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721 The Dark Master

The battlefield was filled with smoke. The three Egyptian gods and Dark Demon God were exchanging blows. After a few moments, the only war god of the region, Horus, joined them as well. He was unable to ignore the Dark Demon God destroying the homes of the pharaoh's people; he definitely had to stop him.

Although all what he had heard from Anubis before was completely in accordance to Dark Demon God's intentions, Horus could not continue on like that after seeing the Dark Demon God himself. He chose to stand on the side of the people.

When Horus suddenly joined the battle to fight against the Dark Demon God, the head of the three Egyptian Gods Ra was somewhat startled.

Wasn't Horus refusing to comply with his orders before? Then why suddenly…

Before the three Gods could ask anything, Horus chose to speak up himself. "You three should not get complacent. Ra, our debt will be settled later. I know who wants to subject the people of the Two Poles of Morning and Evening to a disaster and who is my enemy!"

With a long pike in his hand, Horus then attacked. Upon seeing it, the Dark Demon God became extremely delighted. The gods before him were only beautiful snacks in his eyes.


While that was going on, Li Yunmu led Atum to a safe place and hurriedly asked, "You know where the pyramids are? I want to find the Thousand Year Staff!"

"Hasn't the Thousand year staff already disappeared after summoning the Dark Demon God?"

"I am not talking about that one. It is the staff which represents the supreme authority of Pharaoh King!" Li Yunmu said indifferently.

Atum sighed ruefully. "Now my people are suffering. If it were not for the three Egyptian Gods arriving on time, what could we have done?"

"You speak quickly! That thing is important to me!"

Li Yunmu was beginning to grow anxious.

After hearing him enquire about the divine staff's whereabouts, Atum sighed. "It has been the emblem of us pharaohs for several generations, and it has always been used as an offering to the ancestors. It is also not called Thousand Year Staff, but rather Millenium Divine Staff!"

Li Yunmu nodded. "That's exactly what I want!"

Atum pointed at the pyramid not far away from them. "That is where the Millenium Divine Staff is stored, but it is protected by the Sphinx Andrew. If you want to enter the pyramid, you must gain his approval."

Li Yunmu didn't pay attention to Atum's words and rushed straight toward the pyramid. When he got close to it, he saw a sphinx before it.

The instant Li Yunmu tried to enter the pyramid, the sphinx came alive and fiercely pounced on him. "Who are you? You surprisingly dare to intrude into the pyramid! If you aren't a pharaoh, then you don't have the qualifications to enter!"

Li Yunmu frowned. If he had known that earlier, he would have brought Atum with him. That man was a pharaoh, after all.

"I am sorry, I didn't plan to intrude into the pyramid, but I have something important to do. I hope that you can let me go."

Seeing that Li Yunmu didn't have the intention to leave, Sphinx Andrew did as his responsibility required and pounced on the intruder.

Li Yunmu didn't move. A spike suddenly appeared behind him and turned Andrew's attack into nothing. It also threw him far away.

Andrew was slightly startled,. The intruder appeared to be a mortal, so how could his strength be so terrifying?

"I don't want to injure you. Let me go inside. I truly have something important to do, so stop obstructing my path."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I am the guardian here, this is my responsibility," Andrew bellowed

Li Yunmu's gaze suddenly turned cold, and he concentrated his strength in his fist. He then punched in the direction of the sphinx.

His punch could break through mountains and rivers, and the guardian sphinx Andrew was blown into the sky, where it gradually winked away like a star in the night sky.

Li Yunmu then advanced toward the pyramid step by step. On his way, he easily destroyed the defensive mechanism set inside the pyramid.

There were funerary objects of generations of pharaohs on the lower level of the pyramid, and as Li Yunmu gradually advanced upwards, he saw a coffin of a pharaoh at every level. The mummies, however, seemed to be alive.

The instant Li Yunmu had entered the pyramid, they began to grow restless.

However, he didn't intend to attack them. He waved his hands and a wave of energy exploded them into dust.

When Li Yunmu reached the top layer, he saw the Divine Millenium Staff. It was glowing brightly, and the difference between it and the previous staff was that there was a falcon head at the top of this scepter. Is was the emblem of the pharaoh's authority.

Li Yunmu was about to take hold of the Millenium Divine Staff when a profound voice echoed in the building. "If you want the divine staff, you must first remove my seal. Otherwise, you won't be able to obtain it."

Li Yunmu couldn't help but frown when he heard the voice. He looked around and said, "Who is talking? Come out!"

Gradually two eyes appeared in the darkness at the top level of the pyramid, which frightened him somewhat.

"Who are you?"

A voice came from the direction of the eyes. "I am the Dark Master, sealed here to protect the Divine Millenium Staff."

"Sealed? How should I open your seal? If I remove it, will I finally be able to get the Millenium Divine Staff? I need to get it; it's very important to me."

"If you can assist me in removing the seal, I will give you the Millenium Divine Staff," the Dark Master said in a profound voice.

"Alright! Then tell me, how should I remove your seal?"

"On the four borders of Two Poles of Morning and Evening, my hands and legs are sealed. They are sealed inside cards, so you need to collect the four of them and return here, then my seal will naturally open.

"I just want to remind you that vicious characters are defending the four seal cards. If you are unable to beat them, then don't force yourself!"

"I have to obtain the Millenium Divine Staff, so regardless of whatever I encounter, I will use my full strength!" Li Yunmu said indifferently.

"Then I wish good luck to you! I will wait for good news."

Li Yunmu took a deep breath, then tried to pull out the Millenium Divine Staff a few times. But sure enough, he was unable to even shake it, just as the Dark Master had said, let alone talk about using it.

"Can the words of the Dark Master be trusted?"

Li Yunmu began to enquire about the authenticity of the Dark Master's words with the system.

[It doesn't seem that he is lying, but I've heard from the three Egyptian gods that this Dark Master is a dangerous person.]