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728 Storming the City
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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728 Storming the City

Ever since Li Yunmu had devoured the other planes, the only remaining plane was the plane with Lucky Wind City.

After enduring this baptism, the experts from other planes had gradually reached its Earth. On it, they chose to wait for opportunity while accumulating their strength to take revenge against the person who destroyed their world.

Li Yunmu had left his Earth long ago, so all the experts who wanted vengeance gradually turned their attention to Lucky Wind City.

It had been peaceful for a very long time. Ever since the Frontline Heaven's master and Divine Religion's Pope had been vanquished by Lin Yuerou, there was no power on Earth who dared to challenge it.

But after Li Yunmu devoured the other planes, countless experts of the other sixty-five planes had descended to his world. Availing themselves to the opportunity of Li Yunmu not being present, they formed a vengeance squad, which was extremely powerful. Although it didn't have many people, the weakest of them possessed the strength of a Domain Sage.

Those experts were watching Lucky Wind City like a tiger.

They were led by a powerful man called Cass, who had come after Li Yunmu destroyed his world and formed the vengeance squad.

In addition to the newcomers, the squad allowed powers of Earth who had been previously defeated by Li Yunmu and weren't willing to accept the outcome join their side.

Lucky Wind City could thus be considered to be faced with the most dangerous crisis since its formation, and Lin Yuerou was still in the dark about it.

She thought that the experts of the other planes had disappeared after their worlds were devoured. But who could have expected that they would surprisingly reach Earth and wait in the shadows for the opportunity to strike.

"City lord, recently we've felt as if the calm of the world has been disrupted, as if all the others powers have started becoming restless!"

Lin Yuerou took a deep breath, and said, "Reinforce our guards so that our enemies cannot conduct a sneak attack."

"City lord, our world is the only one remaining, right? Have the experts of the other planes really been devoured? But then why I keep hearing that they have entered our world?"

Lin Yuerou shook her head. "I am also not very clear about it, but it would be better if we are a little more careful. Although the status of the present Lucky Wind City is different from before, we cannot lower our guard."

Lin Yuerou reminded Li Yun to remain on guard regarding Lucky Wind City's defenses. If they didn't utilize the defense system of Lucky Wind City properly, then all the other powers would find the opportunity they had been waiting for.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lucky Wind City's defense right then wasn't as weak as before. After the attack of Frontline Heavens and Divine Religion, Lin Yuerou had raised the level of the defense system in the city.

When Lucky Wind City's defenses were unleashed, it would be as secure as if protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water.

At that moment, every bush and every tree outside Lucky Wind City was covered with enemies. The experts who had come from different parallel planes were advancing under the lead of Cass.

"Lord Cass, the defenses of the Lucky City are said to be invulnerable. Breaking it won't be easy. What should we do?"

Cass sneered at him. "You think I have some better method?"

"Sire, you are skilled so you definitely would have some other method, right?"

"Strom their defenses head-on!"

As Cass spat out those words, the other experts were gobsmacked. They felt that they had chosen a wrong leader: Cass surprisingly chose the stupidest method!

The defenses of Lucky Wind City had been improved greatly, and they were said to have reached an impregnable state. Didn't their leader understand how disastrous would their casualties be if they stormed the Lucky Wind City head-on?

Everyone's resolve began to waver, and none of them were willing to obey the commander. After all, who wouldn't get reluctant when their commander chose to deliver them to their deaths.

"What? Not willing to attack? Or do you guys don't want vengeance any longer? Alright! Since you don't want vengeance, quickly disperse, I will settle the debt with Lucky Wind City by myself. You all surprisingly dare to question my commands!"

"It isn't that we want to question your command, but that the method chosen by you doesn't seem any different from sending ourselves to our deaths!"

"Sending yourself to death? Have you tried it? Since you haven't tried it, then you mustn't rashly arrive at a conclusion."

Cass kept arguing with the powerful people who were previously defeated by Li Yunmu and weren't willing to accept the outcome. In the end, they didn't part on bad terms, but rather those powers which originally belonged to the Earth chose to compromise.

After all, they had chosen Cass as their commander because they believed in his abilities.

When they reached the battlefield, if everyone didn't choose to believe their commander, then how could their attack succeed?

Cass saw that those people who previously didn't agree with his decision could be convinced, so he slowly explained his thoughts.

"Do you all really think that their defense system is that formidable? They're only putting on a false front. Within one day's time, I guarantee that their defenses will be completely broken.

"Do you all know why I wasn't doing anything for some time? I was training a group of elites. As long as they enter Lucky Wind City, I dare to assure you that they will massacre everyone inside it and all of us will get our revenge!"

Everyone half-doubted and half-believed Cass' words, but the confidence and bravery displayed by him caused many people to admire him. Thus, they chose to believe in him.

As he had stated, Cass began to attack Lucky Wind City, and sure enough, as he had said, despite the defenses of Lucky Wind City having been upgraded to another level, they crumbled under Cass' assault.

After that, a large scale attack was launched on Lucky Wind City!

The first squad had many powerful experts and was formed by the elites which Cass was talking about. They completely suppressed the supreme transcending experts of Lucky Wind City.

As for the people of the other powers, they were all slightly weaker.

Their perfectly coordinated attacks had caused the Lucky Wind City's defenses to crumble, putting the city in great peril.

When Lin Yuerou heard about what had happened, she couldn't remain sitting. She immediately walked out of the city lord's manor and asked Li Yun, "What the hell is happening? How could they break Lucky Wind City's defenses so easily, given that they had almost reached the next level?"Means invulnerable to attacks

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