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737 Falling to the Devil Path

Athena hadn't disappointed Brunhilda, and she went to tightly embrace her. For a moment, she had been truly afraid that Athena wouldn't return and that she had trusted the wrong person.

Athena smiled bitterly, then said to Brunhilda, "Did you have no doubts that I would become a mole for Zeus?"

Brunhilda patted her shoulder and said, "I believe you! If it had been Li Yunmu, he would've done the same!"

"Elder sister, I feel like you are becoming more and more like him."

Brunhilda was slightly startled, then calmly said, "We are gradually being influenced by him. It isn't strange."

Athena nodded, then said, "Elder sister, be at ease! I won't betray Scandinavia. Even if it was just for Li Yunmu, I would not do it. I persuaded Zeus, since the Eight are the enemy of both of us. I learned from Zeus that everything was planned by the leader of the Eight, Shiva."

"Shiva! So he's the one that wants our Scandinavia to fall?"

"According to what I heard from Zeus, he wants to unify the entire Origin World. His ambitions are even bigger than those of Zeus, and he wants to dip his fingers into eastern domain."

Brunhilda took out her spear and spoke in a cold voice. "Then we will give the people of the Eight a pleasant surprise!"

The two women smiled at each other. Shiva was completely in the dark about everything. Perhaps even in death he wouldn't know that Zeus had suddenly betrayed him for his daughter, which wasn't Zeus' style.

At that time, Li Yunmu was still in the Devil God Well with his body out of control. He felt as if countless little insects were crawling down his skin.

That burning and painful sensation made Li Yunmu feel that death would be better than life.

And the demonic shadow's voice was still whispering in his ears.

"What happened? You cannot endure it already? Did you only have this much strength? Intending to beg for forgiveness so quickly?"

The sight of Li Yunmu lying on the ground wasn't something which anyone could endure. His distorted facial expression was like that of a drug addict, and he was in so much pain that he only wanted to ferret out the countless little insects from his body.

The number of scars kept increasing as he kept rolling around on the floor!

"Are you ready to be infused with strength?"

"You…. what exactly are you doing with me?"

The sinister shadow smiled. "I will torture you slowly and torment you! Then, I will make you fall to the devil path! Don't be nervous. The more desperate you are, the easier it is to obtain more strength. This is only a trial before you get the strength."

The system was almost unable to endure watching; it actually couldn't endure Li Yunmu suffering through such torment. But his inner demons had to be vanquished, and the system was unable to help him. It could only silently watch him suffer.

Li Yunmu kept rolling on the ground while shouting, "I want power, give me strength!"

The evil shadow laughed crazily. "Do you know how I appeared? Each time you used the power of the Dark State, demonic beings were absorbed and gradually formed me! Then, I relied on devouring your good shadows to survive. But who could have thought that I would surprisingly see you in this region. Here, I can teach you a good lesson about displaying the demonic power to the peak.

"En! Your fear truly tastes delicious!" the sinister shadow greedily.

Li Yunmu sensed power overflowing through his meridians, and in time, he was no longer the good and kind-hearted Li Yunmu.

An expression similar to that of the sinister shadow appeared on his face.

"That's right, just like this, continue persevering! You can soon display this power to the peak! Slowly fall to the devil path! Degrade! Ha ha ha ha…"

The sinister shadow laughed crazily, and the system couldn't help but sigh. [In the end, you chose to fall to the devil path, just like Fuxi and Nuwa had said you would. Your temperament still isn't firm! But even if you fall to the devil path, as long as you possess strength and help me remove the five seals, I will definitely reward you after I am resurrected even if you are a devil."

The system tacitly agreed to Li Yunmu falling to the devil path, though it was actually quite indifferent to it. As long as Li Yunmu possessed true strength in the Origin World and could suppress all his opponents, then regardless of whether he was a devil or a god, it wouldn't matter to the system.

That was why it allowed him to fall to the devil path.

When Li Yunmu opened his eyes, they were pitch black and could instill a sense of dread into anyone.

"Ha ha ha ha… Destructive power! I obtained destructive power!"

Li Yunmu's devil transformation became increasingly more clear.

On the side, the sinister shadow excitedly said, "This is truly my most perfect masterpiece! Ha ha ha, you finally turned into what I wanted, and I will concede to you. Youngster, you have strength now, so you must properly express your thanks ro me!"

The devil Li Yunmu smiled in a sinister manner and said, "Alright! Then I will properly thank you! Thank you for bestowing so much power onto me, I can feel the strength flowing through my veins. With it, I can save my loved ones."

"Ha ha ha… Continuously display the evil in your heart to the peak!"

While watching the sinister shadow crazily howl with laughter, Li Yunmu walked step by step towards him.

"I want to carefully thank you!" he said in a calm voice.

After he finished speaking, Li Yunmu suddenly grabbed the shadow's neck and coldly said, "You seem very delicious! If I consume you, will my strength increase even more?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What the hell are you doing? It-it was me who gave you your strength and you want to consume me? Are you courting death!"

The sinister shadow turned silent after that, suddenly turning depressed.


Li Yunmu didn't have the least bit of sympathy for him. He coldly glanced at him, then devoured him. 

The sinister shadow released a miserable howl, which was followed by Li Yunmu's laughter

When the shadow was consumed, the Devil God Well exploded and turned into ruins. That startled the river god and fire god fighting in the sky, and only then did they realize that someone had entered the Devil God Well.