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734 Defeat in Battle

In Lucky Wind City, Lin Yuerou was facing a crisis that resembled that of Li Yunmu. She didn't know where so many experts had come from. They were all eyeing Lucky Wind City covetously, and they had already broken the city's defense system.

Given that Lucky Wind City had already sunk into a crisis, the supreme transcending level experts guarding the city couldn't help but start panicking. 

"There are many high level experts among the enemies outside. City lord, what should we do?"

Lin Yuerou could see an imminent crisis Lucky Wind City. If the enemy broke through the gates, a massacre would be certainly carried out inside the city's walls.

However, she had no idea how so many people from other planes had suddenly descended on Earth.

After Li Yunmu devoured the other planes, Lin Yuerou had been feeling extremely restless in her heart. Yet she hadn't expected that everything would happen so quickly, catching her off guard.

She not only had the burden of the entire Lucky Wind City, but also of the lives of Li Yunmu's parents as well as many officers and soldiers.

As the lord of Lucky Wind City, she couldn't make an erroneous judgment based on her selfish desires.

The best course of action for her right then was to retreat from Lucky Wind City as quickly as possible and find a place to hide for some time. If she decided to fight until death, then Lucky Wind City would turn into hell.

"City lord! We cannot continue protecting our city, the enemy is too formidable!"

"City lord, the situation is not good. I had initially gone to order the sneak attack squad to withdraw, but they were surrounded by the enemy, and the losses in the squad were disastrous!"

"City lord, not good! The enemy will probably enter through the western gate!"

"Quickly leave! City lord!"

Bad news arrived in succession, and all the soldiers and officers were astonished. When had their city lord ever cut such a sorry figure? Previously, she had led them to rampage around the world, allowing them to build their foundation on Earth. But on that day, because of the people from other planes, she was forced into such a tough position.

Lin Yuerou's body quivered slightly. She had lived on her plane for her whole life, and she was then defeated by someone who was even more terrifying than her in terms of tactics and strategies. He could even guess her next course of action.

The western gate was originally supposed to be used for retreat, but she hadn't expected that the enemy would even figure that out. The battle right then could be said to be her complete loss!

"City lord, we must retreat quickly! If we don't go now, we won't be able to leave once the enemy enters the city!"

Lin Yuerou retreated a few steps. What she was seeing wasn't the result she wanted, but the battle had already been lost, and the die had been cast. She felt that she didn't have the face to see Li Yunmu again.

She suddenly pulled out her sword, wanting to kill herself!

Numerous soldiers and officers rushed forward to snatch the sword from her hands!

"City lord, you mustn't act foolishly! We must withdraw now, but we will retrieve Lucky Wind City in the future. But if you die, we truly won't have any hope of returning here."

When Lin Yuerou looked at the hopeful gazes of the soldiers and officers, a layer of mist covered her eyes. If it were not because of her mistaken judgment, the calamity wouldn't have come to them. She was extremely remorseful in her heart.

But there was no medicine for regret in the world, and she knew that regretting one's choices was useless. She bit her lip and commanded, "Heed my orders! Everyone withdraw from here. Li Tian, Li De, you are responsible for taking Li Yunmu's parents out of the city. We all…. We all will meet at the previous base of vampires!"

When the soldiers heard Lin Yuerou's commands, their spirits rose. As long as their city lord could uplift herself, they would have hope to return to Lucky Wind City. If Lin Yuerou had turned completely depressed, then the soldiers would have had a terrible ending as well.

Lucky Wind City was not calm. When the commoners heard that the enemy was attacking, they shut down the gates of their homes, not daring to even take a peek outside.

Lin Yuerou fled from the city with many soldiers. When they were some distance away, she looked at the brightly lit Lucky Wind City in a profound manner. How many people had placed their hopes on her? Moreover, when Li Yunmu had handed over Lucky Wind City to her, she hadn't thought that one day she would have to surrender it like she had done with Heavenly Cloud City!

She was very unwilling in her heart, but without any other alternative, she couldn't do anything else!

She would definitely return to Lucky Wind City!

Lin Yuerou turned around and left towards the camp of vampires that was not far away. She was leaving, but resolved that one day she would definitely recapture Lucky Wind City. She definitely wouldn't disappoint Li Yunmu.

Li Tian and Li De also arrived at the camp of vampires with Li Yunmu's parents. At this moment, the army was completely fatigued. The entire camp was lifeless, without anyone in a good mood after losing a battle like that.

Lin Yuerou was even more vexed. Her illustrious name as the city lord had been tarnished on that day.

"City lord, you don't need to think about it much. Lucky Wind City's loss wasn't your mistake; it was just that the enemy was more formidable."

Lin Yuerou shook her head. "No, I grew complacent and completely forgot about being vigilant in times of peace. I relaxed for too long, and didn't think about increasing the strength of the soldiers. This was the biggest reason for this defeat. If we possessed formidable strength before the invaders descended, why would we have needed to be afraid of them?"

Lin Yuerou was filled with remorse and gulped the entire jug of wine in one swig.

"City lord, we trust that you can certainly snatch Lucky Wind City back from those people."

But obtaining something that had already been lost was easier said than done.

At night, the moonlight was like water, and Lin Yuerou enjoyed it for a moment. Who knew what would the invaders do to the common people of the city?

Inside Lucky Wind City, miserable wails echoed continuously. The majority of the common people were being massacred by the invaders.

They used the deaths to vent their feelings for Li Yunmu devouring their planes!

After becoming the new city lord, Kass began to interrogate the bound up commoners. "Tell me, where is Li Yunmu? Tell me and you can continue living peacefully without enduring any suffering!"

The commoner trembled from head to toe and constantly begged for forgiveness. "Lord, spare our lives! I request you to let me go, I truly don't know anything! I don't know where Li Yunmu is! I truly don't know, I beg you to let me go!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Kass stabbed the commoner, then looked at another one coldly and said, "You should know what's going to happen next?"

"I really don't know! Really don't know!"