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"Enemy attacked head-on! Their assault was excessively intense, and our people couldn't put up a response, so our defenses were destroyed by them."

Lin Yuerou took a deep breath. She realized that they had encountered a formidable opponent.

"Who exactly is it that attacked Lucky Wind City? Have you investigated it?"

"These formidable enemies include the subordinates of previously defeated Blade Master and Battle God, as for the people leading them, there's no information about them. They don't seem to have existed anywhere."

"What? No information? What does that mean?"

"It is possible that they are from other planes!"

Lin Yuerou's eyes filled with astonishment. The arrival of the people from the other planes had suddenly triggered a great crisis, which was an extremely unfortunate news for Lucky Wind City.

They had to take action immediately; otherwise, Lucky Wind City might truly fall. At that time, the entire city would sink into a dangerous crisis.

After learning about the crisis of Lucky Wind City, Lin Yuerou intended to immediately declare war on the unknown forces!

The surroundings of Lucky Wind City were filled with smoke and debris. After Lin Yuerou reached the city wall and observed the enemy position, she calmly gave a few commands.

"I will first use illusions to trap them. Dispatch a squad to encircle and annihilate them. Let's give them a show of our strength.

"Since they could break our defenses, we cannot underestimate their strength. We mustn't treat them as ordinary enemies like before."


Everyone agreed in unison and immediately poured their heart and mind into preparing for the explosive offense.

Lin Yuerou's gaze focused upon the enemy camp not far away. Moments later, golden light shone on her forehead, and the enemy base was suddenly surrounded by an enchantment. Everyone inside it sunk into dormancy.

As the Illusion God, Lin Yuerou could freely use mythical lands and create illusions, forcing her enemies to lose themselves in the illusions.

When the enemy camp was caught within the illusion, it sunk into chaos. Many of the people panicked, since they were faced with something completely different from what they had experienced before.

"What is this? We all… Where are we all?"

Everyone scattered in all directions. The place was terrifying, and they didn't want to die.

At this time, Cass sneered at everyone. He seemed to have noticed something no one else did.

"You useless people, these are just illusions! You can't even overcome illusions, so how could you hope to stand at the peak of the Earth in the future? Hmph, ants!"

In front of everyone's eyes, Cass' hands began to shine brightly, and the next instant, the enchantment around them was destroyed.


The mythical realm suddenly disappeared, and Lucky Wind City appeared in front of everyone. They heaved a sigh of relief and promptly thanked Cass.

"Lord Cass, you-you truly are ferocious, we still think our—"

Cass sneered at them again. "Continue attacking, don't give Lucky Wind City an opportunity to catch a breath. Wait a moment, while we were in the mythical realm, they would have definitely dispatched a squad to launch a sneak attack. Everyone, go and annihilate it."

The former subordinates of Blade Master and Battle God were startled by Cass' calm voice and his command.

Was that how a true commander on a battlefield looked like?

They promptly agreed to his command. "Good, good, good, immediately… We will immediately do it!"

Just a moment ago, Cass had displayed his strength and gained everyone's confidence. After that, they became willing to obey his commands.

Not far away, Lin Yuerou suddenly felt as if someone heavy had fallen on her body, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

The numerous soldiers and officers standing beside her shouted out loudly, "City lord, what happened?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Yuerou shook her head. "Nothing! I encountered an expert who destroyed my mythical realm. Quickly, recall the people whom we sent to attack. The enemy is extremely vigilant. This would just be sending them to their deaths."

Lin Yuerou's words caused the people around her to become somewhat anxious. They had unexpectedly encountered such ferocious opponents, which was completely out of Lin Yuerou's expectations. But right then wasn't the time to think about it. Since the enemy could eliminate her mythical realm, their strength would definitely be very high.

Lin Yuerou took a deep breath. "It seems like Lucky Wind City has encountered an enormous crisis this time!"

Gradually, Li Yunmu awakened from his coma. However, he didn't know that Lucky Wind City had encountered a crisis and that Lin Yuerou had met with a thorny opponent.

After he awakened, Li Yunmu was continuously berated by the system. [Do you want to die? Even if you want to die, don't take me with you! How many times have I told you to use the Fiend Origin less. Why wouldn't you hear me?]

When Li Yunmu saw the system flipping out in anger, he replied weakly. "The Dark Demon God's micro particles were showing signs of joining together, and I also discovered that they could enter the human body, stay there, and breed.

"I used the Fiend Origin for the people of Two Poles of Morning and Evening. Only Fiend Origin could absorb the dark-attributed micro particles, like it absorbed that demonic being of Dragon Silk Palace."

[You are truly crazy!] the system cried out.

Li Yunmu stuck out his tongue and noticed that his lip was somewhat cracked. "Just this once!"

The system began to sweat inwardly. How was its host any good? He was too kindhearted! Although it wasn't wrong, it would ultimately hurt him one day.

Every person or god had a weak point, which was a fact. Li Yunmu's weakness was just more conspicuous than most people's.

He was simply too kindhearted. He would always think about others before himself. With this sort of attitude, he wouldn't be able to survive in the Origin World where danger lurked everywhere.

Li Yunmu slowly stood up and discovered that he was in a cave. When Yuan Biyao entered and saw that Li Yunmu had awakened, she couldn't help feeling pleasantly surprised.

"You finally woke up! Great!"

Li Yunmu frowned. "We… How did we end up here? Weren't we going to the Primordial God World?"