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"The time of my happiness was too short, since I had to sacrifice myself for his people, but I hoped that he could live properly. So why would he be so foolish? Why did he rescue me, even sacrificing half his cultivation? Won't he be hunted down by the Origin World's powerhouses now?"

How could the system not know that? Even if it activated the Dark State, which amplified the host's power by ten times, it would not bring about a great result. His strength would only attain great circle sage flux expert realm and nothing more.

He wouldn't be the opponent to half gods, gods, and ancient gods of the Origin World even in the Dark State. He might even get instantly killed by them.

This was why absolute power was the only thing that mattered!

Yuan Biyao caressed Li Yunmu's cheek while mumbling to herself. "How could you be so foolish?"

The system also didn't knew why Li Yunmu had done such a thing. It could only wait until he woke up to ask for an explanation.

By then, the Dark Master had already rushed to the battlefield above Sand City, where Horus and the three Egyptian gods had been beaten down, their bodies already riddled with scars. If the people of Sand City hadn't left, their corpses would have filled the city to the brim.

Horus was gasping for breath. They had done their utmost, but the Dark Demon God in front of them was truly terrifying.

At that moment, the three Egyptian gods hoped that Li Yunmu would suddenly appear before them and assist them in this their uneven fight.

But contrary to their expectations, Li Yunmu did not show up. Instead, the Dark Master's silhouette entered the vision of the four ancient gods.

"The Dark Master? Who removed his seal?"

When Horus saw the Dark Master descend, he heaved a sigh of relief. If the Dark Master fought on their side, the Dark Demon God would no longer be so terrifying.

"Dark Demon God, we have fought a decisive battle a few thousand years ago. If it were not for someone requesting me, I wouldn't have looked for trouble with you once more. But you can only blame your fate to have encountered me!"

Some couple thousand years ago, the Dark Master had defeated the Dark Demon God. Every god had seen that battle clearly. Because of that, even after several thousand years had passed, every god still thought that Dark Master could easily defeat the Dark Demon God.

However, the Dark Demon God suddenly began to howl with laughter. He then revealed a ruthless gaze and said to all the gods as well as Dark Master, "You still think that I am the same Dark Demon God from that time?"

His words shocked everyone. Both of them had been sealed for several thousand years and both of them also used dark attribute energy, which they had accumulated for several thousand years. According to reason, the Dark Master should still have a higher chance of victory, so why would the Dark Demon God suddenly say such words?

When the Dark Master saw that everyone had grown suspicious of his strength, he sneered and suddenly launched a heavy punch. With his enormous saffron body, he struck out with the power that could probably destroy the entire Sand City!

The sky dragon with Osiris quickly left the smoke-filled battlefield while the winged god dragon took Ra and Horus. The giant soldier brought Geb out of the fight too.

They could only watch the battle, which was a calamity for the Two Poles of Morning and Evening, from afar.

"Just a moment ago, what exactly did that Dark Demon God truly mean?"

At the moment, Horus looked at Dark Master with an ominous feeling rising in his heart.

The apocalyptic punch didn't land on the Dark Demon God's body. Instead, it was broken by a dark light coming out from his hand.

The gazes of the four ancients gods instantly filled with shock. Was that the Dark Demon God after several thousand years?

Ra's gaze was filled with fear. He took a deep breath and said, "Could it be that even Dark Master won't have the strength to defeat this guy?"

Ra's heart was full of despair. He had thought that with the Dark Master, they had a chance to defeat the Dark Demon God. But who could have expected that the Dark Master wouldn't be an opponent for the Dark Demon God after so many years had passed.

Would they be forced to request the youngster to defeat the Dark Demon God?

The Dark Master's eyes were full of incredulity. He was the Dark Master with supreme strength who had defeated the Dark Demon God previously. But after several thousand years, how could everything change upside down?

"Moron! Do you truly think that I am still at the same level as before? In the past several thousand years, although I have been sealed, I have continued to absorb the human emotions to strengthen myself. Now, as your negative emotions increase, my strength also increase! Ha ha ha...

"When those weak humans fled, their eyes were filled with fear. The emotion I like the most is fear, ha ha ha… They are my source of strength."

Ra looked at the densely packed waves of energy around the Dark Demon God. It really seemed like their source were the negative emotions.

"Repulsive Dark Demon God!"

He had killed the person who had unsealed him, and he was originally the fiend who terrified the gods and humans of Two Poles of Morning and Evening alike.

The Dark Master turned somewhat sluggish. Just a moment ago, the Dark Demon God's power had penetrated his body.

The Dark Demon God slowly walked toward the Dark Master. Upon getting right in front of him, he slapped him and coldly sneered at him.

"You are also the same as these ants, a garbage whose strength hasn't improved even after several thousand years have passed. In my eyes, you aren't worth mentioning."

The Dark Master's gaze was filled with fear, which was the reason behind the increase of the Dark Demon God's strength!

"Yes, this is what I am looking for; it will make me stronger! My strength will forever remain a hundred times stronger than yours, trash!"

The Dark Master looked disoriented.

"Alright, I said what I needed to say to you," the Dark Demon God said indifferently. "Now you can die! Disappear, Dark Master! Henceforth, the Two Poles of Morning and Evening will only have one darkness-attributed ancient god, and that will be me—the Dark Demon God!"

A wave of black energy left the Dark Demon God's hand and blowed the Dark Master into smithereens.

Not far into the distance, the three Egyptian gods could clearly see the Dark Master, who was just freed from shackles, topple to the ground.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Ra didn't dare to say anything.

At that moment, the Dark Demon God slowly turned around and shot a mocking gaze at the three gods and Horus.

"Now it's your turn. I've had enough fun. You all need to disappear now!" he said with a smile.