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691 The Blacksmith“s Workhop in the Lower Level

Miss An disdainfully looked at Li Yunmu and said, "Hmph, even so, I wouldn't lower myself like you and sell my body!"

"I sold my body, but what relation does it have with you? Why are you so concerned about me? I am only someone whom you wanted to kill, and now you are saying this to me? Given your temperament, you shouldn't be concerned about me! My life and death have nothing to do with you!" Li Yunmu said indifferently.

Miss An was startled. At that moment, she recalled how for some reason, she had charged toward the Dragon Silk Palace.

Back then, she couldn't help but act like the voice in her heart had told her to. She was completely astonished by Li Yunmu's words and didn't know how to reply to him.

"I-I can't stand it?"

Li Yunmu found her answer quite hilarious and said with a smile, "You can't stand it? Your Underworld Serpent has done so many vicious things in the western region, but you surprisingly can't endure seeing this deal? Who are you trying to fool?"

Li Yunmu pushed Miss An against a reef, and the distance between the two of them decreased quickly. Miss An's heart was jumping, and she quickly looked away, not wanting to let Li Yunmu see that she was nervous.

But Li Yunmu chose that moment to whisper in her ears. "Could it be that Dragon Lady's words are true and you like me? She is a woman, so she should be able to understand your actions?"

Seeing Li Yunmu pressing closer and closer to her, Miss An felt that she was suffocating and promptly pushed him away.

"I don't!" she said loudly.

After shouting, she rushed toward her room. Her mind was in a complete mess, and her heartbeat was so loud that even she could hear it.

She swallowed and muttered to herself, "What am I doing? Why is my heart so difficult to calm?"

Li Yunmu looked at Miss An's departing figure and said with a slight smile, "Then you don't need to bother with me and the Dragon Lady. Wait until the waver boat is finished, then we will leave immediately. Naturally, you can also choose to remain here and not come with me. Up to you!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You have the freedom to come and go as you please. If you aren't busy, it would be great if you checked the situation of the waver boat. Our aim is to leave this place and proceed toward the Ancient Lands."

Miss An snorted but didn't say anything. Li Yunmu's words were correct, whoever Li Yunmu slept with had nothing to do with her.

She was someone who wanted to survive in the eastern domain by relying on Li Yunmu after losing the Underworld Serpent. She didn't have the courage to tell him her feelings.

She took a deep breath. Her next priority was to go to the lower layer of Dragon Silk Palace and enquire about the condition of the waver boat.

In short, she had decided that leaving the Dragon Silk Palace as quickly as possible was the best choice. Although she didn't know why Li Yunmu was so anxious to leave, she didn't want to see him coming and going out of the Dragon Silk Palace everyday.

When she saw Li Yunmu follow the Dragon Lady into the inner part of the Dragon Silk Palace, her heart heavy.

In order to make sure she didn't have to feel like that any longer, Miss An decided that going out to the sea as quickly as possible was for the best, lest undue delay bring other troubles!

She arrived at the lower level of the Dragon Silk Palace. It wasn't as majestic as the upper level, but there was a blacksmith workshop there. Weapons were being forged everywhere and modes of transportation were being manufactured.

She hadn't seen some of the tools before. The western region was truly far behind the eastern domain; she felt that she was quite inexperienced.

The Dragon Silk Palace's blacksmiths kept constantly introducing the new objects to Miss An.

"I want to ask, how is the manufacturing of the waver boat going?"

"Considering that you two want to go out to the sea right away, we are trying to build the waver boat as quickly as possible. Half of it has already been created, so tomorrow you'll probably be able to go out."

She could see that the waver boat was made of wood with a sheet of galvanized iron around it. This made it seem extremely exquisite.

Miss An walked over and gently caressed the waver boat.

"Will it truly allow us to reach Ancient Lands in three days?" she couldn't help but ask.

"In terms of speed, the waver boat won't lose even to a dragon. If no accident happens, you will be able to reach the Ancient Lands in three days. But this waver boat is quite frail and must be driven extremely carefully; it can break very easily. If it gets broken, I won't be able to guarantee the three day journey."

Miss An frowned, not caring too much about the words of the blacksmith. As long as the waver boat could take them out into the sea, she didn't care about anything else.

"Then once this waver boat is created, you mustn't forget to inform us. We have an urgent matter to attend to, so don't delay us."

"Be assured! Dragon Lady has already explained to us and we will try to build the waver boat as soon as possible. I guarantee you that my craftsmanship will leave you satisfied."

Miss An nodded and began to stroll around the workshop. Suddenly, she discovered an iron sword above the forging platform. It glittered as if eager to fight.

This sword seems truly strange! Miss An thought and couldn't help but extend her hand toward it.

"Girl, don't touch that sword!"

Without waiting for the craftsman to finish talking, Miss An touched the strange sword. The next moment, countless threads of black energy surrounded her body and Miss An's eyes turned pitch-black.

As if under the invasion of demonic energy, the sword suddenly jumped up, filling the whole sky, and fell into Miss An's hands.

That blacksmith was slightly startled. The sword was extremely demonic, and he had been ordered by the Dragon Lady to destroy it. Yet the guest who had suddenly appeared at the Dragon Silk Palace had accidentally touched it.

This could be considered a big problem!

For some reason, a deceitful smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Miss An's mouth. The sword in her hand flew out and skewered the blacksmith's chest.

The entire workshop was shaken by Miss An's loud howl. It sounded like an earthquake had hit the Dragon Silk Palace.

Beautiful Silk, who was enjoying the pleasures of intimacy, hurriedly stood up and furiously said, "What's happening? What exactly is going on in the lower layer of Dragon Silk Palace? Come with me!"

Li Yunmu went after her. He also didn't know the reason behind what seemed to be an earthquake just a moment ago. However, based on how anxious Beautiful Silk was acting, he could guess that it was certainly something bad.