Shapeshifter System
1 The Paradigna Shapeshifters - Chapter 1 Introduction
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Shapeshifter System
Author :Krizantem
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1 The Paradigna Shapeshifters - Chapter 1 Introduction

Martin Patrick

Martin Patrick was born in 1980. He was born on our regular "earth", Martin began torturing animals constantly since he was a child.and in his teenage years, he began to kill people. He was in juvenile prison for a few years. Then he was released back into the world and started killing again.

He had a scientist in his kill list. Now that he was an expert, he started killing people for money. He broke into the scientist's house and killed him. But after he killed him, he was killed in an explosion at the scientist's home.


When Martin opened his eyes, the place where he found himself was a very simple wood hut. He was sitting calmly on a bed. In these situations, when normal people started going crazy, Marin had no sign of emotion in his eyes. Because, At that moment, strange information was flowing into his head.

About an hour later, Martin had a sign of revival in his eyes. Martin was told by a voice in his head what had happened to him, what would change in his life, and where he was.

"I died after the explosion. But it was a device that caused the explosion. My soul has been protected by the device because it is a very scientific and varied device. and now I have come to life in another body in this fantastic world.»

Martin whispered to himself about his condition.

Martin learned a lot of different things from the voice in his head. That voice told him a lot of different things. This system, which calls itself Paradigna, also said it would help itself on its journey.

Martin stood up from his wooden foot and looked in the very small mirror inside the room. His face looked like a 20-year-old male. He had a very little beard and looked slightly childish. He looked around a little care and noticed that he had an average of 175 cm in height.

After Martin did the necessary checks, he sat back on the bed and started thinking.

"Where I am is a village called the Fire Bear. I live in this village without my family. Because I lost my parents in a wild animal attack at an early age. What I do is woodwork. I'm going into the woods, cutting wood and trying to sell it in the village. That's how I make a living.»

Martin began to rethink the information given to him by Paradigna. It was in the body of a child with a somewhat tragic past with a very simple life. But he didn't know exactly why this body was in it.

Martin looked out the window next to that bed and started looking at the light of the day. Paradigna tells him that in the world where he was found, some people were born with a creature in his soul. They could turn into this creature at any time and that way they had the chance to fight the wilderness.

At the same time, these transformations had power levels close to them. These levels were made quite simply and shown in numbers.

Martin started thinking about that. At the time, it occurred to him that he'd rather draw somewhere than think. The memories of his old body came to mind and he reached out his hand and pulled a notebook and a pencil out of the drawer.
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And then he started writing systematically what he could think of.

«Congenital Creature»

"The first level of this creature"

"Then it evolved and progressed."

Martin confirmed it with his head. It was just a simple system. But it explained a lot of things. Hunting using the creature of one's birth and hunting other creatures, even all kinds of creatures, allowed him to develop himself. It was as if the creatures that had grown stronger in this way had evolved.

That's when Martin kept writing.

«Power System»

«W1 - W2 - W3»

«N1 - N2 -N3»

«G1 - G2 -G3»

«RG1 - RG2 - RG3»

It was progressing. Paradigna just gave him so much information right now. He said if he wanted more information, he'd have to find them himself. Martin wasn't obsessed with it.

Paradigna told him that if he told himself "Paradigna Show My Status", he would appear in front of a screen that showed his condition. He thought it was time to try it.

«Paradigna Situation»

«Paradigna Active»


«Martin Bloodfire»

«Soul Power = 1.0»

«HP = 100% »

«Shapeshifting» = « None «

Paradigna Points

«Paradigna Shapeshifting Market» (Online)

As Martin opened his case, he began to hear the strange divine voice again in his head. This voice began to inform him again. Martin kept listening, focusing without making a sound.

25 minutes later, the divine voice disappeared again. At that moment, Martin had a big smile on his face. That was pretty rare. Martin only smiled when he killed a human being. For this reason, he smiled almost for the first time without killing anyone.

Paradigna told him about a lot of different things this time. He said he would earn Paradigna Points for all the creatures and people he killed through the Paradigna System. Using these points, he could enter the Paradigna Market and buy and transform from billions of creatures or beings. The number of creatures he could transform was directly proportional to his spirit power.

Martin noticed all this, so he had a big smile on his face. He wasn't going to get bored where he just came in.

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