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Miss An was completely taken aback. Wasn't that cheating? How could he simply subdue that fish? She couldn't believe her eyes, but it only reinforced her understanding of just how formidable was Li Yunmu's strength.

When he had defeated Mahoraga of the Eight, she was already gobsmacked. Right then, he had also dealt with the ancient devil beast whom she couldn't do anything about. How exactly had he accomplished that?

Was he truly just a half step god?

Miss An shook her head. He only appeared to be a half god on the surface, but in reality he had probably already reached ancient god level. If he made another breakthrough, he might even come to possess master god level strength.

The five master gods in the Origin World hadn't awakened yet so the conflicts between different powers also didn't become excessively vicious. But once the five master gods joined the battles, the Origin World would truly sink into the chaos of war.

When that thought entered her mind, Miss An felt that eastern domain's Ancient Lands would be comparatively safer.

The western part of the world had four masters, and there was a good chance they would battle each other, causing frequent wars. A small organization like Underworld Serpent would be like an ant in the eyes of those gods.

But the eastern domain was more stable. After all, the feeling of mysteriousness in that region caused all the western gods to stay away. Only one master god ruled over it, so there wouldn't be any disputes between gods, making it relatively safer.

The only cause of concern for Miss An was how she would survive until she reached the eastarn region's Ancient Lands.

Li Yunmu's divine cyan blade moved slightly and chopped off the Kun's fin. After losing it, the Kun lost all sense of direction like a rudderless boat!

The Kun who had lost sense of direction began to flee everywhere like a headless fly, and it collided with everything in its path!

The fins were the weak point which Li Yunmu had discovered. After the Kun lost one, it became blind.

In such a state, the Kun wasn't the least bit of a threat to Li Yunmu. As long as he struck it again, the Kun would fall apart in two halves and instantly dissipate.

However, the directionless Kun suddenly began to advance towards Miss An once more. It staked its whole life on that blow.

As soon as he saw Kun flying toward Miss An, Li Yunmu immediately shouted a warning for her. "Careful!"

Before his words could even reach her, he leapt toward her, which gave a fright to Miss An.

Until just a moment ago, she had been lost in thought. When she discovered that Li Yunmu had leapt in front of her, her heartbeat sped up instantly.

What was going on? Why did her heartbeat suddenly become so fast? Could it be because of that man...

Miss An didn't dare to imagine what it could mean and promptly stabilized her breathing. As it happened, Li Yunmu lifted her in his arms and rushed dodged to the side.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How can you be so careless!"

Miss An felt quite wronged after being berated by Li Yunmu. Clearly, everything had happened because he had defeated the Kun in one strike, which had pushed it to rushing against her.

A low howl echoed in the water, and the Kun pounced toward them once more. The formidable might with which it bashed against the reefs under the water was enough to shatter all of them. If the attack had landed on Miss An just a moment ago, she might have truly died.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and loudly shouted while holding the divine cyan blade in his hand, "Violent Blade Heavy Leap Strike!"

Although his jump wasn't as high because of the water, his long blade relied on momentum to instantly slice the Kun into two.

The Kun's body exploded, which created concentric waves in the water which rippled continuously.

A few minutes after the Kun disappeared, a bird flew out of the water as if it had just undergone nirvanic rebirth and was returning to the sky!

It flew to a height of ninety thousand kilometers!

"This is Peng?"

The Kun had suddenly transformed into a Peng. Not only was Miss An completely astonished, but even Li Yunmu who had just slain the Kun was amazed.

The fish of Darknorth was known as Kunpeng.

So it wasn't just a legend? Could it be that they were in the Darknorth Region of the eastern domain? After passing through it, hopefully they would get closer to Ancient Lands.

When he thought of it, Li Yunmu calmed down. First, he needed to settle down and see where they would be delivered.

Behind the Peng, there was a gate which resembled the rotating spatial vortex, which was probably the exit.

Li Yunmu tried a few times to get past the Peng and reach the exit, but he was repeatedly blocked by the bird.


The Peng issued a loud cry, as if mourning its predecessor Kun.

It also displayed great hostility toward Li Yunmu!

That hostility was very intense, and the waves suddenly formed an enormous whirlpool. The Peng constantly fluttered its wings, seemingly intent on drawing its enemy into the whirlpool.

The Peng was different from the Kun, and its strength was far superior. Not only did it possess wings, it could even shoot whirlpools from its mouth, which could instantly devour everything.

There was no need to mention Li Yunmu and Miss An when the entire ghostly world might be swallowed by the Peng.

It terrifying power was simply unimaginable for Miss An. She subconsciously tried to run, but the whirlpool didn't give her the opportunity to escape. Seeing this, she couldn't help but cry out in fear.

Li Yunmu was calm in comparison and dragged her to his side. "Don't be afraid with me here! This guy is more formidable compared to the Kun, so it should be another ancient devil beast."

Miss An gritted her teeth and said, "You-you quickly think of something! I really don't want to die."

While Miss An pulling at him, Li Yunmu thought about how to solve their problem. But the system inside him was not saying anything as if it had been infected by the water and had broken down.

"Say something!"

[You possess the Great Devouring Technique, so why are you still asking for me to settle it?]

The half-dead system finally replied, which brought relief to Li Yunmu.

Fortunately, his toy wasn't broken. If it had been broken down, he had no idea what he would need to do.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and absorbed the power of the whirlpool. Beside him, Miss An suddenly felt her body become lighter until it was no longer affected by the power of the whirlpool.

After Li Yunmu absorbed it, he suddenly used its power toward the Peng.