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An enormous god, as large as Odin, appeared in the sky above Scandinavia. By then, the entire Land of Ice had transformed into a battlefield filled with smoke.

Li Yunmu tightly knitted his brows and promptly asked the system, "Who exactly are they?"

[They are also ancient gods! Today is really lively, so many ancient gods had appeared all of a sudden. I fear that all of this is a conspiracy!]


Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes, suddenly remembering that Underworld Serpent had met him for a collaboration. Could the newcomer gods be part of whatever Underworld Serpent had planned?

When he thought of this, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. Scandinavia could be considered to have invited a major trouble. He had wanted to draw support from Scandinavia's strength, at least until he could build a foundation for himself in the Origin World. But after he joined it, it became a target for everyone.

The ancient gods from all factions did their utmost to deal with Scandinavia. Perhaps because Li Yunmu defeated Hades, he attracted the attention of all ancient gods.

Li Yunmu turned around and threw himself into the battle in the sky above Scandinavia, but he was obstructed by Ra's Winged Dragon God.

"Still want to run? We haven't decided the outcome of battle yet! Do you believe that us three are pushovers?"

Li Yunmu looked at him indifferently. "I don't have to continue playing with you anymore. I can clearly see that the grand god isn't focused only on Scandinavia, but Heavenly Gods Council as well! Since your relations with Heavenly Gods Council is pretty good, don't tell me you aren't going to deal with the enemy who is attacking it first?"

Geb, who stood on the shoulder of the divine giant, jumped down and stopped Ra.

"His words are right. Not to mention that given our strength, it is basically impossible for us to defeat him! Even if the Winged Dragon God is a phoenix, it can only be used as cannon fodder. In front of absolute strength, we can only lose," he said with a grim face.

Ra snorted, and his gaze fell on Osiris. Clearly, he was enquiring for his opinion.

If Osiris also didn't have the will to fight, then he also wouldn't have the impetus to continue battling. It would be better to do as Li Yunmu said and first help Scandinavia and Heavenly Gods Council to settle their difficulties.

Osiris nodded and said, "I feel that their arrival is somewhat strange! Let's first return and take a look at what exactly has happened!"

When Li Yunmu saw that the three Egyptian gods wouldn't continue to find trouble with him, he was no longer worried and quickly flew towards Scandinavia.

Originally, Athena was extremely worried about Brunhilda, but when the color of the sky turned dusky, the Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council stopped battling. Because they were surrounded by unfamiliar ancient gods from all sides.

It could be said that only master gods stood above the Origin World, but no one knew how exactly the Indian ancient gods had awakened their master god.

"This is…"

Zeus' eyes almost bulged out from their sockets. He had never expected to see all the ancient gods gathered in the fight. What was happening that surprisingly all of them had come?

"Lord Brahma!"

When Hera looked at the god in front of her, fear appeared in her eyes.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lord Brahma was the only master god in the whole Origin World who was not lying dormant. The sudden appearance of a master god had caused both Scandinavian God Council and Heavenly Gods Council to feel dread.

When Odin saw Lord Brahma, he could be said to have given up. Clearly, the gods around them had come prepared. Though who exactly could have awakened him? This was worth consideration.

At that moment, Zeus' face was deathly white. He had planned to fight to the death, but with the appearance of Lord Brahma, if they continued to fight Scandinavia until one of them was destroyed, it would be tantamount to giving Lord Brahma the opportunity to unify the entire Origin World.

As someone who wanted to become a master god and make the Heavenly Gods Council become the ruler of Origin World, how could Zeus submissively hand over such an opportunity to someone else?

He gnashed his teeth and said, "Stop fighting Scandinavia. Stay your hand for me, let's see what exactly these Indian gods intend to do, If they want to exterminate our Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council, we will join hands with Scandinavia."

The Heavenly Gods Council didn't dare to disobey Zeus' command. In the meantime, the Scandinavian God Council heard Odin's arrangements, which were exactly the same. They all wanted to see whether Lord Brahma wanted to unify the Origin World or not.

Lord Brahma did not say anything. Although he had appeared in the sky overhead, he was standing still with his eyes half-closed.

The masked man appeared between the two sides and suddenly said, "We heard that the secret genetic code is in your hands. Hand it over, and we will consider letting you go."

"Underworld Serpent! You surprisingly dared to scheme against Heavenly Gods Council!"

Zeus looked at the head of Underworld Serpent with some astonishment.

The man shrugged at him. "You have been in the Origin World for long. Don't tell me you don't know that the winner takes all? You should've realized the disparity between ancient gods and master gods? If you choose to set yourselves against us, it won't be of any advantage to anyone. But if you hand over the secret genetic code to us, Lord Brahma won't take his fury out on you."

Cold sweat kept pouring down the foreheads of Zeus and Odin. They had no idea how Underworld Serpent could have awakened Lord Brahma!

He was the first master god to be awakened.

The master gods in the Origin World could be counted on one hand. Since one of them had been awakened, the Origin World would definitely descend into chaos once more.

Odin took a deep breath and said, "My friend, when did thou awaken? With thou's presence, the Origin World won't be too peaceful."

The Indian gods surrounded them on all sides bode ill for the Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council.

But at that moment, Li Yunmu suddenly appeared in the sky with a loud yell.

"Explosive Thunder Heavy Kick!"

Li Yunmu rotated his legs like a whirlwind and closed in on an Indian ancient god. The sky of the Land of Ice was dusky, but the humongous Indian gods were quite glamorous.

The Indian ancient god wasn't blown away by the sudden kick. Instead, the attack which neither hurt nor tickle, only caused him to retreat a few steps and coldly glare over.

Li Yunmu could sense the coldness from the ancient god. He seemed to be itching to rip to shreds.

Just as Li Yunmu thought about making his move, without waiting for him to attack, the Indian ancient god's palm landed on his weak body.