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719 Seven Artifacts

Li Yunmu continued to suppress Death God Anubis while indifferently saying, "Seems like the main culprit behind the division into factions and imminent battle between the gods is you!"

When Death God Anubis felt Li Yunmu's leg becoming more and more powerful, he clenched his teeth in fury. "Who exactly are you? This is a battle between the gods of our Two Poles of Morning and Evening, so it is none of your business!"

Li Yunmu ruthlessly pressed him down. "I and the three Egyptian gods can be considered to be acquainted after clashing last time. If you decided to split up your side, I would be somewhat unhappy. The reason I came here is because I have an important matter to discuss with Ra. If you all make me unhappy, I will have to teach you a lesson!"

His words were extremely tyrannical and startled Horus. The other person was only a mortal yet he was so domineering, going as far as to say that he had traded blows with the three Egyptian gods? What sort of joke was that?

Even if themortal didn't know the strength of the three Egyptian gods, it should be impossible for him not to know of their strength. After all, even Horus himself somewhat dreaded them.

Ra smiled at Li Yunmu. "Many thanks youngster for supporting us at such a crucial time."

"Don't be polite. I have come to discuss an important matter with you."

Death God Anubis was almost suppressed to the point that he couldn't move a single step. After some time, Li Yunmu relaxed and slowly moved toward Ra.

Anubis was thoroughly shocked and howled, "Mortal, you are courting death!"

When Anubis rushed at him, Li Yunmu gave him a cold glance. That glance was so terrifying that it even shook the Death God.

Despite that, Anubis urged his dark attribute energy forward without any hesitation. It turned into a ray of black lightning that instantly reached Li Yunmu.

"Ha ha ha ha… Just a mortal, and you still dare to fight a god? You are courting death!"

However, that black lightning was instantly swallowed by Li Yunmu. He used the Great Devouring Technique and absorbed the power threatening his being.

Ra couldn't help but shake his head after seeing that. "Truly a reckless guy. This youth is not a mortal, and his strength is comparable to that of master god Amon!"

Ra's words made Death God Anubis' complexion change, but it was already too late. Li Yunmu returned the power of black lightning absorbed by Great Devouring Technique straight back at him.


Death God Anubis was instantly wrapped in his own black lightning, while on the other side, cold sweat poured down Horus' forehead. Who exactly was that stranger? How could he be on Ra's side?

If such a person was on Ra's side, they simply weren't his opponents.

Anubis was defeated, and the three gods of fate cowered in fear.

Li Yunmu saw that Horus had no more intention to fight, so he began to talk to Ra. "Alright, I helped you get rid of your problem, so we can speak about other matters."

"Ha ha, youngster, why did you suddenly come here? Isn't it to pay a visit to us?"

Li Yunmu shook his head. "I want to ask you about the whereabouts of Millenium Divine Staff. I want to use it to rescue someone."

Ra's brow creased. "Rescue someone? You want to use Thousand Year Artifact?"

"Millenium Divine Staff is Thousand Year Artifact? What do you mean?"

"A deep secret is concealed beneath Sand City. It is a slab protected by the pharaoh, and there are seven dents on it. The seven dents are for the seven Thousand Years Artifacts," Ra patiently explained to Li Yunmu.

"They are used to seal an ancient demon god whose strength is comparable to that of our creator god, who is master god Amon. Because of that, the seven Thousand Years Artifacts have been protected by pharaohs for many generations. I haven't heard anything about them for many years. We can only go and ask the pharaoh of Sand City!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After Ra finished speaking, Li Yunmu answered calmly. "Thanks! I am in a hurry."

"Seems like this mortal has encountered some trouble!" Osiris said when Li Yunmu departed. "It has already been a very long time since someone enquired about the Thousand Year Artifacts!"

"The seal on the Dark Master hasn't been removed, right?"

"The Dark Master is still dormant. Could it be that you truly intend to get rid of the seal of Dark Master? His strength isn't comparable to that of demon god."

"If the demon god was released by someone with ulterior motives, we could only use the strength of the Dark Master to exterminate it."

"However, even if you used the Dark Master to exterminate the demon god, our Two Poles of Morning and Evening would sink into chaos."

"We can't bother with so many things. Although this mortal's strength is comparable to that of Amon, even Amon couldn't even exterminate the demon god, let alone speak of this mortal."

After hearing how resolute Ra was being, Osiris didn't continue speaking. All of it was for the subjects of the Two Poles of Morning and Evening to decide. How could he not understand that?


According to Ra's words, Li Yunmu went to Sand City and found Atum. When he saw Li Yunmu, the pharaoh immediately tried to hide like a mouse in front of a cat.

But Li Yunmu grabbed his shoulder with one hand and coldly said, "Where are the Thousand Year Artifacts? I asked Sun God Ra, and he said that they have been hidden by the pharaohs. Take me to the Thousand Year Artifacts!"

"Ok, I-I will immediately take you to the seven artifacts!"

Atum brought Li Yunmu to the underground of Sand City where only the pharaohs of the successive generations could enter. There was the secret that has been guarded for many generations.

Since Sun God Ra had already told the youth of the secret, it was clear that he wanted him to enter. When the mortal already knew about the seven artifacts, how could Atum dare to not lead him there?

When they reached the underground room, it was brightly lit. The walls of the cave were engraved with legends and myths of Two Poles of Morning and Evening, and in the center was a slab of stone. It sealed the demon god mentioned by Ra.

The moment Li Yunmu arrived in front of the slab of stone and took a look, he was shocked. There was not a single artifact inside it!

Li Yunmu looked around with suspicion and saw a mysterious person walk out of the shadows. His face was covered by a hint of demonic intent.