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After the relationship between Frontline God and Divine Religion ruptured, Lucky Wind City's countless supreme transcending level experts and fluxers captured the two sides.

Frontline God and the Pope became captives of Lucky Wind City, and this information quickly spread through the whole world.

Lucky Wind City became a place which no one dared to covet. If they trifled with it, their entire faction might collapse. Moreover, there was a rumor that Lucky Wind City's city lord Lin Yuerou had already become the only Illusion God in the world!

Illusion Masters from all sides came to seek asylum in Lucky Wind City, since illusions was an extremely unique field.

Not only could Illusion Masters trap people in their illusions, they could also control spell formations, making it extremely difficult for the enemies trapped inside to extricate themselves. If they were good, the opponent might not be able to tell the difference between real and fake.

Because the number of Illusion Masters coming to Lucky Wind City was quite excessive, Lin Yuerou issued a command that they would have to go through a test. Only those who performed outstandingly and scored in the top ten would be hired by Lucky Wind City's upper class.

The administrator of the screening test was the old man Illusion God.

When he saw Lin Yuerou promoting the unique technique of mythical realm, his heart filled with excitement. He also immediately agreed to become the administrator of her screening test.

He chose group after group of absolutely outstanding illusion masters, turning Lucky Wind City a galaxy of talents.

Not only illusion masters chose to come. Many talented strategists also came one after another to use the opportunity of Lucky Wind City's golden age to ride on its success.

After that, another news spread through the entire world, that Lucky Wind City's City Lord Lin Yuerou possessed the talent to rule the world. Not only had she repelled the experts of other planes, she had also effortlessly defeated Frontline God and Divine Religion who possessed impressive strength.

The legends surrounding her attracted even more people to Lucky Wind City. Among them, there were many people who had strange cultivation methods and unique techniques. They felt that only Lucky Wind City could allow their potential to develop fully. After all, they had complete confidence in the city lord.

Lin Yuerou had also retrieved the final part of Azure Dragon Supreme Battlesuit from Frontline God's Frontline Heavens. She put it away for Lin Yunmu.

She had heard that he lacked the final part, but she hadn't expected that it would be in the hands of Frontline God.

Some others powers who had been intending to set themselves against Lucky WInd City gradually vanished, not daring to make any movements.

Lin Feng and Lin Yun were also rescued by people dispatched by Lin Yuerou. As expected, they had been abducted by Pope and Frontline God.

Lin Yuerou, who possessed the ability to rule the whole world, gradually spread her influence. This information also entered the ears of Ling Shuang.

These days, she had been seeking powerhouses from all sides and battling all of them. It had been a long time since she had heard Lin Yuerou's name.

Once she learned of her accomplishments, she understood why Lin Yunmu had decided to hand over the position of city lord to her. He had aware of her ability to rule over the entire world.

"Hmph, that girl indeed has some talent. I had been mistaken about her."

Ling Shuang's gaze was ferocious. Holding the sword in her hand, she indifferently said, "Unfortunately, I am most likely courting death. This final opponent is extremely difficult. If I'll die at his hand, we will be separated for eternity. From then on, you will become heaven's goddess and I will become underworld's demon.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If I can return alive, I will definitely find you, Lin Yuerou!"

With a firm gaze, Ling Shuang turned around and left. Her silhouette slowly disappeared into the distance.


Zeus' plan to connect by marriage was still in its initial stage in his mind. He hoped that Athena would agree. His daughter wasn't any inferior to the valkyrie, so she should be able to enter Lin Yunmu's eyes.

"You want to sell your own daughter?" Hera anxiously asked.

Zeus was silent for a while before saying, "This is the only choice for our Heavenly Gods Council to exist in the Origin World. We have no other choice. If we continue to fight against Scandinavia, other god factions will certainly avail themselves to this opportunity and try to exterminate us."

Hearing Zeus' words, Hera also turned silent. Zeus was correct, and the current battle was a very good example of it. Who could have expected that while gods of Olympus and Asgard were fighting, Eight Heavenly Dragons would suddenly appear. This was an outcome which no one had expected.

Hera turned to Athena and indifferently said, "Athena, are you willing? If you aren't willing, I and your father won't force you."

Upon hearing her mother enquiring so nicely, Athena took in a deep breath. "Daughter is willing. For Olympus, for Heavenly Gods Council, daughter is willing to go through water and tread on fire!"

Hera patted her shoulders and said, "We have wronged you!"

Athena didn't say anything, only nibbling her red lower lip while looking at Li Yunmu facing the eight gods . She actually couldn't believe that this was a person who had turned into a half step god from a mortal. What was it about him that had obtained her father's appreciation?

He did not even hesitate to marry his daughter to rope him in.

Li Yunmu naturally didn't know that at that moment, Zeus had decided to marry his pretty-looking and tender-skinned daughter who was known as goddess of wisdom to him.

He was confronting Mahoraga while the other seven ancient gods did not look like they intended to attack. They calmly watched the battle between Li Yunmu and Mahoraga. In their eyes, it seemed like Li Yunmu's defeat was all but certain.

There was no need for them to attack. Mahoraga would beat Li Yunmu to a pulp.

The three Egyptian gods looked at each other, shook their heads, and couldn't help but speak out. "Truly ignorant. These eight gods truly think that this half step god is ordinary?"

Mahoraga kept provoking Li Yunmu, pointing his fingers towards him. Clearly, he felt that given Li Yunmu's strength, he was not suitable to be his opponent. The difference between them was of two whole levels, not to mention that his strength was being reinforced by master god Lord Brahma.

[Don't underestimate the enemy. Switch to different forms to defeat the enemy; you don't yet need the Dark State. You may possess the Great Devouring Technique, but you shouldn't use the Dark State casually. It should only be used as a last resort,] the system warned.

From the start, Li Yunmu hadn't had such thoughts. He felt that Mahoraga was the weakest among the eight soldiers of Lord Brahma. Each of the other seven were more formidable than him!

He coldly sneered and said, "You are surprisingly looking down on your daddy, dispatching the weakest to be my opponent."

Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council were attentively watching the battle. Li Yunmu could be said to be their only hope.