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Zeus had yet to finish speaking when the gods of Olympus, who knew their responsibilities, charged toward the ancient gods of the Eight. Although the strength of the remaining seven was very formidable, Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council had the superiority in numbers.

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that Zeus would join hands with Odin. What was going on there? Weren't Zeus and Odin like fire and ice? How could they suddenly unite to deal with the Indian ancient gods?

While Li Yunmu pondered over that, Athena suddenly appeared at his side and spoke in a soft voice. "You aren't fighting alone!"

Li Yunmu nodded with slight embarrassment after seeing her watch him fixedly, as if she could see through him. It was possible that if he was even the slightest bit careless that he wouldn't be able to extricate himself from her deep eyes.

Noticing the hint of astonishment in Li Yunmu's dark pupils, Athena suddenly pretended to lose footing and fell into his embrace.

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. Wasn't Athena trying to entice him? He held her beautiful body in bewilderment. She was very soft, and she radiated a gentle warmth.

After falling into his embrace, her cheeks went crimson, like red clouds.

At that moment, Brunhilda's gloomy voice came from behind Li Yunmu. "Have you held her for enough?"

When Li Yunmu heard her speak, his body shuddered from head to toe, and he instinctively released his hands. Athena then fell to the ground with a scream.

"I am sorry, I am sorry! It wasn't intentional" Li Yunmu swiftly apologized..

Athena stood up from the ground and shook her head while feeling embarrassed. "It's alright, I was the one who lost control first and caused inconvenience for you."

Brunhilda went to stand in front of Athena and coldly demanded, "Are you trying to seduce my husband?"

"There are some matters which aren't under your nor my control. You should understand the meaning of my words!" Athena replied in a graceful manner.

"I don't understand! If you dare to try seducing my man again, I will kill you!"

When Li Yunmu noticed that Brunhilda was raising her spear, about to advanced on Athena, he stopped her. "Don't be impulsive! The Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council just joined hands! If you two begin fighting now, that wouldn't be good, right?"

"Shut up!" Brunhilda furiously shouted pushed Li Yunmu away. "This is a matter between her and me! You need to step aside!"

Her aggressive and formidable appearance startled Li Yunmu. How did her words resemble those of an obedient wife? They clearly belonged to a true valkyrie!

Li Yunmu withdraw a few steps, frightened by Brunhilda. The battle between the two goddesses was on the verge of starting, so if he dared to step between them, wouldn't he be courting death?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He glanced at the Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council's battle with the Eight. The clash of blows echoed constantly, and even the giant Odin had joined the battle. Neither he nor the Eight were willing to give each other an inch.

Just as Li Yunmu was about to attack, he was stopped by the system.

[What are you doing? You defeated the weakest ancient god just now, so why do you still want to get in on the action? Let it be, can't you see that you are already injured?] the system complained from inside his body.

After all, it was greatly related to whether it would appear in the world again or not. The host tit had chosen wasn't very obedient and also wasn't fully in its control. If some accident happened, no amount of regret would be enough.

Only when Li Yunmu heard the system's words did he notice a dull ache in his chest. The next moment, he coughed out a mouthful of warm blood.

Although it had appeared like he'd had complete advantage over Mahoraga, he had eaten two of the god's punches. They had almost shattered his internal organs.

If it were not for his firm willpower, which allowed him to endure the pain, he probably would have lost consciousness long ago and wouldn't have been able to defeat that ancient god.

The system used Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique to help recuperate Li Yunmu's injuries.

When Athena saw Li Yunmu spitting out blood with no rhyme or reason, she knitted her brows. When she thought that it was highly possible that this half god would become her husband in the future, she quickly stopped Brunhilda's attack.

"He is injured! Do you still want to continue fighting?"

Athena expressionlessly withdrew her weapon and looked at Li Yunmu with a deeply concerned gaze.

Brunhilda also creased her brow and said, "That is my husband. Even if he is injured, that doesn't concern you. It is my responsibility!"

Athena was unfazed and repeated her words in an indifferent tone. "Then do you still want to continue fighting?"

Brunhilda hesitated for a moment before pulling back her spear. "If my husband wasn't injured, I would have never let you go today!"

Athena arrived with Brunhilda at Li Yunmu's side. Although she could only look at Li Yunmu from the side, she was still somewhat satisfied.

Although she wasn't able to build any foundation with him, she didn't sense any hostility from him. Since her father wanted to marry her to him, she would accomplish that perfectly.

Thereupon, she went to ask Li Yunmu about his situation. "How do you feel? If you feel that your condition isn't very good, I have healing medicine. Do you want it?"

Brunhilda stopped the approaching Athena and furiously said, "How many times do you want me to say it? He is my husband! You are only an outsider, so you get away from him!"

Athena nodded and took a step back, patiently waiting for Li Yunmu's reply.

"It doesn't matter, I have my own ways to heal. You keep your medicine. There are people who need it more than me!" Li Yunmu said while feeling a little weak.

Athena sensed Li Yunmu's kindness from his words. She couldn't help but size him up again. On the battlefield, he would fight fearlessly in close quarters. While outside, he was like a gentle and refined man. This caused his impression to improve by a few notches in her eyes.

Brunhilda was still vigilantly watching the two people, afraid of them exchanging flirty glances.

The battle between the Eight and the alliance of Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council continued until the evening without showing any signs of ending. Perhaps it was the so-called God Dusk.

The struggle for life and death finally ended in the miserable victory of Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council. The two most powerful female goddesses hadn't entered the battlefield, so the Eight suffered disastrous losses and dejectedly left the Land of Ice.