of the house would come.

Normally, he wasn't afraid of the owners. But if the owners could even turn into a simple creature, it would be over for him. That's why he didn't want to make a move he didn't know about.

Martin started cutting the chickens slowly with the tip of the ax for a few minutes. The chickens began to bleed directly to death silently. On average, a few minutes later, he killed the cows quickly.

After putting some chicken and cow meat in her bag, he quickly got out of the barn and started moving towards his own house. The barn with the animals and his own house were only about a mile away. That's why he was able to get home in a short time.

After he got home, the first thing he did was check his condition.

«Paradigna Situation»

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.0»

«HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « None «

«Paradim Shapeshifting Market» (Online)

Padigna Points = 20 Points

Martin confirmed it with his head. He killed 10 chickens and two cows. One of the chickens gave him 1 Point Paradigna.and one of the cows gave him 5 points. It was understandable.

Meanwhile, Martin entered the Paradigna Market for the first time with a big smile on his face.

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