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689 The Condition

"Then I would have to trouble Madam Dragon Lady!" Li Yunmu said, expressing his gratitude.

Who knew that the Dragon Lady would then speak up with an anxious expression. "But if you want our Dragon Silk Palace to create a waver boat for you, you two mortals will have to pay a price for it."

"I knew that it wouldn't be that simple. In this world, only fools would help you without asking for anything in return," Miss An said with a snort.

As the leader of Underworld Serpent, she had become proficient in such matters long ago. She could see that the Dragon Lady Beautiful Silk wasn't that easy. They would definitely need to pay some price, so the woman's words weren't out of her expectations.

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the Dragon Lady, who seemed to be extremely kind, would have a scheming heart.

He had truly miscalculated. After some thought however, he decided to first see the condition and then make his decision.

The Dragon Lady sighed. "This woman requires a man, someone as smooth-skinned and tender as you!"

Aware of the hidden hostility in Beautiful Silk's eyes, Li Yunmu went cold, and his whole body was broke out in goosebumps. What exactly was the Dragon Lady trying to get from him?

While Li Yunmu's heart filled with fear, Dragon Lady's behavior changed from earnest to flirtatious.

"Mortal, don't be nervous. The price you need to pay is very simple: I need you to give me a child who will become the heir of the Dragon Silk Palace! In the past hundreds of thousands of years, no strong men have come here. You are the first to show up, so it seems that it is your fate, and mine too.

"If you are willing to help me, I will use all I have to make a waver boat for you which will help you cross the sea. If you aren't willing, then don't blame this Dragon Lady for not helping you. Without the waver boat, you will need at least a month to reach the Ancient Lands! If you lose the air drop, you will even be in mortal danger!"

The Dragon Lady had promised so much, so how could Li Yunmu refuse?

For the Ancient Secret Method, he was ready to stake his all. But surprisingly in the beginning, he only needed to sacrifice his body.

The master of the Dragon Silk Palace was quite exotic and still needed a son. This simply left Li Yunmu dumbfounded.

Everyone said that the eastern domain was conservative, but the first person he encountered was an extremely open-minded Dragon Lady.

Seeing Li Yunmu still hesitating, she coldly snorted. "Since you two aren't willing to satisfy my conditions, I request you to leave!"

Miss An sneered at her. "Request us to leave? How could you ask someone to give birth to your child and then give it up to you?"

Li Yunmu took a step forward then. "Quell your anger, Dragon Lady! I agree, this matter isn't anything difficult for me. But I am extremely anxious to hasten on my journey and hope that you won't make me stay here for long. I also hope that you will help me reach my destination."

Seeing Li Yunmu respectfully accept the Dragon Lady's request, Miss An immediately pointed at his nose and began to curse him. "You-you-you! You smelly man, how could you be so shameless? You will just give birth to anyone's child if they ask you? You-you-you-you… You truly don't have no shame!"

Li Yunmu shrugged his shoulders. "Don't tell me that you intend to drift in the sea for a month?"

Miss An was completely dumbstruck and unable to reply to Li Yunmu's words. Who knew how long would the air drops last? If they lost them, they wouldn't be able to survive in the sea for long.

Miss An couldn't say anything when she thought of that. She just coldly snorted and muttered to herself, "In any case, whose child you want to give birth to is your own matter."

When Beautiful Silk saw that Li Yunmu agreed, she instantly began to grin from ear to ear and went to his side. She carefully observed his body and caressed his chest from time to time without any shyness on her face.

Li Yunmu couldn't help but mutter inwardly, Can this Dragon Lady be an old lady? How can she look at a man like she is looking at a commodity? It makes me feel quite uncomfortable.

When Miss An saw the Dragon Lady testing Li Yunmu's body, goosebumps rose all over her body and she thought, This Li Yunmu has a weak moral character. He's even attracted to such a woman! When the time comes, you won't find anywhere to go even if you cry!

Miss An's thinking was still too naive. Li Yunmu was completely clear about the fact that it was going to be a business transaction so both of them can get what they want. After he obtained the waver boat, they would probably never meet again in the future.

"Madam Dragon Lady, how many days will be required to create this waver boat?" he asked.

With her body almost falling upon him, Beautiful Silk replied with a smile, "Don't be anxious, my husband and master. During the next two days, we will enjoy the pleasures of intimacy that a couple shares. Once they're over, I guarantee that I will send you out on a waver boat.

Upon hearing Beautiful Silk's promise, Li Yunmu nodded in agreement. After that, she pushed him into the inner room, and the people of Dragon Silk Palace tightly shut the door before scattering.

Miss An was arranged to stay in another room of Dragon Silk Palace.

After being led there, Miss An was extremely angry inside. She had followed Li Yunmu yet somehow turned into an unwanted guest. He had actually chosen to sell his body just to reach the Ancient Lands a little bit faster.

"Beast! Shameless! Scoundrel!"

Miss An subconsciously began to pour down a torrent of curses on Li Yunmu. Yet she soon felt that cursing was completely opposite to her character. Her face turned red at that, and she stopped cursing.

Could it be that she had grown fond of that youngster? But she was unsuccessful in seducing him! It was clear that he wasn't interested in her, so when had she began to care about him? Moreover, why was she feeling so much anger at the thought of the Dragon Lady giving birth to his son?

With such thoughts, Miss An promptly went to bed to force herself to sleep. She couldn't let her think about him anymore. 

But after she lay down in bed, it became even more difficult for her to control her mind. When she thought of how Li Yunmu and Dragon Lady Beautiful Silk were enjoying the carnal pleasures, she angrily stood up.

"This won't do. This miss will definitely stop them; otherwise, this miss won't be able to swallow her food!"

However, when she tried to go out, she was stopped by the marine soldiers.

"Madam Dragon Lady has commanded that no one is allowed to leave their room."

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