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688 Dragon Silk Palace

"But this guilty person cannot deliver you far. You will have to travel the rest of the way by yourselves!" the dragon said in a muffled voice.

Li Yunmu promptly cupped his hands to pay his respect. "Thank you for your grace. Someday, I will definitely repay this favor!"

The dragon rolled in the sea, and the heaven and earth changed color again. "Get on my body!"

Li Yunmu pulled Miss An, who was still frightened and undecided, onto the dragon's horn. The dragon then escorted them to their destination.

Before dropping them, it indifferently said, "Here lies the boundary which this guilty one cannot cross. You two continue forward and perhaps you will be able to find the Ancient Lands which you have been looking for."

Before its words could fade and Li Yunmu could say his thanks, the dragon lowered itself into the water and disappeared from sight.

Miss An, who had been hiding behind Li Yunmu throughout their journey, looked at him with some lingering fear. "It… it went away?"

Li Yunmu nodded. "Yes, it left. What a pity! We encountered a divine beast with great difficulty, but it had to leave."

"You… What are you saying? It was a divine beast?"

Divine beasts were on a higher level than ancient devil beasts. Their strength even surpassed that of gods. After hearing Li Yunmu's words, Miss An couldn't help but swallow hard.

When she had battled against an ancient devil beast with her half step god level strength, she still couldn't gain an upper hand. If she had encountered a divine beast, then wouldn't she be completely crushed?

Yet Li Yunmu had actually battled the dragon just a moment ago without using his full strength, and it had ended in a tie. From this, it could be clearly seen that the divine beast's strength was above that of gods but below that of ancient gods.

Li Yunmu wasn't concerned about the strength of the dragon like Miss An. He was anxious to reach Ancient Lands and obtain the secret ancient method!

Each passing second and minute was disadvantageous for his world!

It needed Li Yunmu to rescue it. He could be considered its only hope.

If he couldn't find the secret ancient method, his earth wouldn't be able to escape the fate of being merged.

[The day when the projection planes would merge is coming closer and closer. The stars are completely disordered, and I am no longer able to calculate how much time we have. If you continue to drag your feet, I fear your world won't survive its crisis.]

The system's words caused Li Yunmu to become even more anxious, if he couldn't find the ancient secret method, he would be unable to protect everything he treasured.

He had to quickly reach the Ancient Lands and find the ancient secret method!

Li Yunmu's hurried steps didn't escape Miss An's eyes, and she became suspicious. "Why are you so anxious?"

While they were speaking, a teleport halo appeared in front of them. Li Yunmu advanced toward it without any hesitation.

Miss An immediately followed after him. By then, she was like a conjoined twin. Where Li Yunmu went, she would definitely follow. She regarded Li Yunmu as a protective umbrella in the eastern domain.

After that, she held onto Li Yunmu while he swam through the currents. As time passed, it became increasingly more difficult for them to breathe underwater.

The system then made some urgent arrangements in Li Yunmu's place and used two thousand space elements to exchange for two air drops.

One of them was for Miss An. Once she received it, she felt that she was again living on the dry land. There wasn't the slightest bit of difference.

"Very good! We can surprisingly move under the water now."

Li Yunmu, however, didn't care about Miss An and instead focused his gaze on the palace not far from them.

"Where is this?"

Miss An was slightly startled, and her heart clenched. "Wow! It's so pretty! Seems like a palace! Could it be the legendary Atlantis?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Yunmu shook his head. The structure before him resembled ancient chinese buildings, so how could it be related to a western region's city?

It was probably the Palace of the Dragon King!

Li Yunmu and Miss An advanced toward the palace step by step. Above the entrance, there was a board which clearly stated: Dragon Silk Palace!

Li Yunmu and Miss An cautiously entered inside. The moment they did so, a crab and a lobster obstructed their path.

"Who are you? This is the Dragon Silk Palace! Are you two mortals courting death?"

Miss An was very furious. She and Li Yunmu could be considered as half step gods! How come were they repeatedly called mortals then? Didn't she have any face? Could it be that she wasn't formidable?

"I am sorry, caretakers. We were directed here by a friend and we just wanted to ask for directions," Li Yunmu said indifferently.

"Ask for directions? You mortals can easily move under the water, so you definitely aren't up to anything good. Arrest them on my order! Report to the dragon lady!"

Li Yunmu and Miss An were immediately surrounded by shrimp soldiers, crab generals, jellyfish as well as other marine organisms. All of them were eyeing them covetously.

"It is truly a misunderstanding. We have truly come to ask for directions."

"Let them come in!" a woman's tender voice echoed, and the shrimp soldiers and crab generals immediately became respectful.

Li Yunmu and Miss An were led in front of a woman who had spoken.

She looked extremely pretty with her fair face with two red cheeks. Her eyes were full of youth and inexperience, but her clothes gave her a mature charm.

She blinked her large eyes and said while looking at Li Yunmu, "I am dragon lady, Beautiful Silk, the master of this Dragon Silk Palace. What directions do you seek?"

Li Yunmu took a step forward and promptly explained himself. "Hello, dragon lady, it's like this! We were sent to these waters by elder brother dragon and incidentally entered the Dragon Silk Palace. If this alarmed you, then I will apologise to you. We are hurrying towards Ancient Lands and request your help with that.

Beautiful Silk twirled her hair with her finger and said, "I see that you two have relied upon air drops to to walk through water. If you want to reach the Ancient Lands by yourself, then I am afraid to say that it would take at least a month. But if you ride on our palace's waver boat, you could reach them in less than three days."

Li Yunmu became somewhat excited. The faster they could reach Ancient Lands, the better it would be for him. That way, he would be able to find the ancient secret method faster and return to his earth to save it before it was too late.



Underworld Serpent was indeed a second tier power. To be accurate, it was at the top of second rate powers. It was a step away from becoming a first rate power despite having a huge foundation in its members. It surpassed ordinary first rate powers in that regard, but because of not fulfilling a certain criteria, it was still second rate and couldn't take the final step.