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701 Crow Soul Valley

"Is having parents strange? I have come here specifically to save them by obtaining the ancient secret method!"

A hint of bitterness suddenly appeared on Miss An's face and she said, "You are really blessed! I have been an orphan for as long as I can remember myself. I don't even know who my father and mother are. I put all my effort into into cultivation so that I wouldn't be bullied and then established the Underworld Serpent.

"Who knew that there would come a day when you would destroy it. Speaking of that, the Underworld Serpent has been my only home."

After Miss An finished speaking, her expression grew sad. Li Yunmu felt somewhat apologetic and said, "I am sorry for making you remember such a painful matter."

Miss An smiled slightly. "Doesn't matter. All of it has already happened. Yet I don't know why, but when I look at you, I feel like you are very close to me, like we are closely related."

Two pairs of eyes gazed into each other, and Miss An suddenly felt her heart become restless. Li Yunmu hurriedly evaded her eyes. "We-we need to quickly get rid of this enchantment!"

"Then let me give it a try!" Miss An said with a smile.

A black halo like a ball of black fire appeared in Miss An's hand. THe moment her hand touched the enchantment, it was instantly destroyed.

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. He had noticed a strange mark on Miss An's hand.

"You… How did you destroy the enchantment?"

Miss An shook her head and said, "I also don't know. I only touched it, and it opened by itself."

Li Yunmu had investigated the enchantment just a moment ago, but he hadn't been able to get rid of it. But Miss An just lightly touched it, and the enchantment broke open?

After Miss An opened the path, Li Yunmu entered the Crow Soul Valley together with her.

An idol of Goddess Nuwa was installed at the center of Crow Soul Valley. The wooden houses around it were completely destroyed. Li Yunmu could tell at first glance that no one had resided in the valley for many years.

Miss An suddenly felt pain in her head, and without warning, her feet gave up on her.

Despite being caught by surprise, Li Yunmu managed to catch her just in time. "What happened?"

"I don't know? I felt that… this place seems somewhat similar, but I… don't know the reason!"

When Li Yunmu recalled how she had destroyed the enchantment, he could not help but ask, "Could it be that you are related to this place?"

The system appeared at that moment and indifferently said, [Youngster, I forgot to tell you something. She is from the Crow Soul Valley. But it has already declined, so I am afraid that you won't be able to enter the Ancient Lands through it.]

Li Yunmu wasn't convinced and promptly led Miss An to the entrance to the Ancient Lands.

As the system had said, the doors were closed shut. In despair, he wondered what else they could do.

"Tell me quickly! We don't have time to waste around here. There's not much of it left."

[Make the Crow Soul Valley regain its original state, then the entrance to the Ancient Lands will reopen.]

Miss An suddenly stood up and advanced toward Nuwa's image. She walked step by step, like she had lost her soul.

"Miss An, what's going on? Miss An!"

Regardless of how much Li Yunmu shouted, Miss An did not seem to hear him.

[Follow her, she might remember the method to open the Ancient Lands.]

Li Yunmu nervously followed after Miss An and saw her open a cave behind Nuwa's image.

He was quite surprised that Miss An was so familiar with the Crow Soul Valley. Could it be that the system was right and she was truly someone from Crow Soul Valley?

After she used the mechanism on Nuwa's image and opened the cave behind it, Li Yunmu followed her into the cave. He wanted to see what secrets the Crow Soul Valley held.

The cave was completely dark. When Li Yunmu followed behind Miss An into the abyss, they soon reached a brightly lit room.

Inside it, he saw a woman lying on the other side of the room. She wore strange clothes and was lying on the stone bed with her eyes closed.

The mysterious woman was very beautiful and to resemble Miss An. She was completely surrounded by torches and all sorts of magical weapons which were arranged like a spell formation.

Li Yunmu grew increasingly more nervous. What exactly did Miss An intend to do?

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"An Ning, you have finally returned! You have finally come back to resurrect your mother!"

The voice resounded in the cave and under Li Yunmu's gaze, the mysterious woman suddenly opened her eyes with a sinister look.

"An Ning, mother wants to eat you! That way, mother will be resurrected and can continue defending the Crow Soul Valley!"

Li Yunmu eyes went wide! The mysterious woman was surprisingly alive!

Miss An was in danger, so he promptly kicked away the mysterious woman. She fell on the ground and fiercely glared at him.

"Who are you? You dared to enter the holy land of my Crow Soul Valley? You're only courting death!"

The mysterious woman's complexion turned even more distorted, and Miss An who had just been freed from her control, regained her senses and kneaded her forehead, which was in pain.

When she looked around, she saw that Li Yunmu was fighting a woman which looked very much like her.

"This is my daughter! I will do with her what I want! An outsider like you should not meddle!"

Li Yunmu sneered at her. "You aren't suitable to be her mother! You actually want to kill your daughter to resurrect yourself! You are truly heartless!"

Hearing Li Yunmu's words, Miss An covered her face. She was completely at a loss as to what to do after waking up.

"This… Where is this? What are you saying?"

Li Yunmu promptly retreated, then pointed his divine cyan blade at the mysterious woman and said, "She says she is your mother! But she abandoned you and now wants to use you as a sacrifice to resurrect herself."

"An Ning, forgive your mother, mother had no other way! Mother doesn't want to let down the entire Crow Soul Valley. The sacrifice of one person in exchange for Crow Soul Valley's hundreds of thousands of lives is a worthy one! If I am unable to resurrect myself, then Crow Soul Valley will remain desolate eternally. The people here will remain silent for all time."

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. If Crow Soul Valley could not be restored to its previous state, the doors to the Ancient Lands would never open. Then wouldn't he be unable to obtain the ancient secret method?