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674 Life and Death Battle

Both sides had put aside their mutual grudges because Li Yunmu had stopped the conspiracy of Indian ancient gods and Underworld Serpent at the perfect time.

Li Yunmu was completely clear in his heart that Underworld Serpent wouldn't leave the matter of secret genetic code. Requesting the help of the Eight was only their first step, and it was hard to say what they would do next to obtain it.

The ancient god Mahoraga was already itching to go to battle. Li Yunmu was also someone who would take revenge over a petty grievance. Previously, he had eaten a slap, and now was the perfect time to pay back for it.

Since the Eight despised him, he would give them a pleasant surprise!

Li Yunmu's body swayed, and he instantly arrived behind Mahoraga. In terms of stature, his body was smaller by a great extent compared to his opponent's.

Mahoraga had the physique of a giant, so Li Yunmu was only as large as his palms. Each and every god looking at the battle between a human and a giant was dazzled.

Mahoraga didn't pay the slightest attention to Li Yunmu, because the scene when he had struck him and blasted him away was completely clear in his mind.

It was only a short while ago, so it was impossible for any heaven-shaking changes to have happened.

However, what he didn't know was that the reason why Li Yunmu had been hit by his punch was because he hadn't put up any guard at that time. But right then, Li Yunmu had already entered battle mode, so he naturally wouldn't be careless.

He could see that Mahoraga wasn't paying any attention to him, but was looking at him with a disdainful gaze, allowing Li Yunmu to find a flaw in his stance.

"Don't get in over your head. In front of your dad's arrows, I want to see how will you evade!"

At some point in time, a bow had appeared in Li Yunmu's hands. An impressive arrow flickering with white light was already notched.

"Three Part Origin Arrow!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sound of three flux arrows echoed. Mahoraga hadn't expected that the enemy would surprisingly use archery and felt a sudden pain on his face!

The white arrows were like needles that stabbed into his body, and blood flowed out.

Mahoraga pulled out the white arrows from his face and looked ruthlessly at Li Yunmu. "Courting death!"

It was the first time that Mahoraga had opened his mouth, and his clenched fists turned into whirlwind causing shockwaves. His heaven-shaking power almost shattered the Land of Ice.

Close by, the Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council were nervously watching everything. If Li Yunmu, to whom they had entrusted all their hopes, was defeated by the Indian ancient god, Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council would have no hope of winning.

In the end, the battle wasn't only related to Scandinavia's continued survival, but also concerned the fate of Heavenly Gods Council.

A punch was launched at Li Yunmu, and he dodged quickly, unleashing Insect Step to get close to the enemy. A shadow instantly appeared in his mind, using an unpredictable and bizarre movement technique which allowed its feet to vibrate at a rapid frequency while moving. With each step, a phantom was created, and when the nine steps were taken, nine phantoms which were identical to each other began dashed forward.

The nine phantoms were like nine large mountains in front of Mahoraga.

Because of them, no one could discover where the real Li Yunmu was. Even Brunhilda, who was married to him, couldn't distinguish between the real and fake.

"Nine Phantom Heavenly Insect Step!" Li Yunmu shouted loudly.

The nine phantoms surrounded Mahoraga and began to fight with him.

Even if Mahoraga possessed boundless strength, in front of the continuous attacks of the nine phantoms, he was almost at the point of dying. His head grew dizzy from being unable to find the real Li Yunmu.

Although each of his punches could shake the heavens and earth and cracks appeared in the Land of Ice, they always hit the phantoms and never Li Yunmu.

Soon, cold sweat began to pour down Mahoraga's forehead. Although he was the weakest among the Eight, he was an ancient god. Even if Li Yunmu was more formidable than before, how could he fight at such a level?

Alarm had appeared in the eyes of Odin, Zeus, and the numerous other gods when they had seen the Eight, so what exactly was the young man in front of him relying upon to defeat him?

"Can you only run?"

Mahoraga gnashed his teeth, not willing to accept defeat.

Li Yunmu coldly snorted and, without caring for the fact that Mahoraga was looking down upon him, insisted on making Mahoraga accept his superiority.

As the fight went on, Li Yunmu's brain was gradually occupied by the blade intent of the divine cyan blade, and terrifying pressure erupted from his body. Blade intent which could cover the entire blue dome of heaven suddenly rushed out of him.

"Violent Blade Tyrannical Heavenly Chop!"

The divine cyan blade fell down, forming a curve, and the terrifying power immediately charged forth, threatening to tear apart the entire world.

Li Yunmu's shadow seemed to rush out from his body, which lifted the cyan blade, and his consciousness was completely occupied by the heaven-dominating blade intent.

The shadow sliced down, creating a clear crack visible to the naked eye in the Land of Ice. Underneath the crack was a bottomless abyss.

Drops of blood could be clearly seen on Mahoraga's head. The power released from the strike just a moment ago had almost ripped apart his body. It had shattered his five visceras and six bowels.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The giant knelt on the ground, while the other seven gods looked at over, dumbstruck.

Even if Mahoraga was the weakest among them, he was still an ancient god. How could he lose to a half step god?

Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council cheered from underneath. However, they were suddenly somewhat afraid. After all, Li Yunmu had injured one of the eight gods under Lord Brahma.

They were soon baffled, since Lord Brahma kept his eyes closed and didn't show any sign of movement.

Odin finally managed to understand what was happening and said,"This isn't the true master god Lord Brahma. It is only a phantom!"

Hera and Zeus' eyes went wide. "Phantom?"

The reason why they hadn't dared to attack was because Lord Brahma was keeping watch. But if Lord Brahma truly was just a mirage, there was nothing for them to be afraid of!

"Heavenly Gods Council, heed my command! We will become enemies of the Eight from this moment onwards! They colluded with Underworld Serpent and destroyed the balance of the Origin World!"