Shadow Hack
684 Darknorth Fish
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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684 Darknorth Fish

"This is… a Darknorth fish?"

Astonishment appeared in Li Yunmu's eyes.

He hadn't expected that he would encounter such a legendary fish in the eastern domain. Its body was enormous, like a gigantic castle.

Just in terms of size, Li Yunmu was already half lost, and Miss An had never seen such a plump fish either. Her eyes were full of shock.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and said, "It seems like we have to defeat this monster. Only then will we be able to leave this ghostly world."

"But we didn't discover anything in the ghostly world! How could there be such a large fish here?"

"Why the hell are you asking me? I also don't understand it! But I am certain that the spatial door in front us is definitely the true entrance to the eastern domain's Ancient Lands.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Are you certain?" Miss An asked half-doubting and half-believing him.

But it was useless to say anything. Her ungrateful subordinates of Underworld Serpent had abandoned her, so she had turned into a true lone commander.

Whether she died or lived would be determined by her fate. She didn't even know whether the man in front of her was reliable or not, so it would be great if he could at least get her to a safe place.

As long as she could get to one, no one there would know that she was actually the leader of Underworld Serpent.

Not only that, she could even begin a new life. Although she had been like a fish in the water in the western world, things had went sour for her there. That was why when she reached the eastern domain, she had to seize all opportunities to keep herself alive.

The most important thing for her at that moment wasn't to become an extraordinary person but to remain alive!

If she could survive in the eastern domain, that would be a miracle.

But the fish they had encountered at that moment was too terrifying. How could they even fight it?

Li Yunmu wasn't hesitant like her, and the divine cyan blade was in his hand. If the fish launched an attack, he would definitely fight back.

Miss An knew that the Darknorth fish wouldn't be easy to deal with, and Li Yunmu was like a hot-headed youth who was courting his death. She was completely out of luck.

Even though the fish was enormous, it was also extremely flexible. It instantly charged at Li Yunmu and Miss An.

But what Miss An couldn't understand was why the fish chose to attack only her and didn't show any intention of attacking Li Yunmu!

It was like meeting a ghost!

When Li Yunmu saw that the target of the fish was Miss An, he couldn't help but laugh. "Seems like this guy can distinguish between right and wrong. It knows that you are a villain and I am a good person, and it would never hurt good people!"

Miss An became even more anxious upon hearing Li Yunmu's words. The fish didn't give her any face, so she could only use her full strength.

In any case, she was also a half step god. How could she be casually bullied by a fish?

With her eyes full of fury, she loudly shouted and gathered dark energy in her hands. They transformed into two black blades, and she continuously waved them in the water as if painting a beautiful picture.

The battle between the woman and the fish was extremely picturesque, and for a moment, Li Yunmu was a bit stunned.

Miss An was extremely beautiful while fighting. It was unlike when normal when she kept scheming and wearing a mask, which disgusted people.

The Darknorth fish was an ancient devil beast whose strength was only below that of gods and almost equivalent to half god humans. Therefore, Miss An was in a stalemate while fighting against it and found it difficult to extricate herself.

The system's voice echoed in Li Yunmu's mind. [This fish is known as Kun, the king of Darknorth fish and is an ancient devil beast. I fear that this girl won't be its opponent.]

Li Yunmu smiled calmly. "She should taste a little bit of suffering. I want to let her know that this world isn't as simple as she thinks so that she will conduct herself with integrity and restraint in the future instead of acting spoiled!"

[You are a good person!] the system said calmly.

Li Yunmu collected his divine cyan blade and said with a smile, "This woman was the leader of Underworld Serpent and we have no idea what sort of schemes she had prepared before coming to us! Now if she owes me a favor, what won't she share in the future?"

[Even more two-faced than me? Who did you learn this from?]

Li Yunmu sneered at the system. "Who else? As your host for a long time, don't you think that I would learn some of your tricks? Aren't you underestimating me too much?"

The system couldn't help but shake its head and sigh. [You are indeed very cunning. But you should take it a little easy. The woman cannot hold for much longer.]

When Li Yunmu saw Kun amusing itself with Miss An, a hint of ruthlessness entered his eyes.

Although Miss An was quite skilled, she was facing an ancient devil beast. Apart from god level powerhouses, others could only leave injured or dead after fighting it.


While trying to launch a kick, Miss An collided with Kun. Her body was instantly thrown to the ground, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes. He had already discovered Kun's weakness by watching their fight.

Miss An was extremely young, and she couldn't compare to seasoned veterans.

Although she had already reached half god level, Li Yunmu guessed that she had relied on seizing opportunities to push herself to that far. With one glance, he could tell that her foundation was unstable.

Li Yunmu lent his arm to support Miss An, then softly said, "You should rest carefully on the side. I will get rid of it!"

Miss An didn't realize that under the new circumstances, she had turned from an enemy into a friend for Li Yunmu.

Before she wouldn't have even dared to think about it. But at that moment, she surprisingly thought of Li Yunmu as her friend. Moreover, since he was staking his life for her, could it be that he cared about her?

Miss An was extremely confident in her charm. In her heart, there wasn't a man alive who could escape her charm, and she could conquer anyone by relying on it.

Otherwise, she would have never been able to establish Underworld Serpent!

But Underworld Serpent had actually broken her heart!

Just when Miss An sighed, Li Yunmu began to fight against Kun. Kun possessed a collision force of 5000 oxen, which was extremely strainful for Miss An.

But what left her extremely astonished was that Li Yunmu simply pressed the divine cyan blade against Kun's nose, and it stopped in place. The fish struggled against it, but to no avail.

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