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725 Regaining Consciousness

Li Yunmu slowly opened his eyes with a head-splitting headache. He felt as if his brain was about to explode.

"I, this… What happened?"

[Can't you guess that you've been asleep for a very long time? You really did dare to sacrifice a lot for Yuan Biyao!] the system said bitterly.

Li Yunmu slowly sat up. When he looked at Yuan Biyao lying in his bosom, his heart began to beat much faster. He was extremely happy to see her resurrected.

[I don't know what you are planning to do. Was this woman truly worth your sacrifice?]

"Totally worth it!" Li Yunmu said without any hesitation. "She sacrificed herself for my world as well as my father and mother! Because of that, even if I had to sacrifice my entire cultivation, I would still resurrect her."

Loyal—this was the system's only evaluation of Li Yunmu. However, sometimes excessive sentimentality might cause many major matters to fail.

A man should be courageous, but also shouldn't be bounded by emotions. Otherwise, sooner or later, they would get shackled by sentiments.

The system could only say that a person like Li Yunmu was very suitable to become someone's brother, but if he were to become a regent, the country would be destroyed sooner rather than later because he was too soft-hearted.

After deciding that, the system didn't continue talking reason with Li Yunmu. Instead, it said, "Millenium Divine Staff still has its final use left!"

Li Yunmu understood what the system meant by the final use. It could open the metal seal of the Two Poles of Morning and Evening.

With that in mind, Li Yunmu went to the peak of the pyramid while holding the Millenium Divine Staff and saw a place especially created for it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Should I insert it here?" he asked.

The system didn't say anything, and Li Yunmu knew that it was tantamount to it agreeing. Once he placed the Millenium Divine Staff inside the dent, the entire pyramid suddenly filled with light. Li Yunmu then hurriedly escaped with Yuan Biyao.

The woman was awoken by his action.

"What? Did something happen?"

Yuan Biyao opened her eyes and felt greatly excited at seeing that Li Yunmu was safe and sound.

"You-you woke up!"

Yuan Biyao's eyes filled with tears. She had been waiting for a long time for him to wake up.

"I woke up! How do you feel right now? Although your spirit was resurrected, I don't know whether your cultivation was also returned to you or not?"

Yuan Biyao smiled bitterly. "You sacrificed half your cultivation, and you are still concerned about me? How are you so foolish?"

Li Yunmu smiled. "Aren't you also foolish? If you weren't foolish, you wouldn't have sacrificed yourself for my people without any hesitation!"

"I-I did that for your parents. They were very good to me, so I didn't want to let them down!" Yuan Biyao said reluctantly.

"If this is the case, it seems like you love being the daughter-in-law of my parents?"

Yuan Biyao's face flushed red, and she feigned anger. "You… What do you mean?"

Li Yunmu gently embraced her and said in a soft voice, "Nothing, just that you are mine!"

Yuan Biyao's face turned red like an apple. Enjoying such a small moment of peace was also great.

The system coughed in Li Yunmu's heart and said, [The metal seal has been opened, so should we go now? Given your strength, let alone speak of removing the seal, you would be instantly killed by the divine beast protecting it.]

"There are both good and bad times, you cannot continue blaming me," Li Yunmu said awkwardly.

Yuan Biyao suddenly remembered something and said with some surprise in her voice. "Li Yunmu, why don't you come with me to the Primordial God World? I know how to help you raise your cultivation! The Primordial God World has many places to increase the speed of cultivation!"

Li Yunmu also knew this, and he replied to her with a smile. "Alright! We'll go where you say. Only, I seem to have forgotten about something."


"I agreed with the three Egyptian Gods that after I finish my business, I will go find them! I also wonder whether they encountered some difficulty in dealing with the Dark Demon God. Since if they did, I'll have to help them!"

[Perfect timing, I also have to tell them the true method to defeat the Dark Demon God!]

Li Yunmu laughed lightly. "If you knew it from the start, why didn't you say anything to them? Were you waiting until after the Egyptian Gods have pitted themselves against him before providing them with help at the perfect time?"

[I only wanted to teach them a lesson and let them know what is called there being a heaven above the heavens!]

Li Yunmu went toward the Sand City with Yuan Biyao and saw that it had almost been destroyed by then. The Dark Master was nowhere to be seen above the battlefield, which made him frown.

"Did the Dark Master tricked me into removing his seal? He surprisingly chose to not help us deal with the Dark Demon God! Truly wretched!"

Li Yunmu's sudden descent startled the three Egyptian Gods. If he finally took action, then the Dark Demon God would finally be vanquished, right?

However, when they felt that the energy inside Li Yunmu's body was very weak, they couldn't help but feel despair.

How did the youngster's strength suddenly decrease by so much? What exactly was going on?

The system spoke up then to advise the three Egyptian Gods through Li Yunmu.

[If you three Egyptian Gods want to defeat the Dark Demon God, you must undergo fusion, creating a new ancient god who can defeat the Dark Demon God.]

The system's words made the Egyptian Gods suspicious, but before they could say anything, Li Yunmu suddenly threw three cards toward the sky and said, "This is the opportunity for you to fuse, grasp it properly!"

The next moment, the Egyptian Gods with their winged god dragon, sky dragon, and giant soldier vanished and appeared on the three golden cards as images.

They blossomed with white light, then suddenly distorted and fused into one.

An intense transformation happened in the sky, and Horus, who was watching from nearby, began to shudder.

"Heaven, what is happening? The three gods, they..."

The Dark Demon God's gaze was filled with incredulity. He ruthlessly looked at Li Yunmu and asked, "Who exactly are you? Why do you have to ruin my matters!"

Li Yunmu faintly smiled and said, "I am sorry, Dark Demon God! Since I released you by mistake, I will return you there again!"

Li Yunmu's voice was filled with provocation, and the world suddenly changed greatly. When the Dark Demon God saw it, a hint of undetectable astonishment appeared in his gaze.