Shadow clones jutsu in Fairy Tail
3 Tower of heaven : Scarlet meeting
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Shadow clones jutsu in Fairy Tail
Author :Hasu_Yodd
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3 Tower of heaven : Scarlet meeting


Hey author here i am going to make small changes in timeline to cater to Hasu's growth.Don't worry it wont change much.


In a dark and a desolate corner of Tower of heaven stood a black brown haired young boy, he looked no more the 10 years in age. His small green eyes shined in darkness. Any one could tell that this boy could become a handsome man in future. This boy was none other than Hasu.

Hasu : Hmm so i really got transfered into tower of heaven. Gotta make sure no on sees me now.

hasu checked his surrounding to check for gaurds then hid in a corner beside a empty box.

Hasu : hmm let me see how to do shadow clone jutsu...

Hasu closed hi eyes to sense his power

Hasu : ok i get it i just have to make shadow clone hand sign to make my cones but it looks like i am limited to only 3 shadow clones for now.

hasu arranged his right index and middle finger vertically and same left fingers horizontally behind them.

Hasu: Shadow clone jutsu.

suddenly a second hasu appeared beside hasu they both looked at each other and nodded and then second hasu transformed into a average looking adult man with gaurd clothes.

Hasu : You know what to do right.

clone 1:Ya ya i am you. Get you into same prison cell as erza then sneak out to meet UR and Grey.

Hasu : So lets get started.

then hasu and his clone which now looked like a guard moved though tower of heaven.They were in luck as prison cells for slaves were right around the corner.Clone and hasu moved towards cell at which a another guard was standing.

??? : Oye halt who is this kid.

clone 1: nothing much just throw this brat into cell.

??? : ok

then the unkown gauard opened the doors and threw hasu into cell and locked and moved to talk to clone guard.

clone 1 : So do you know when supply ships are comming.

guard : Huh , you don't know the ships are at dock , they came yesterday.If you want to get something ordered then you better hurry because they will leave at night.

clone 1: then i will be going .

Then the clone 1 moved to leave the tower towrd the supply docks.

while this clone 1 was moving out hasu inside the cell caught eye of certain red haired girl sitting while holding hear knees with the wall.Her red hair were covered in dirt but still made her stand out in this gloomy atmosphere yes , this girl was none other than erza.Hasu strided towards erza but was stopped by black haired boy same age as erza with 3 younger kids behind along him. There was another old man sitting in the cornor of the room.

??? : oye you are new my name is Wally Buchanan what is your name

Hasu : hi my name is Hasu Yodd

Wally : Hasu Yodd thats wierd name hehe

Hasu : Says the person with name buchanan

Wally girinned and pointed towards three younger kids

Wally : They are sho, simon and milliana

milliana waved her hand while simon just sat there and nodded and sho din't say anything.

Hasu looked towards erza.

Hasu : Hi and you are

Erza : Erza.... just Erza

Hasu : hmm that sounds sad

Erza hearing that sadly looked downwards.Hasu seeing this moves behind erza and moved his finger through erza hair.

Erza was startled.

Hasu : How beautiful Scarlet hair.

said hasu in soft tone

Erza :..... Scarlet....

Hasu : Yes i have decided your name will be erza... Erza Scarlet.

Wally : oye oye just like that..

Erza : ....Scarlet...Erza Scarlet..

erza looked happy and looked towards grinning hasu and smiled .

Erza : Thank you

And thats how Scarlet. Story of Erza Scarlet of this world will begin.
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