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693 Absorption of the Demonic Being

After Li Yunmu entered the Dark State, the being in the demonic sword became even more excited.

It also prompted the first words out of it. "Mortal, I hadn't expected that you would also have fiendish qi. Ha ha ha…. I haven't encountered a tasty treat like you in a long time. What do you say about me absorbing you? It won't be very painful!"

The demonic being suddenly congealed into a human figure and spoke to Li Yunmu while floating above Miss An's head.

Li Yunmu had lost consciousness by then, however. Regardless of what the demonic being said, he turned a deaf ear toward it. With the divine cyan blade emitting dark energy, he went to attack the demonic being.

Their two silhouettes constantly flickered in the underground room, dazzling everyone's eyes.

"You mortal, since you have chosen to degrade to the demonic path, why not yield before me?"

Li Yunmu struck Netherworld Sword again. The demonic being couldn't help but frown at that. It hadn't expected that the mortal controlled by the fiendish qi would be so formidable.

When the system saw that the remaining time of the Dark State would not be enough, it urged the Fiend Origin in his body.

The blackened parts of Li Yunmu's eyes turned completely black. Dark energy poured out of them and surrounded his body, drowning him.

The mass of black qi then rotated like a whirlpool.

"What-what's going on?"

When the demonic being looking at the whirlpool of dark energy surrounding Li Yunmu, its eyes filled with astonishment.

While on the other side, Beautiful Silk looked at the fountain of dark energy as well. Moments later, she felt her sight turn dark, and she lost consciousness.

"It's impossible! Impossible! How could I be absorbed by this mortal? Ha ha ha…"

The demonic being tried to control its body, but the whirlpool of energy was too domineering. It could no longer control itself.


The demonic being's face was filled with fear and astonishment. Its demonic qi was completely absorbed by the formidable whirlpool, and its body was sucked inside soon after.

The demonic being's eyes went wide and it mumbled, "This… This is Fiend Origin!"

Its eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, but it was too late for the demonic being to do anything anymore.


A shriek echoed through the entire Dragon Silk Palace. The whirlpool had not only absorbed the demonic being, but even the demonic qi of Netherworld sword.

Once Li Yunmu's time in the Dark State ran out, the Fiend Origin also vanished.

After it went away, Li Yunmu suddenly burst out laughing. His weird expression terrified everyone.

None of the shivering marine soldiers who were hiding at the corner dared to get close to Li Yunmu. They all felt that he was a monster and they were just ants in his eyes. If they were the slightest bit careless, they would be immediately crushed by the other party.

After the demonic being disappeared from Miss An's body, she fell to the ground unconscious. Netherworld Sword also stopped glittering and struck the ground with a 'clang' sound.

The Dark State had disappeared, but Li Yunmu's pitch black pupils did not return to normal.

[Apparently the side-effects of fiendish energy have already showed up.]

After that, Li Yunmu also fell on the ground, unconscious.

When Li Yunmu woke up, he was back in the Dragon Silk Palace and did not know how many days had passed.

He immediately sat up on his bed and nervously said, "Gosh! If we take too much time, it might be too late!"

[Don't worry, you were only unconscious for a day,] the system told him.

"Only one day? Impossible! In the past, it had always been five days. How could it be just one day this time?"

Li Yunmu found it unfathomable.

[The master of this Dragon Silk Palace Beautiful Silk is a loyal woman. Because you helped her conceive a dragon seed, she gave you her inner divine dragon core. That's why you awakened so quickly,] the system said indifferently.

"Inner divine dragon core? She had refined it for several thousand years, she… How could she be willing to part with it?"

The system smiled. [This is your field of expertise. I wonder how did you subdue that Dragon Lady?]

Li Yunmu's face turned red, but he didn't say anything. It would be better for him to stay silent about such matters so as to avoid being made fun of by the system.

"How is Miss An?"

[In order to make up for her previous offense, she followed the blacksmiths to make the waver boat. It should be about finished by now.]

Li Yunmu nodded, thinking of leaving the room, but suddenly Netherworld Sword fell in front of him.

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[Given your Fiend Origin, the demonic sword has accepted you as its new master. The only difference is that because the demonic being has been completely absorbed by you, it is no longer able to control its master's body so you can use it as you wish.]

Li Yunmu nodded as if he had understood. Since he woke up, he didn't pay any attention to the pitch black pupils of his eyes which remained from the time he had entered the Dark State.

It was the side-effect the system had mentioned to him before, and it was even more difficult to handle than the Dark State's side-effect. Maybe he would be swallowed by the fiendish qi one day, and at that time, he would no longer be under the system's control.

When it thought about it, the system couldn't help but sigh. It would all depend upon Li Yunmu's luck.

Li Yunmu walked to the gate and encountered Beautiful Silk by coincidence.

"You have woken up. The waver boat has already been finished and is ready to set out. You have woken up just a moment ago, so it would be better for you to rest a bit," she said softly.

Li Yunmu gave a profound look to her and said, "Many thanks for your inner divine dragon core. It was your lifetime's cultivation!"

Beautiful Silk smiled slightly at him. "It doesn't matter. In any case, soon the master of Dragon Silk Palace will be our child. The two of us could be considered as family, so don't treat me as an outsider. But I am afraid that our child will not be different from you and will be a demonic being."

Li Yunmu repeatedly shook his head. "You don't need to worry. He will absolutely not be influenced by it. I swear to you!"

Seeing Li Yunmu making such a vow, Beautiful Silk calmed her heart down. Still, she could not help but add a few words. "The reason why I gave you my inner divine dragon core wasn't to quicken your recovery, but rather to suppress that demonic being inside your body. I don't want my child's father to become a demonic cultivator who collects the fiendish qi of the world."

Upon hearing Beautiful Silk's words, Li Yunmu nodded and said, "Regardless of your reason, you still have my gratitude. After I leave, who knows when will we see each other again."