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Yuan Biyao didn't know how to explain what had happened to Li Yunmu. How could she tell him that Fuxi and Nuwa were suspicious of him and didn't want him to stay in the Primordial God World?

Words could not come out Yuan Biyao's mouth. She simply didn't know what to say.

Noticing Yuan Biyao's awkwardness, Li Yunmu couldn't help but talk to the system. "I was only asleep for a short time, so what exactly happened?"

The system was silent for a moment before it said, [Fuxi and Nuwa were suspicious of you because of the Fiend Origin in your body. They thought that you had fallen to the devil path!]

"What? Could it be that this is the side effect of Fiend Origin which you were talking about?"

[I reminded you previously! Since the Primordial God World isn't willing to help you, you'll have to think of a way to restore your cultivation by yourself. Of course, you use the demonic being in your body to increase your cultivation, but then you'll definitely fall to the devil path, as Fuxi and Nuwa were worried about!]

Devil path?

Li Yunmu frowned, then suddenly began to laugh. Fuxi and Nuwa could really change their opinions about people very easily. Right then, perhaps everyone in the world would consider him as evil!

Yet he had never wanted to cultivate the devil path and had only unleashed the Fiend Origin to help. Why couldn't anyone give him the benefit of the doubt? Even supreme ancient gods like Fuxi and Nuwa unexpectedly misunderstood him!

[If it were not for Yuan Biyao protecting you, you would have been killed by Fuxi and Nuwa!] the system added after a moment.

"What? They also wanted to kill me?"

Li Yunmu's heart was crushed. Without learning about the true facts, the two ancient gods had surprisingly made up their minds to kill him. What irony!

When Yuan Biyao saw the changes on Li Yunmu's face, she forced herself to smile and say, "Primordial God World has its own regulations! Emperor Fuxi and Empress Nuwa were very busy, so we should find some other way. I am afraid that we won't be able to go to the Primordial God World for some time."

"You don't need to hide it. The being in my body told me everything."

Li Yunmu's face was ashen, but it was his words that startled Yuan Biyao. She bit her lip, then said, "I am sorry, Li Yunmu! I..."

Before Yuan Biyao could finish, she was embraced by Li Yunmu, which shocked her.

"Thank you so much! Biyao, when other people abandoned me, you chose to believe in me and were willing to stand on my side. Fuxi and Nuwa were your benefactors who had raised you, yet you would rather break your relationship with them instead of abandoning me. I will engrave this kindness in my heart!"

Yuan Biyao gave him a grateful smile and lowered her head in shyness before saying softly, "It's… nothing! I only... don't want to see you die. After all, you saved my life!"

Li Yunmu knew that Yuan Biyao was pretending. She cared about him a lot, but chose to act very aloof.

What concerned his fall from grace, he wanted to hide it from the gods of Olympus and Asgard. If the news of the drop in his strength spread outside, the western world would definitely sink into chaos.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Strangely, however, there was no information about the Eight of southern field's Lanlou region as if some conspiracy was going on. It left Li Yunmu feeling restless.

While holding Yuan Biayo, Li Yunmu said to her, "Since they felt that I had fallen to the devil path, then they will get exactly that!"

The system actually understood the reason behind why Li Yunmu chose that. Anyone else in his place would have felt despair. When they first met, Fuxi and Nuwa were extremely respectful to him; however, because he used the energy of Fiend Origin, they expelled him from the Primordial God World. No one would be able to understand such an action!

Yuan Biyao was stumped. She couldn't help but ask, "What do you want? You truly want to cultivate the devil path? Emperor Fuxi and Empress Nuwa won't let you off easily! You cannot do that!"

"I have no choice but to do this; otherwise, I will die a miserable death!"

Li Yunmu's words startled Yuan Biyao since she didn't have a clear understanding of his circumstances. Right then, he could be said to be a target of a multitude of arrows. As long as the information of his strength weakening spread, many parties would rush over to threaten his life.

His enemies included the rising intelligence organization of the Origin World which had showed up in place of Underworld Serpent. They were actually busy searching for information about him.

It could be said that they were the first ones to obtain the important information about the great decrease in his strength.

Once they obtained it, they began to spread it through the western world, and soon the entire Origin World knew that Li Yunmu had turned into a trash!

Upon hearing it, the gods of the Eight from southern field's Lanlou region as well as Olympus began to get restless.

The Two Poles of Morning and Evening had unified, but after receiving Li Yunmu's favor, they wouldn't take advantage of his misfortune.

Regardless of how much Zues persuaded Ra to make an alliance for war, he was met with Ra's refusal.

While the Two Poles of Morning and Evening were in their most difficult times, none of the other powers had offered any help to them. Only Li Yunmu had defeated the Dark Demon God for them, which resulted in the Two Poles of Morning and Evening unifying themselves.

Ra was someone who remembered the kindness shown by others. Since Li Yunmu had aided them in time of need, they would etch it deep into their heart. When they were offered a choice, they would stand at Li Yunmu's side without any hesitation.

"This is our best opportunity to defeat Scandinavia! You cannot miss it!" Zeus advised Ra, hoping he could change his mind.

However Ra was already out of Zeus' control.

At this time, a hint of coldness appeared in Zeus' eyes. "Ra! We have maintained cordial relations all along, so you mustn't force us to take action!"

"When we, the Two Poles of Morning and Evening were at our most difficult times, did you, Zeus, remember our alliance? Or help us deal with the traitors? What you didn't do, Li Yunmu did for us. Now you ask us to betray him? Ha ha, Dream On!" Ra said in reply.

"You! Don't refuse a toast only to drink it in defeat! Our Heavenly Gods Council won't tolerate anyone setting themselves against us!"

"What preposterous thing are you talking about? Some time ago, you had married your own daughter to Li Yunmu to deal with him. Yet now that his strength has weakened, you intend to kick him when he is down? You are a truly petty person!"