Shapeshifter System
2 Black Weak Wolf - Chapter 2 -
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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2 Black Weak Wolf - Chapter 2 -

Martin kept sitting on the bed. He knew he had to keep thinking. The reason for this was that he had to come up with a plan.

Although he was happy with his condition, it didn't mean he would let himself out of the way to make the wrong mistakes.

There are no Paradigna Points at the moment. Without this point, he would not be able to buy any beings or creatures from the Paradigna Market. He had to do something about it. For now, Paradigna offered him two different ways to earn Paradigna Points.

One of these ways was to kill people. Which is Martin's expertise area? The other was to kill other creatures. Which is an area that Martin was not that bad?

"Depending on the strength of the monster I kill, the points I will earn more."

Martin whispered to himself. A simple logic played a role in his thinking. The concept of living was a very different concept. An insect was a creature. so was a lion too. An insect's points wouldn't be the same as the lion's points.

That was a pretty clear logic. At the same time, Paradigna mentioned that the world that he is in was extremely large and that the concept of living could be transformed into many different systems.

Martin didn't really understand that. But he could more or less guess something. He was probably talking about fantastic creatures. These creatures could be ghosts, mechanical beings, vampires, werewolves, all sorts of things.

After thinking about it for a while, Martin closed his eyes and stood up. It was time to move a little bit. He had to learn about the environment to decide who is he going to kill. Is he going to kill a human or an animal?

After standing up, he wore a long-sleeve outfit made of brown leather from inside his closet. And then he wore a jacket made of black leather. He also took the little ax from the corner of his room and hung it around his waist.

Just in case he had to protect himself in a dangerous situation, this little ax could save his life.

After hanging the ax around his waist He opened the wooden door and stepped outside for the first time. The air was pretty clean and slightly sunny. But there was wind. That's why it was so good that he was wearing a jacket.

He started looking around for a while. There weren't many people. Aside from the occasional children's voices, most people worked in their fields farm. Martin was in a bad place right now. Because he didn't have the memories of the young man who he is using his body right now. So he wouldn't know anyone who knew him. His excuse for that would be to say that he had a strange disease so he does not remember anything.

Martin then started walking. It was clear that the village was not too big. he kept counting the houses as he continued to walk on the. He has to know how many houses there were and so that he can create an idea of where to start.

As he proceeded with calm steps, his eye slid to his two boys on the right. Both of these kids were about six years old. he could easily deceive them, and they could not resist him. Martin was thinking like this, and that time a 6-year-old boy with black hair and black eyes yelled the other boy.

"I'm telling you give me my toy»

Martin started watching. After the boy yelled, he began to feel a strange bloodlust from the boy. Martin was used to that feeling.

«How strange»

He whispered to himself,

"Hahaha, it's like you're going to catch me."

After the Blond-haired boy uttered those words, white smoke surrounded him, and soon after, the boy turned into a yellow eagle. The boy, who had become a Yellow Eagle, began to fly straight away.

Before Martin could get over his surprise, the black-haired boy was also covered in white smoke, and soon after he was covered with white smoke, he turned into a slightly weak black wolf, but his eyes were blood red.

Martin saw this whole thing with his eyes. He probably couldn't fight the black wolf in front of him. Even if he has an ax. The other thing that surprised him was that the first two kids he saw were shapeshifters.

He didn't expect that. That's why he was a little confused.

Martin didn't have a chance to look at the yellow eagle. But he was able to examine the black wolf. After examining it for only 3 seconds on average, grey texts manifested in front of his eyes with a whispering sound in his head. This text did not affect his capability of seeing around. But it was also clearly visible to Martin.

"Name" = Black Weak Wolf»

Level = W1

Type = Animal

Strength = 0.3

Agility = 0.7

Vitality = 0.2

Intelligence = 0.1

Skill -
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Skill 1 = Wolf Sprint (Run Speed %20 Faster For 30 Seconds) Cooldown Time = 10 Minutes

Skill 2 = ?????

Skill 3 = ?????

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