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663 Is This Funny to You?

The battle between the different gods was completely different from the last time. Back then, the Scandinavian God Council hadn't attacked since Li Yunmu had taken the stage by himself.

But this time, they had to attack, and it caused a great commotion! 

The battle between the numerous gods gave rise to a large black cloud on the horizon. Thunder God Thor was leading it while exchanging blows with Ares. The spear in Ares' hands repeatedly clashed with mjolnir, causing sparks to fly.

Brunhilda's face turned red in front of Hera. Her divine spear was unable to display its strength, regardless of how formidable it was. It could destroy everything, but Hera's divine whip was also condensed from the essence of heaven and earth and was using its flexibility to conquer strength.

The whole world was in complete turmoil, making Li Yunmu gasp in admiration. Various gods had appeared, but none of them belonged to the ancient China. It seemed like Chinese gods were quite low-pitched in the Origin World.

Li Yunmu was thinking about going to help Brunhilda when he got trapped by the Egyptian gods.

"Your opponent is us, youngster! Today is the day you die. If you aren't willing to use your full strength, be ready to surrender your little life!"

A glimmer of bloodthirstiness appeared on Ra's face. He seemed to want to devour Li Yunmu right there and then.

Li Yunmu was quite worried and constantly yelled his heart, "Hello! Have you really died? Didn't you hear the words of these people? They intend to kill me, and you still won't come out to help me? If I die, you won't be in a good condition either! From then on, you can remain dormant eternally, unable to return to the Origin World."

But the system seemed to have crashed. It was completely unresponsive!

Li Yunmu was left speechless. I can only rely on myself now, damn it!

"Dark State!" Li Yunmu yelled loudly. His words were filled with imposing manner, giving a fright to the three Egyptian gods surrounding him who thought that Li Yunmu was about to start attacking.

But none of them knew that it was only false bravado. Li Yunmu had no way to really transform.

He hastily waved his hands and sai, "Three great gods, give me the opportunity, and I will immediately transform."

The foreheads of the three Egyptian gods filled with sweat. The youngster shouldn't be playing a joke on the three of them, right? But they still looked at Li Yunmu with ridicule in their gazes, like they were watching a clown!

Li Yunmu's face turned red and he continued to shout with a deadpan expression, "Dark State! Dark State! Dark State! Dark… State!"

Li Yunmu's face filled with embarrassment, and he coughed two times. "I think it is because of you three great gods. Your forcefield is influencing me, and I am unable to exert my full strength. But you three want to have a wonderful battle, right? Then you need to give me the opportunity! You turn around, and I will certainly be successful."

The three Egyptian gods looked at each other and smiled. Even if they gave him the opportunity, so what? He, a sheep about to be slaughtered, what tricks could he play?

When the three Egyptian gods looked away, Li Yunmu instantly turned into a cicada who had shed its carapace. He had no way to deal with the ancient gods since the system was still dormant, so fighting against the three Egyptian gods would be like striking a stone with an egg!

The three Egyptian gods detected movement and turned around.

"Damned youngster, unexpectedly playing tricks on us! Grab him and kill him!"

The three Egyptian gods' strength was far more tyrannical than that of Li Yunmu. It was impossible for him to escape from their clutches.

In less than a heartbeat, Li Yunmu was overtaken by the three.

"Smelly youngster, you dared to trick us. I see that you are tired of living and are courting death!"

"The three great gods, I am not myself today. Can we battle again another day?"

Osiris angrily punched Li Yunmu's face, almost deforming him!


One punch forced Li Yunmu to retreat a few meters. If it were not because he was a half god, his body would have fallen apart. If he was still a mortal, it would have shattered into pieces from the god's punch.

Li Yunmu hoped that the system would bounce out cursing him at that moment and show its ability to defeat the enemy.

But the damned system seemed to have suddenly died. He had already been calling it for a long time, but it didn't answer. It was quite embarrassing, if being truthful.

If he didn't delay using tricks on the three Egyptian gods, he might have already died!

Li Yunmu was gasping for breath; it was useless whether he ran or not. It seemed like he could only battle like a Scandinavian!

Running away was simply not how a man should act!

The three Egyptian gods sneered at him. "Youngster, you are still not running? Hera called us three brothers in order to kill you. Die under our hands. Youngster, you should calmly sleep for eternity."

Hearing the opponent's provocation, Li Yunmu tightly clenched his jaw. Who said he couldn't fight? Weren't they just three Egyptian gods? Their daddy would chop them down to pieces one by one!

Li Yunmu lifted the divine cyan blade and took a deep breath. "Do you want to fight? Your daddy will play with you a little!"

The three Egyptian gods smiled at each other. The half god before them was still acting recklessly while facing imminent death. He surprisingly still dared to boast!

Li Yunmu suddenly looked at the sky and shouted out, "Look! Frisbee!"

The three gods lifted their heads and looked at the sky. Suddenly they sensed a wave of wind streak past them. When they looked at Li Yunmu again, he had already ran far away.

Li Yunmu kept running despite his heavy breathing. While gasping for air, he said, "Your daddy is only a half god so how could he possibly be an opponent to you three ancient gods? Damned system is hibernating again, so not running is equal to death. I am not an idiot!"

Li Yunmu was very tired from running, but the three Egyptian gods were not going to leave him alone. This made him feel despair.

The three Egyptian gods surrounded him, and Osiris' palm hit him in the face once more.

"Continue to run! Smelly youngster!" he screamed furiously.

"Quickly look, what's that in the sky!"

The three fantasy gods kicked Li Yunmu's belly. "Still trying to play tricks on us? Do you think we will get fooled again? Are you an idiot?"

Li Yunmu smiled bitterly. "Your daddy was sure that you were retarded. I didn't think that you would catch up to the trick so quickly. You're truly worthy of being three great gods!"

Thud, thud, thud!

Three kicks landing on Li Yunmu, almost sending him flying.

He crawled on the ground with his whole body injured, but the divine cyan blade in his hand was glowing with bright light. 

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and said, "Seems like I cannot run anymore. The time has come for me to act like a man and have a grand battle with you three."