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714 The Devouring of Other Planes

When Lin Yuerou saw the strange scene, her eyes went completely wide. What the hell was Li Yunmu doing?

Just a moment ago, she had clearly seen him completely absorb the power of the ancient secret method, which was his wife. How could he do that to her?

Lin Yuerou couldn't continue watching. She couldn't believe that it was the same Li Yunmu, who was a warm person, before her!

She rushed to him and furiously said, "Stop your hand! If you continue, she will really disappear!"

Li Yunmu bit his lip, then pushed Lin Yuerou away. "Don't tell me you want the Earth to disappear?" he bellowed.

Lin Yuerou frowned. "I hadn't expected that you are a completely cold and ruthless person! Don't tell me that there's no other method? Is it necessary for someone to sacrifice themselves?"

Li Yunmu looked coldly at her. "If there was some other way, then I wouldn't have done this to her. I thought you understood me the most in this world!"

After Li Yunmu finished speaking, he paid Lin Yuerou, who was stunned, no more attention.

He went to an empty space while thinking of his world devouring the other planes. He then poured the combined powers in his body into the Earth.

With the power of ancient secret method, he could casually transform the trajectory of the stars. After he did that, the Earth could continue moving according to the trajectory he determined and avoid the collision with the other planes.

The method for changing the trajectory of stars was already known to the gods of the Origin World, but they only silently watched without participating in the matter.

After all, it was the matter of the sixty-six planes. They weren't concerned about which Earth would be the fortunate one and survive.

Li Yunmu transmitted the power inside his body into the Earth without the slightest hesitation, and the whole Earth seemed to be covered by golden light. Gradually, the Earth began to push away from its original trajectory, moving at a speed surpassing other parallel planes.

Li Yunmu's face was completely calm. He had paid a huge price for his world, but had finally succeeded, and relief filled his heart.

[If this Earth is the only remaining plane, what do you intend to do in the future?] the system indifferently asked.

"I want to become the master of this Earth and the ruler of all of the Origin World. In any case, I don't want my loved ones to ever again come under any harm," Li Yunmu answered.

The pity was that Yuan Biyao couldn't hear those words, so only the system could admired them. Yuan Biyao's spirit had already dissipated.

If Li Yunmu truly used half his cultivation to forcefully resurrect her, his ambitions would probably never come true.

After a moment, Li Yunmu continued to speak. "I know what you are worried about! You are afraid that after I rescue Yuan Biyao, it will be impossible for me to reach the present peak state. If we return to the Origin World, we will be unable to contend against the gods there."

[This isn't your responsibility! You also needn't stake your life for this,] the system said calmly.

"If they won't harm my loved ones, then I naturally won't antagonize them. But if they have designs on my Earth, then regardless of their strength, I won't let them off."

When the system heard the words that came out of Li Yunmu's mouth when he spoke about his world, it had a feeling that it would be unable to get in the way of the strong emotions ruling the young man's heart.

[Who allowed you to make decisions like that? Even if you lose half your cultivation, I won't abandon you.]

"Many thanks!"

It was the first time that the system had said something that was relatively warm. At the same time, the Earth which was protected by the combined power of Great Devouring Technique and ancient secret method, got close to another parallel plane.

Perhaps that plane also had many formidable experts, but they were about to disappear because in their universe, only one Earth could exist. The other sixty-five would fade away from existence and disappear!


With a loud sound, the two planes collided, and Li Yunmu's Earth enveloped in a cover of golden light instantly devoured the other plane.

After seeing his Earth digest another plane, Li Yunmu heaved a sigh of relief. However, he didn't know that the other plane had two experts who had dodged the calamity because of their formidable strength and landed on the Earth which had devoured their plane.

They hid themselves, intending to wait for an opportunity to avenge themselves.

The other sixty-four parallel planes were also devoured by Li Yunmu's Earth, and some high level experts from those planes had also hidden on Li Yunmu's Earth.

After the sixty-six parallel planes were joined, Li Yunmu's plane was finally the only one remaining.


In the Origin World, there was an organization which was observing the change in the trajectory of stars. They noticed what happened as soon as the first parallel plane disappeared and soon saw how only one parallel plane was left.

After the Underworld Serpent disappeared, that organization had risen to prominence. The majority of their people were close to god realm, and they became the intelligence network of the western region.

They were called Cangyue Sect, and the majority of their people knew about the merging of the parallel planes. They had come to the Origin World before it happened to form the organization.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They were keenly observing the situation of the sixty-six parallel planes every day, and on that day, they finally saw the unavoidable calamity reaching its end!

"That Earth is the only one left. All the other Earths have been devoured by it."

"It should have been done by that person called Li Yunmu? In the Origin World, we can hear his name everywhere."

"Reportedly, he was the one who exterminated Underworld Serpent!"

"Ha ha, the Underworld Serpent was the most formidable intelligence network in the western region at that time, but now their work had been taken over by us."

"Li Yunmu is lucky to not be in the Origin World, or he would've been killed without mercy!"

"Relax! A person like him will certainly return to the Origin World. He did that for his world and for his wives!"

Cangyue Sect's members smiled at each other. They had a tacit understanding of each other's thoughts.