Shadow Hack
683 Ghostly Ruins
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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683 Ghostly Ruins

Li Yunmu didn't hesitate and immediately went through the spatial door, which instantly delivered him to a strange space.

When Miss An saw him go, she was still extremely hesitant about whether they should follow him or not.

Lie Feng, who was by her side, asked, "Miss An, how about we let him go first and investigate while we stay here for the time being instead of moving about randomly? We don't have a good understanding of the eastern domain, so who knows what we will encounter after we go through that door?"

Miss An hesitated for a while more while thinking of Li Yunmu's words. She hardened her heart then and said, "It doesn't matter! Even if we die, we die! In any case, the first ones dying won't be us!"

After Miss An finished talking, she went through the spatial door.

Inside the door, the space was distorted. Her body became unstable and began to sway because she couldn't control it.

She closed her eyes, trying to move the strength in her body. However, it was as if she couldn't use any of her strength in that space.


Miss An was ruthlessly thrown to the ground. She massaged her body and suddenly felt something soft underneath.

"How could the ground here be the same as when we arrived at the eastern domain? It's so soft!"

Li Yunmu rolled his eyes at her and said, "I want to ask whether you have taken any drugs? Falling down on me twice."

When Miss An heard Li Yunmu's voice, she immediately jumped up in fright. When she looked around where she had been suddenly transferred, she saw that they were in a ruins.

What exactly had happened there? Why was everything in ruins? She could not guess what would happen next in the ghostly world.

Miss An subconsciously pulled at Li Yunmu's clothes and, with her body trembling, she asked, "Where exactly are we? What is this place?"

Underworld Serpent's people surprisingly didn't follow Miss An into the ghostly world. They had refused to follow her orders and chose to act on their own.

"Those cowards of Underworld Serpent didn't follow? They left you alone?"

Li Yunmu's words caused Miss An's face to turn red. Underworld Serpent's people were extremely unreliable. After hearing her commands, they surprisingly chose to act on their own initiative and refuse to face reality.

Miss An was furious after understanding it.

Li Yunmu didn't continue to tease her. He stood up from the ground and carefully surveyed their surroundings.

They were in a sealed ghostly world. Everything was in ruins,and there were some remnant drops of water still present in space.

They should have come from a vast body of water drying up. Upon seeing it, Li Yunmu couldn't help but think of the eastern domain he had seen recently. It was filled with thriving vegetation, so how could anyone tell that this place was part of it?

Li Yunmu indifferently asked, "Do you want to go with me? If you don't want to follow me, then you can return for the time being."

Miss An opened her eyes wide and pulled at Li Yunmu's clothes. "You want to get rid of me? Don't even think about it! God knows where exactly is this place. Besides, what concerns those people of Underworld Serpent, I have seen their true colors.

"They surprisingly dared to abandon this miss by herself! Those guys, don't let me see them again! I will definitely beat them up if I do."

"Then let's go look for an exit from this place! Perhaps after we go out, we might truly enter the Ancient Lands. In my opinion, this is only the beginning of the eastern domain."

Miss An followed behind Li Yunmu, and they gradually proceeded forward. Soon, they saw countless ghost-like figures in front of them. They had the faintly discernible silhouettes of women.

"Who are they?" Miss An asked with a frown.

Li Yunmu lifted his head and looked at the figures before them. After some careful thought, he said, "They should be the so-called phantoms!"

"What do you mean?"

"This should be a scene from before this place turned into ruins. We are seeing phantoms from years long gone by."

After hearing Li Yunmu's words, Miss An took a deep breath. "Is this really part of the eastern domain where the vast ocean has dried up?"

"Should be! We must check it out!"

Li Yunmu moved forward cautiously. At that moment, the system inside his body gave him a warning. [Some unknown organism is up ahead! You two must be careful!]

"Wu wa wu wa!"

Miss An frowned once she heard the noise. The next moment, a group of black zombies closed in on them in large numbers!

The divine cyan blade appeared in Li Yunmu's hand. It flickered when he confronted the many zombies who turned into dust upon contact.

Miss An's eyes went wide. Li Yunmu seemed to have become even more formidable compared to the first time when she had seen him.

If he got a bit more time to mature, then Underworld Serpent would probably not even enter his eyes. He had defeated the Eight as well as the Heavenly Gods Council, so it was obvious that his strength was out of the ordinary. If she had truly made an enemy out of such a person, that would have been absolutely foolish.

However, as a woman, she felt extremely safe when hiding behind a brave and powerful man. Regardless of how terrifying a monster they encountered in the future, she wouldn't be afraid.

As they continued to explore the ruins, Li Yunmu used Insect Step. While carrying Miss An, he leaped up and down the crumbled structures. From time to time, they encountered frightful beasts.

They were half beast and half human and extremely sharp fangs. They also seemed to have gone half crazy.

But those beasts were nothing compared to the gods; after all, they were only livestock. Under Li Yunmu's hand, they were only bags of experience points.

Miss An also joined him in fighting the frightful beasts. She lost her timidness from when she had just entered the ghostly world and showed her skills.

Possibly because of encountering the frightful beasts along the way, she was quite embarrassed to let Li Yunmu do all the work.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When they reached the exit, they saw something which they hadn't expected. A vast body of water covered their entire field of vision, and guarding it was a huge monster.

Its body wasn't any smaller than that of a giant, and it appeared to be a fish.
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