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[Then go do something! If she takes a fancy to you, then she might obediently follow you. Regardless of whether it is humans or gods, none of them can escape from emotions in the end. If you can conquer her, she will definitely return with you,] the system said.

Li Yunmu sighed. How was he supposed to get into a romantic relationship with Yuan Biyao? His first impression, which is very important, had been completely destroyed by the system.

At that moment, his image was that of a hoodlum in Yuan Biyao's heart. He thus snorted and said to the system, "I will go to capture her heart, but by all means, you mustn't interrupt. Every time you speak, you leave her embarrassed."

[Fine, fine, fine! I also want to see what you can do without my help! You should know that you only managed to obtain Brunhilda and Athena by relying on me!]

"Shut up!"

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes, then went toward the entrance of the Primordial God World, since he reckoned that Yuan Biyao would have returned to her station.

Sure enough, she was truly at the entrance of Primordial God World. Moreover, her face was flushed red because of the system's actions.

"That person, why does he always have to act like that? Complete scoundrel!"

Although Yuan Biyao was cursing Li Yunmu, she felt slightly delighted in her heart. It was a very strange sensation.

At that moment, her mind was completely filled with the events in the main hall, where Li Yunmu had made her lose face.

"If I met him again, I would—"

Before she could finish her words, Li Yunmu appeared at the entrance of Primordial God World with a slight smile on his face. He suddenly asked, "Are you thinking about me?"

"You shameless person! Looks like the lesson I taught you in the palace hall wasn't enough!"

Yuan Biyao didn't talk much and directly attacked Li Yunmu. He caught her hand, however, remaining completely calm.

"Young Miss, I never hurt women. Aren't you just bullying me?"

Yuan Biyao's complexion turned red, and she struggled to throw off Li Yunmu's hand. But he only tightened his hold.

"Let me go! You hoodlum! What the hell are you thinking of doing?"

"I only hope that young miss can follow me! I know that your actions in the palace hall weren't based on your true feelings. You actually want me in your heart?"

"Keep dreaming! Who wants you? I don't want to leave the Primordial God World; it is my world!"

Li Yunmu curled his lips. "Don't tell me that you aren't willing to leave this place even for the guy you like?"

"Who likes you? Talk less nonsense!"

Li Yunmu burst out laughing. "When did I say that you like me! Could it be that the person you like is me?"


Yuan Biyao discovered that she had fallen into the opponent's trap, and her face turned even redder. She then launched a punch at Li Yunmu's face.

But he hugged her tightly from behind and gripped her hands, making her unable to take a single step.

"Young miss, your eyes cannot lie! You should trust your eyes. They are only on me, and you still say that you don't like me?"

Yuan Biyao struggled with all her might, and even her neck turned red. When she couldn't escape, she furiously cursed, "You scoundrel! Let me go!"

Li Yunmu suddenly leaned in and touched his lips to Yuan Biyao's cheek. "Alright, I will let you go now! To give you some time to think about it!"

Just as Li Yunmu released Yuan Biyao, she slapped him with the back of her hand. She then tidied her clothes and hurriedly left with only her white back in view.

Li Yunmu kneaded the imprint on his face while mumbling to himself. "This is the charm of a women of the eastern domain. All of them are so reserved and completely different from the women of the western region."

After leaving in a hurry, Yuan Biyao found a place to hide. Her heartbeat was erratic. When Li Yunmu had kissed her without giving her time to react, her brain had went completely blank.

"That lecher is a son of a b*tch!"

Yuan Biyao was anxious, but for some reason, her head was completely filled with the thoughts of that man. Her heart was fully occupied by that hoodlum.

"Why am I thinking of him?"

For the next couple days, Li Yunmu continued to bother Yuan Biyao, quickly annoying her to death.

"Why are you always following me? You are really annoying! Could it be that you have nothing to do every day? Can't you just focus on cultivating?"

After trying to convince her for a couple more days, Li Yunmu also began to lose hope.

"I will come again," he said calmly.

After he said that, Li Yunmu left the Primordial God World. Yuan Biyao didn't care what he intended to do, but only wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

A day after he left, she didn't feel anything . She only noticed the lack of an insignificant person by her side.

On the second day, she unexpectedly felt a sense of intense despair. She felt as if her heart had become completely empty.

On the third day, she subconsciously wanted to talk to Li Yunmu, but discovered that he wasn't present. The person who had always been by her side, where had he gone?

She began to think about him at night, and the time they spent together rose up in her mind.

On the day after that, she surprisingly began to look forward to Li Yunmu's arrival.

She began to hope that he would come and find her, but even after waiting for a whole day, she didn't see any traces of him. When she thought about how long he had been gone, the emptiness in her heart became even stronger.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

One question appeared in her mind: where had he gone? It had already been four days since she had last seen him!

On the fifth day, Yuan Biyao was finally unable to restrain her curiosity. She intentionally went to find Fire God Zhurong and River God Gonggong to make enquiries about Li Yunmu.

"Lord Fire God, Lord River God, have… have you seen that mortal which you brought to the Primordial God World a few days ago?"

"Mortal? Don't know! Biyao, why are you so concerned about that mortal?"

Yuan Biyao hurriedly shook her head. "N-nothing! Just casually enquiring!"

Yuan Biyao felt that it was possible that Li Yunmu had already left. Perhaps her words that day were too excessive and had stabbed his heart. 

She then went to the palace hall to see Fuxi and Nuwa. "Emperor Fuxi, Empress Nuwa, Biyao wants to ask something!"