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678 The Origin World“s Divisions of Power

Li Yunmu also felt that the system's words were correct. With the assistance of Odin and Zeus, what did he need to fear in the Origin World?

Thereupon, on the system's instigation, he appeared and agreed to the marriage.

Once Li Yunmu agreed, Odin naturally didn't have any other thoughts. Moreover after Frigga persuaded her, Brunhilda had also agreed to the marriage.

After Li Yunmu's approval, Odin put aside the last worries in his heart.

He understood the best that if Scandinavia and Heavenly Gods Council formed an alliance, then no one in the whole world would be able to stop their new king.

And that new king was precisely Li Yunmu. Anyone could see his strength, and he was also young and talented. Whenever he raised the topic, very few opposed it.

If that wasn't enough, the majority of the Egyptian Gods were at the side of Heavenly Gods Council. So among the five powers of the Origin World, two and a half already stood on Li Yunmu's side.

As the system said, with such a backline, what was there to be afraid in unifying the Origin World?

Moreover, the unification of the Origin World was also beneficial to the system residing in Li Yunmu's body. It would give it enough time to reappear.

Li Yunmu had upgraded the system to the eleventh level. Although he got injured in the last couple fights, it had increased the system's experience.

If the system's level was raised to the eighteenth, Li Yunmu's mission would be complete and he could assume the responsibility of protecting the entire Origin World.

The system also had its own schemes. The power structure of the Origin World was extremely complex, but with the backing of two powers, Li Yunmu could make his next move.

The wedding was extremely simple, since Athena was willing to be a concubine. There wasn't a large ceremony like when Brunhilda married Li Yunmu, but everyone understood what the event signified.

It was a sign that Scandinavia and Heavenly Gods Council had joined hands, which was a happy occasion for both powers.

Once Athena married Li Yunmu, she could only stay in Scandinavia and become the special envoy of Heavenly Gods Council.

Zeus and Hera along with their other gods returned quickly to Whale City after participating in the marriage ceremony.

The conflict between the gods of the Origin World had settled, and Li Yunmu was the overall winner. He had become an overlord.

The power structure of the Origin World changed when Asgard and Olympus formed an alliance without any more conflicts. Their fierce battle had ended as a disaster for the Indian ancient gods, who could only retreat to rest and recuperate.

Their losses were catastrophic, and they wouldn't be able to make any large moves for a long time.

Yet the system in Li Yunmu's body was anxious, and so were the Egyptian Gods. Although most of them were under control, they were still divided into two factions which were engaged in a big conflict.

The power structure of the Egyptian ancient gods was even more complex than of the other powers.

Under Ra's lead, Geb, Osiris as well as Isis were willingly cooperating with Heavenly Gods Council. But Horus led another faction, which had Anubis as well as the three Fates. They weren't willing to cooperate with Heavenly Gods Council, which was why they had split up.

As the war god of Egypt, Horus led Anubis and the three Fates into hiding where they formed a hidden organization. That would have been fine, but Anubis was getting closer with Underworld Serpent, which left Li Yunmu restless.

As for the Chinese gods, they were extremely low-pitched in the Origin World. Until then, Li Yunmu hadn't heard about a single battle involving them.

Li Yunmu recovered to his top state using the Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique.

After another marriage, he enjoyed the pleasures of having multiple partners, but the system had other thoughts. It didn't want him to continue neglecting his cultivation.

"Don't tell me you haven't discovered the problem?" Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

[What problem?]

"Almost all the gods of the Origin World are closely related, so why haven't the Chinese ancient gods appeared until now?"

[That's because you haven't stepped foot in the eastern domain!]

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Li Yunmu wrinkled his eyebrows. Since the time he had entered the Origin World, he had never heard the system talk about how it was divided.

[The region in which we are now is the Northern Land of Ice, where the ancient god Odin hibernated. It is also knowns as Asgard. The western part's ocean, Whale City, and Whale Island belong to Zeus and is also known as Olympus.

[As for Southern Domain's Lanlou, it is the region where the Eight awakened. Their leader is God Shiva, and they are also known as Eight Heavenly Dragons! The territory of Egyptian ancient gods is known as Central Desert, but they have divided into two factions, so their region is also called Poles of Morning and Evening! It's because they have the sungod of morning and sungod of evening.]

Li Yunmu nodded, implying that he understood it. "So the Origin World had such a mystical division."

[The eastern domain is known as Ancient Lands, and it is hidden behind a veil. Since the past, people from the western part of the Origin World didn't dare to enter the eastern domain because everything about that region is unknown. It's said that many formidable ancient gods didn't return after entering the Ancient Lands. As time passed with such rumors, people simply became unwilling to mention the Ancient Lands.]

After Li Yunmu heard everything, he suddenly felt that the gods of the west were simply too weak compared to the gods of the east.

[However, our present mission is to investigate the Ancient Lands. I don't have any information regarding that region, unlike the western one here where they have the four main lands.]

Li Yunmu's eyes went wide. "You mean, you want me to take this risk? You are truly good towards me!"

The system deliberately coughed and indifferently said, [I am also thinking about your good. You've always wanted to become powerful, and Ancient Lands are the best region to refine yourself.]

Li Yunmu didn't believe one word spoken by the system. It clearly intended to throw him into the pit; he wasn't a fool. If he believed its words, he wouldn't be called Li Yunmu.

The system saw Li Yunmu's disgust, so it could only reveal the secret it had concealed from him for a long time.

[Do you know that Earth's projection planes and the Origin World have sunk into a crisis?]