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690 Running Amok in the Dragon Silk Palace

"This is the order of our Dragon Lady. If you aren't satisfied, then talk to the Dragon Lady. We can't let you go out!"

Miss An looked at the shrimp soldiers and crab generals acting so rampant and became flustered. Without caring for the difference in strength, she took the initiative to attack.

The soldiers had never thought that Miss An would surprisingly attack them and were instantly blown away by her.

"Hmph, this Miss' freedom isn't your concern!"

In the end, the crab soldiers were just marine animals and couldn't stand a blow from a half god Miss An.

She quickened her steps and hurriedly advanced toward Dragon Silk Palace. The entryway to it was filled with guards.

That Li Yunmu is just a scoundrel.

With that thought, Miss An became even more pissed. She didn't want the person she liked to degrade to such a level, so she would definitely stop the Dragon Lady!

The guards in front of the Dragon Silk Palace were somewhat astonished. However, compared to the people guarding her residence, they were much more strict and numerous.

If she forcibly tried to enter, they would certainly alert the Dragon Lady inside. Moreover, Miss An didn't know how far the two of them had already reached?

Maybe they had began to make love long ago!

But Miss An felt like at least one screw was loose in her brain. She couldn't help but wish to spoil Dragon Lady's plan and wake up Li Yunmu.

"Li Yunmu, come out! Have you ever thought about the feelings of others? Come out here!"

In front of the Dragon Palace, Miss An continuously hurled abuses. When the guards heard it, they all knitted their brows.

"Who is it? Who dares to make a racket outside our Dragon Silk Palace! Are you courting death?"

Many sea soldiers encircled Miss An, and the guards, who had been ordered to keep her in her room, appeared in front of Dragon Silk Palace to.

In a fluster, one of them said, "General, subordinate has failed in his duty and allowed this woman to run out. She is truly too cunning, and we have no way to stop her!"

"No one is allowed to disturb Madam Dragon Lady's matters! All of you take her away!" General Tortoise furiously said to the marine soldiers.

After hearing the order, the marine soldiers instantly went to stop Miss An.

But she wasn't exactly an ordinary person, but an expert with the strength of a half step god. If she really wanted to fight the marine soldiers, then none of them could be her opponents.

Inside the Dragon Silk Palace, the Beautiful Silk sat up after enjoying sexual intercourse. When she heard the clamor outside, she frowned and said, "Has something happened outside?"

Li Yunmu quickly put on his clothes and indifferently said, "Just now, I think I heard the voice of my friend. She should've gotten in conflict with some of your people."

Dragon Lady Beautiful Silk suddenly looked at Li Yunmu with an amorous gaze. "Is it possible that girl likes you? When I saw her for the first time, I felt that she looked at you with a strange gaze!"

Li Yunmu began to laugh, somewhat not daring to believe that someone was saying that the leader of Underworld Serpent, who had just recently wanted to kill him, now liked him.

Unless trying to kill him could be regarded as liking him, Li Yunmu wouldn't be able to believe it.

Beautiful Silk rearranged her clothes and said, "I still don't know your name. Our son will be born in roughly a year. If you want to visit him in the future, I won't stop you. But henceforth, our son will become the master of Dragon Silk Palace."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"As you say Dragon Lady!"

Beautiful Silk placed her hand on Li Yunmu's chest. At some point in time, a treasure pearl had appeared in her hand. She pushed it into Li Yunmu's hand. "This treasure pearl can deliver you directly to Dragon Silk Palace. If you want to see your son, use it to come here."

Beautiful Silk, who had been like a crazy beast on the bed, had turned extremely considerate afterwards, making Li Yunmu feel like the world had turned tender.

He took the treasure pearl and kissed Beautiful Silk's forehead. "Many thanks!"

Beautiful Silk smiled at him. "But I hope that before the waver boat is prepared, you will enjoy the remaining time with me!"

The hint was very clear; the Dragon Lady was clearly an insatiable woman. Li Yunmu bitterly smiled after hearing her words. He had to endure it for the waver boat.

"But I still think I should see my friend first. If she continues being so noisy, I will lose face in front of your Dragon Silk Palace."

Beautiful Silk covered her mouth and smiled. "Yes! A girl in love can do anything, no matter how crazy it is!"

Li Yunmu sighed in his heart. It seemed like Beautiful Silk was only interested in his body and didn't like him much emotionally; otherwise, she would have been furious at Miss An entering the Dragon Silk Palace. It was not the case, however. She was completely calm.

The system's voice echoed in Li Yunmu's mind at that moment. [Alright! Youngster, I hadn't thought that you would become an expert in picking girls. That woman from Underworld Serpent had wanted to kill you earlier, and now she charged into the Dragon Silk Palace for you without caring for her life? If this Dragon Silk Lady's temperament was even a little bad, that girl would already be dead.]

Li Yunmu naturally understood this point. However, the system was now saying that he was an expert at picking girls. Weren't these words a little exaggerated? From the start, he hadn't done anything. He had no idea why Miss An had suddenly fallen for him.

He was completely dumbfounded at that moment!

When he walked out of the Dragon Silk Palace, Miss An aggressively walked towards him and slapped him across his face without saying a word.

"You scoundrel!"

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. He hadn't expected Miss An to suddenly slap him, and so heavily too.

He subdued her, then brought her to a place where no one was present. But Miss An still kept struggling, not being obedient.

"You release me! Right now! You scoundrel! Did you enjoy yourself in the Dragon Silk Palace? You are completely shameless!"

"Have you cursed enough? If it were not for me pleading for leniency with the Dragon Silk Lady, you would be dead by now. Do you understand that? Do you care about your life? Do you still want to leave this Dragon Silk Palace alive? Or could it be that you want to be trapped in this ocean forever?" Li Yunmu asked in a low voice.