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After the three Egyptian gods joined their summoned beasts to attack together, a triangular energy ray rushed toward Li Yunmu.

This attack was much more formidable than that one used by Ares and the other two gods.

The extremely frightening thing, however, was that at that instant, Li Yunmu couldn't use the power of the Dark State. It meant that it was basically impossible for him to defend himself.

The three Egyptian gods had been extremely difficult to deal with before, but once they summoned their beasts it became even worse. The strength of the beasts was proportional to the strength of the three gods.

When faced with the attack which was a combination of three, it could be said that regardless of what mode Li Yunmu transformed into, he would be unable to protect himself. He could only switch to one form at a time, so how could he even use it to defend?

"Damned system, if you still don't resurrect, I will truly have a disastrous ending! If I die, you will also disappear!"

His words were finally effective and instantly awakened the system, who reminded Li Yunmu, [The only ability which host can use right now is Shadow Carapace. Use it to escape with your life!]

After hearing the system's reminder, Li Yunmu changed into a shell while his true body dashed away at an extremely fast speed.

The attack of three Egyptian gods shattered the carapace into pieces!

If it were not for Li Yunmu using a life-saving technique, he would have met with a bad ending.

Relying on his little bit of strength, how could he fight against the three Egyptian gods? Wasn't fate just teasing him?

[The system hopes that host will keep fleeing for the time being, because you aren't their enemy,] the system said coldly.

"Crap, you awakened only to say this? Didn't you defeat the Heavenly Gods Council previously? So how are you unable to match the three of them? Aren't you a fake system?"

[For insulting the system, the host will suffer a penalty. Your junior will be curtailed.]


Noticing that the system was bantering with him, Li Yunmu became enraged and roared at it. "You are too troublesome! Quickly switch and deal with the enemy in front of us!"

Seeing Li Yunmu's earnest appearance, the system couldn't help but remind him, [Host already possesses the Great Devouring Technique, so why are you scared of those heavenly gods? What power cannot you absorb?]

When Li Yunmu heard the system's advice, his eyes began to shine. The system was correct—he possessed the tyrannical Great Devouring Technique, so why was he afraid of the three Egyptian gods? What sort of power couldn't he absorb within a split second? He might even be able to use it to defend himself and counterattack!

When the three Egyptian gods saw that their combined attack had been easily avoided by Li Yunmu, they felt that something was fishy.

Ra sneered and said, "Hmph, can you only use these sort of inferior tricks to escape? Don't tell me you don't have the courage to face our attacks?"

"Do you think that I am an idiot like you? Who wouldn't dodge after seeing the enemy use their unique ability?"

Osiris snorted at him. "Youngster, you are far too unbridled! You are the first one to have enraged us to this extent!"

Li Yunmu coldly sneered in reply. "All of us are gods here, so why would I be respectful towards you?"

Geb burst out laughing. "Youngster, you are only a half god. You know what level of gods are we? We are two levels higher than you!"

Li Yunmu curled his lips into a smile and said, "Your strength doesn't depend upon your level, but how much power you have."

While saying that, his strength rose to the extreme.

The rise of his strength shocked the three gods. Thee half god before them, how could he possibly possess such power? It was completely unreasonable.

But this rise in strength was actually due to the assistance of the system. Moreover, Li Yunmu had only said half of his words before.

"And the strength contained inside the body is less important than how you use it."

Although Li Yunmu's strength had already reached the level of master gods, which were two levels higher compared to the ancient gods in front of him, the three Egyptian gods were unable to believe it. How could a half god like Li Yunmu could have concealed such formidable strength?

System sneered:

[Using the power of this old man to put a false front in front of these ancient god! Your own strength counts only for a fart if you cannot use it!]

After being criticized by the system, Li Yunmu snorted and said, "At least it could be used to cower them. Once they have apprehensions against me, I can discover their weaknesses and defeat them! Otherwise, if they staked their all, the only one eating the loss would be me!"

The system then silently agreed to raise Li Yunmu's strength to the limit.

The three Egyptian gods were dumbstruck. Even the gazes of their summoned beasts contained some fear.

Ra promptly used his arms to stop the attack and said while gnashing his teeth, "How is this possible? Is this the true power of the being concealed in your body?"

Osiris took a deep breath. "Could it be that Zeus' words were true? Is there really another personality concealed in his body?"

Geb was staring at Li Yunmu with a rigid gaze. He could see a silhouette which terrified him inside the young man's body.

"That is…"

"Geb, what is it? What do you see?"

Geb's body trembled uncontrollably, and he said while continuously shaking his head, "N-nothing! I must've seen wrong! Definitely!"

Ra and Osiris noticed Geb's abnormal reaction, and they also felt quite uneasy in their hearts. They didn't want to become the next Hades. When they looked at each other, Geb said, "How about we retreat first?"

"Geb, why have you become so terrified? Do you want the Heavenly Gods Council to look down on us three Egyptian gods?" Ra demanded in anger.

At Ra's furious roar, fear involuntarily rose in the depths of Geb's heart. He didn't know whether what he had seen just then was true or false!

The being concealed in the youngster's body could be him!

When Osiris saw Geb's terrified appearance, he couldn't help but knit his brows. "Geb, what exactly is going on with you today? What was it that you saw back there?"

Geb wasn't completely certain about it, so he didn't reply to the other two gods and indifferently said, "I propose that we retreat for the time being. If we continue to get tangled up with this person, it will be extremely unfavorable for us!"