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With the approval of Fuxi and Nuwa, the grand marriage of Li Yunmu and Yuan Biyao was held in the Primordial God World. Apart from Xingtian, all the other gods were present.

But marriage in the Ancient Lands was slightly different compared to the Land of Ice.

The event was very simple. There was a banquet, and the marriage with Yuan Biyao could be considered as complete.

When Li Yunmu wanted to take her out of the Primordial God World, Nuwa unexpectedly blocked his path.

"Mortal, if you are able to successfully rescue your clansmen, don't forget today's kindness!" Fuxi said.

Li Yunmu knew his words weren't simple and couldn't help but say, "If there's something to be said then please speak directly! Don't beat around the bush."

Fuxi burst out laughing. "Mortal, you really are a straightforward person, then I will speak directly! I hope that the next time you come to the Ancient Lands, you will get rid of the seal. Our war god Xingtian's battle with the black qilin still hasn't concluded. You have the true god inside your body, so you will certainly be able to find a way to do it."

Li Yunmu cupped his fist and said, "Alright! If I am able to successfully rescue my clansmen, I will certainly return to the Primordial God World to help you get rid of the seal."

After that, Li Yunmu left the Primordial God World with Yuan Biyao. It was her first time outside, so she was like a curious child who had left home.

"Biyao, since you agreed to come and rescue my clansmen, I will definitely treat you well," Li Yunmu said calmly.

Yuan Biyao nodded and said with a slight smile, "I believe you."

The system couldn't help but sigh. [Everyone says that women are both foolish and easily infatuated, and sure enough they are!]

Li Yunmu was slightly startled and hurriedly asked, "What do you mean by this?"

[I am talking about combining the ancient secret method with your Great Devouring Technique. If you do it, you can use your world to devour other planes. But in the future, only an illusion of the ancient secret method will be left behind.

[You used all sorts of methods to bring her out of the Primordial God World with you, but she cannot coexist with you. Don't you see the irony here? She believed you, unknowing that you were only using her.]

When Li Yunmu heard the system's words, a loud bang rang out in his head. He hadn't thought of exploiting Yuan Biyao. He had only been listening to the system and following its commands. Previously, whenever thorny people appeared in front of him, the system had helped him to deal with them.

Yet right then, the system told him something which was completely different from his imagination. How could he not be completely astonished?

"Did you do it deliberately? Why didn't you tell me before?"

[If I told you, could it be that you would have forgotten about saving your plane?]

The system's words left Li Yunmu speechless. He had many precious things on Earth, but Yuan Biyao also wasn't someone whom he wanted to abandon. It left him with an impossibly difficult choice.

[Right now, there are two choices in front of you: either sacrifice the woman and rescue your world, or run far away with her and wait for the 66 parallel planes to merge. Everything on Earth will turn to ashes. Your friends, brothers, parents and everything else which you care about will vanish in a puff of smoke!]

After the system finished speaking, Li Yunmu shouted loudly at it. "Enough! Don't speak anymore!"

Mistakenly, he spoke those words aloud and startled Yuan Biyao, who was standing by his side, immersed in happiness.

"You… What's up with you?" she asked.

Li Yunmu was distracted and hurriedly said, "Nothing… Biyao, I…"

Seeing Li Yunmu stammer, Yuan Biyao smiled at him. "Aren't you happy that you can rescue your clansmen now? Why do you look so sad?"

Li Yunmu extended his hand and gently stroked her cheek. He wished he could become the sacrifice himself. He hadn't thought that he would have to sacrifice Yuan Biyao, whom he had just married, to save his people.

Li Yunmu tightly clenched his fists, feeling extremely nervous.

His actions were completely baffling to Yuan Biyao. The Li Yunmu she knew was completely different from the person in front of her right then. He should be very happy, unlike the person before her who was obviously distressed.

Yuan Biyao touched Li Yunmu's cheek with the back of her hand and said with a smile, "If you have something in your heart, then tell me. I am already your wife."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After seeing Yuan Biyao's understanding gaze, Li Yunmu's heart began to ache. He felt as if his heart was being torn and his lungs crushed from the overwhelming sense of helplessness.

"Don't tell me… there is really no other way?" he asked in his heart.

After a moment of silence, the system said, [There is, but the price is very high.]

"What price?"

System took a deep breath. [If the ancient secret method and Great Devouring Technique are merged, Yuan Biyao's spirit will dissipate. If you'll want to congeal her spirit again, you will have to sacrifice half your cultivation.]

Half his cultivation!

Even if Li Yunmu had to lose his entire cultivation for Yuan Biyao, he would still be willing. If worse came to worst, he would just begin from the start.

Without the system, he would be a complete garbage anyway. If it was for Yuan Biyao, he would be willing!

"Doesn't matter how much of my cultivation is sacrificed, I'm still willing to sacrifice myself for her," Li Yunmu said after some thought.

[Why are you unable to let go of those emotions? If you think about it clearly, after sacrificing half the cultivation, you will return to being a mortal. You may even fall below sage flux expert realm!]

"I have already decided. No one can change my decision."

Yuan Biyao didn't know what the man intended to sacrifice for her, and she also didn't know that Li Yunmu actually wanted to exploit her identity as the ancient secret method to save his world.

At the center of Ancient World, Li Yunmu opened the heavenly bridge, and a ray of white light instantly enveloped both of them.

When they entered the heavenly bridge, Li Yunmu was required to pay a large amount of dimensional stones.

"Master! You came! Which plane do you intend to go?"

Upon seeing Li Yunmu with a woman, Lu Zhong didn't ask much and directly got to the point.

"Return me to my home world," he calmly said.

"Okay! Master!"

After Li Yunmu's command, the three servants began to operate the heavenly bridge platform.