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The formidable might of the attack instantly swallowed the Peng!

How did being swallowed by one's own power felt like?


The Peng constantly issued miserable shrieks. Being attacked by one's own power was truly miserable, and one of its wings was destroyed by the power of the whirlpool.

The Peng shuddered slightly. Upon seeing it suddenly lose combat strength, Li Yunmu chose to attack. He couldn't allow the Peng to recover at any cost.

Li Yunmu firmly held his divine cyan blade and used Violent Blade Heavenly Leap Chop to instantly destroy the bird's other wing.

The Peng who had lost both its wings also lost its ability to fly. Rising to the heavens became only a dream for it.


The bird kept shrieking constantly until Li Yunmu sliced off its head. The spatial whirlpool behind it instantly stopped after that.

When Miss An saw Li Yunmu kill another ancient devil beast, she was instantly stupefied. The exit was activated though, and she became extremely happy.

She hadn't expected that Li Yunmu, by himself, was more formidable than her entire Underworld Serpent.

Compared to her going wild with joy, Li Yunmu only looked at her expressionlessly.

Miss An's scalp went numb upon noticing Li Yunmu's stare, and she couldn't help but ask with a frown, "Why do you always keep staring at me like that? If you have something to say, then say it. Don't keep staring at me! It is weird!"

"I couldn't find the opportunity to ask you while we were in the western region, so what exactly was your Underworld Serpent's plan? Why did you keep trying to persuade me again and again to collaborate with you? What was your aim?"

Miss An waved her hand. "Why do you still care about this matter? Underworld Serpent had already ceased to exist, so why are you asking about it?"

Li Yunmu smiled calmly at her. "I was somewhat curious and nothing more. If your plan jeopardized my interests, I would naturally have some interest in it."

Miss An looked at Li Yunmu's cold gaze. It seemed like if she didn't speak the truth, it was very possible that he would leave her there by herself, trapped for all eternity.

She waved her hand a couple more times. "Fine, fine. We weren't as bad as you think, and we didn't intend to get involved in the power struggle. Our goal was survival.

"Previously Zues had issued a clear command against Underworld Serpent, intending to trap and annihilate us. We had no other choice then to request help from the Eight. We tried to find you to collaborate because you had defeated the Heavenly Gods Council! If they planned to do to you what they thought to do to us, don't tell me you wouldn't resist?"

Li Yunmu thought about it. Miss An's reasons indeed made sense, but he was still suspicious about one point. Why exactly did she want to obtain the secret genetic code?

"Then why did you want the secret genetic code? Do you know its secret?"

Miss An repeatedly shook her head. "I don't know its secret nor that you possessed it. I only heard that after Zeus received the news that the secret genetic code had been lost, he became very worried. After I received this information, I tried to find the secret genetic code to negotiate with Zeus!"

"Your Underworld Serpent truly possessed great courage!"

"What else could we do? We were living on the edge of a blade, so how else could we have survived in the Origin World for so long?" Miss An snorted. "I am a woman and very easy to bully."

Li Yunmu nodded."Your reply can be considered to have satisfied me. But regretfully, the secret genetic code is already in my body, so your wish to obtain it is impossible!"

Miss An waved her hand. "Doesn't matter! I no longer care about it. Look, I have come to the eastern domain, so Zeus shouldn't be able to capture me, right? Also, the Eight whom I have previously offended also shouldn't be able to get a hold of me here. Instead, I can live a little more leisurely here!"

With Miss An being so optimistic, Li Yunmu also didn't continue thinking about it and went through the exit with her.

But what they never expected was that after they passed through the gate, the other side would be completely different from their imagination. They had ended up in a field of flowers, and there was a transparent path like an illusion going through it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The region where they landed appeared to be extremely mysterious. Not far from them was a towering mountain range. A bright moon hung above it.

Li Yunmu lifted his head in slight astonishment. Even he didn't know where exactly they had arrived.

"Have we already reached Ancient Lands?" Miss An asked while blinking her big eyes.

The place truly resembled the legendary Ancient Lands, but Li Yunmu wasn't sure about it. After all, the eastern domain was simply too mysterious, unlike the western region which Miss An knew like the back of her hand.

In the eastern domain, she was like a blind person who couldn't find the path.

Li Yunmu knitted his brows when a voice suddenly spoke in his ears as if summoning him!

"Old friend, you have finally come to see me! Old friend, why did you come to find me only now?"

Upon hearing the strange voice, Li Yunmu covered his ears with his hands but these voices still didn't stop.

[Don't try to stop it. It's useless. It should be the summons of a divine beast in the vicinity.]

Divine beast? According to the system's words, it was the highest ranked beast in the eastern domain. They could communicate with humans and possessed boundless flux energy. Some of the divine beasts even possessed strength surpassing divine grade!

For example, the most mysterious dragon race of the eastern domain didn't exist in the western region.

Since he was with the summons of a divine beast, Li Yunmu decided to follow the voice and check it out.

If he offended the divine beast, he would have a truly miserable fate.

When Miss An saw Li Yunmu advancing toward the mountain range, she swiftly stopped him. "What are you trying to do? We still don't know what region this, and you moving around carelessly is just courting death!"

Li Yunmu suddenly smiled, saying, "When did Miss An from the grand Underworld Serpent began to care about me?"

His words were filled with ridicule and Miss An wasn't an idiot, so why wouldn't she realize it?

She rolled her eyes and muttered, "Who cares about you? I just don't want you to die. After all, you did save me, which could be considered as a favor."

"Since it doesn't concern you, then alright! Stay here for the time being! I want to check something out. If you're afraid, you don't need to follow me," he said indifferently.