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717 Heavenly Grand Ritual!

When Beautiful Silk looked at Li Yunmu, she became quite happy while holding a child in her hand.

She smiled and moved forward to meet him. "You mortal are really too emotional and trustworthy! Have you come to see your child?"

Li Yunmu nodded, because he recalled that one year ago, he and the dragon lady had promised that he would come to see their child after one year.

Many complex emotions flickered through his eyes when he looked at the beautiful child in his embrace.

He hadn't expected that he would become a father so quickly!

"It's a girl! We dragon ladies have required someone to inherit our Dragon Silk Palace for many generations!"

Li Yunmu nodded, picking the child and closely holding it in his hands. "Take good care of her! I will come to see her again."

Li Yunmu indifferently smiled, feeling somewhat reluctant to leave the place. He could not believe that he had truly become a father. His child was also really adorable, so wouldn't leaving it be such a pity?

He suddenly asked, "In the future, can you tell her that she has a dad?"

Beautiful Silk smiled bitterly. "I don't know whether I would be alive by the time she grows up! Although dragon lady is the most respectable position in the Dragon Silk Palace, our life spans are very short, even shorter compared to the mermaids.

"We dragon ladies can only reproduce with humans, and in order to continue the succession of Dragon Silk Palace, we use all sorts of methods to draw humans here. Back then, you were also guided here by me."

Li Yunmu was slightly startled, then holding Beautiful Silk's hand, he said, "Don't speak more, you will definitely live to see our child grow up."

"I am not joking with you. The time I have remaining is not long. I have three more years left. My greatest desire is for our daughter to grow well during that time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Yunmu placed a crescent moon-shaped pendant on his daughter and asked, "Does… she have a name?"

Beautiful Silk smiled gently. "Her name is Ripple."


When Li Yunmu placed his hand on Ripple, he suddenly heard the system start shouting. [Have you gone crazy? Can you put away your ridiculous pity?]

Upon hearing the system's curses, Li Yunmu knitted his eyebrows and said inwardly, "I only want my daughter to live longer. What's the problem?"

[Your actions defy fate. Do you understand that? If your forcefully pour your power into the dragon lady's body, her power will be influenced by you. It might backfire and cause her life span to become even shorter.]

Li Yunmu paused and withdrew his hand, then indifferently said, "Don't tell me there's no other way?"

The system took a deep breath before saying, [The lifespans of dragon ladies are very short, which is their fate. If you want to change the fate of a clan, you can only use the Heavenly Grand Ritual! It is the supreme treasure of Southern Field's Lanlou. If you want to obtain it, you must travel over land and water and defeat the Eight because they have been guarding it for eternity.

[The Southern Field's Lanlou have always believed in the heavenly god, and they consider it their lucky charm. You taking it away is easier said than done.]

Li Yunmu tightly clenched his fist. "In any case, I will give it a try!"

[Alright, I wasn't going to tell you about the secret techniques, but seeing that you are going to do something foolish, I got annoyed! O have to tell you about them so that you don't do anything that I can't see again.]

Li Yunmu slightly smiled and said, "Seems like you still don't want me to have an accident!"

[You are the host. Everything inside your body, including your emotions, are linked with me. When you have strong emotions, I am also influenced by them. Helping you is like helping myself. You don't need to think about it much.]

Knowing that the system was reluctant to admit it to him, Li Yunmu didn't continue bothering with it. However, just a moment ago, the system had said that their states of mind were linked? Then when he and Brunhilda did that sort of thing, wouldn't it have also sensed it? What could be done about it?

Li Yunmu gave his daughter to Beautiful Silk, then said, "I guarantee you that after half a year, I will return to change the fate of dragon ladies."

Beautiful Silk was somewhat startled by the resoluteness of the mortal before her. He was even doing it for her, which moved her heart.

"Idiot! Actually I truly don't mind!" Li Yunmu said. "I want the waver boat, since I need to hurry to the western world! First, to rescue someone, and second, to find the treasure to change the fate of dragon ladies."

Beautiful Silk smiled at him. "The waver boat had been prepared long ago. No one has come to the Dragon Silk Palace for a long time, so the waver boat had been set aside for a very long time."

This time, Li Yunmu was much more familiar with the driving of the waver boat. Moreover, according to the map that the system gave him, he quickly found the path leading to the Two Poles of Morning and Evening.

Fortunately, the waver boat was very fast and reached the destination in less than three days.

He had to quickly get his hands on the Millenium Divine Staff. "Biyao, I will soon save your spirit."

Li Yunmu tightly held the book, which was the ancient secret method that could change the trajectory of stars, in his hand. It was completely dull, unlike previously, when it was sparkling with radiance.

"Previously when you left behind the ancient secret method, was it living or dead?" Li Yunmu asked suddenly.

[You want to ask whether Yuan Biyao was living at that time or not?]

Li Yunmu nodded, implying that it was his meaning.

[She didn't exist. The main reason behind Yuan Biyao forming a spirit is the influence of Primordial God World and Nuwa. Nuwa can create people, so making a Yuan Biyao isn't difficult for her. Moreover, combined with the spiritual influence of Primordial God World, the formation of a mature woman like Yuan Biyao isn't hard to explain.]

Brunhilda's long spear didn't have any intelligence, let alone the secret genetic code. Both of them were non-living objects. 

The only treasure which turned sentient was the ancient secret method of the Ancient Lands.

The divine spear possessed strength, the ancient secret method could change the trajectory of stars, the secret genetic code could create gods, Millenium Divine Staff could bestow intelligence, while Heavenly Grand Ritual could change fates.

Each of the five treasures left behind by the system had their unique uses and were extremely rare treasures.

Li Yunmu knew that the reason why he had reached the half god realm was the secret genetic code. And right then, he was proceeding to obtain the final two treasures.

After two days, Li Yunmu chose the route that would lead him to the vicinity of Two Poles of Morning and Evening. In order to resurrect Yuan Biyao's spirit, regardless of how many obstructions he faced in the Two Poles of Morning and Evening, he would not give up.