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658 Soldiers on the Wall

Lucky Wind City was completely unaware of the imminent crisis. The inside of the city was bustling, and Li De, who was supposed to defend the city, was very comfortable since Lin Yuerou had managed the Lucky Wind City extremely well.

His carelessness, however, gave an unprecedented opportunity to the flux experts of Heavenly Divine Religion and Frontline God.

The person launching the attack would be Frontline God of Frontline Heavens himself, and he knew that the city was hollow. Thus, he brought all of his soldiers to attack Lucky Wind City.

Despite being immersed in wine and women, Li De woke up as soon as the alarm rang out in the city.

Originally, Lucky Wind City was well fortified, but under the enemy's efficient offense, all the defenses collapsed easily.

The leader of vampires was also stupefied. He had felt that other powers wouldn't possible dare to attack Lucky Wind City, since how could they be willing to take such a risk?

In the end, he was also trapped inside Lucky Wind City. The soldiers of Divine Religion and Frontline Heavens were already at the city walls, so it was too late to say anything then!

Because of Li De paying insufficient attention to defenses, the majority of the flux experts defending Lucky Wind City died quickly. Caught unprepared in front of the offense, Li De was thoroughly dumbstruck. They had expanded too easily and had never encountered such a predicament, so neither he nor others knew how to fight the enemy in such a situation.

Li De became somewhat agitated. If the enemy's attack continued in the same manner, the annihilation of Lucky Wind City would only be a matter of time.

While weeping bitter tears, he loudly shouted, "I-I failed to live up to city lord's expectations!"

The leader of vampires was very regretful and said to Li De, "Brother, I have let you down. If I hadn't invited you to drink wine, Lucky Wind City would've never faced such a crisis."

At that moment, Li De was wishing that he could commit suicide on the spot. If it were not for the supreme transcending level experts obstructing him, his body and head would've probably ended up in different places. Although he was only a shadow left behind by Li Yunmu, he was also a hot-blooded man possessing blood and flesh.

He had let down the city lord. With the soldiers already at the city walls, apart from dying to apologise for his offense, there was nothing else to do.

"Wait for city lord to return! City lord will definitely find a way to reverse the situation!"

The supreme transcending level experts repeatedly urged Li De to reconsider, and he finally withdrew his sword. He felt that his people's words were correct—dying wouldn't solve anything. He had to act promptly to decrease the losses, so that the situation didn't worsen before the city lord returned.

"Kill them all for me! These different powers didn't dare to make any moves when master was here. Yet now that master is not in Lucky Wind City, they all became savage attackers!"

Li De's words raised the morale of the flux experts. After all, facing an enemy on the battlefield had always been their dream.

What Lucky Wind City needed was precisely time. They had to kill as many enemies as they could while led by supreme transcending level experts.

Previously, Li Yunmu had went on rampage all around the Earth while leading those same supreme transcending level experts. They hadn't went to the enemy capital, and so Li De had to fight back. He couldn't allow anyone to take a step into Lucky Wind City even if not a drop of blood remained in the defenders for that.

When the leader of vampires saw Li De showing such ferociousness, he also wanted to stand with Lucky Wind City, given his straightforward personality.

He drank a bowl of wine with a loud shout and ruthlessly threw it to the ground.

"Today vampires will follow our comrades of Lucky Wind City into battle! Kill them all without letting anyone escape!" he bellowed furiously.

The leader of the vampires immediately left from the rear of the city to return to his people's territory to lead them into the surroundings of Lucky Wind City to kill the soldiers of Divine Religion and Frontline Heavens who were lying in wait for ambush.

But he had never expected that Frontline God and Pope would have been prepared for this. Suddenly, from behind the vampires, a small squad of fluxers appeared whose killing spree scared the vampires witless.

At that moment, the leader of the vampires was completely stupefied. Where exactly did those people come from?

The Pope began to laugh heartily and said while looking at the leader of the vampires, "You, a new power can rise abruptly only through brute force, but because of that you don't possess the least bit of brain! Frontline God planned this to deliberately make you come out of Lucky Wind City so can deal with you once and for all. In any case, you are nothing more than Lucky Wind City's henchmen now!"


The leader of the vampires became somewhat anxious, but nothing could be done. He had come to understand that everything was in complete control of Frontline God.

" Frontline God's foresight extends far! He stationed our Divine Religion to wait here to cut off Lucky Wind City's final path of retreat."

The leader of the vampires shivered without end. The two factions were excessively terrifying, and there was a large difference between people who used strategies and those like him who only knew how to use brute force.

"Soldiers of Divine Religion, heed my command. Don't let any of these vampires get away, exterminate them completely!"

Clan extermination! The eyes of the leader of the vampires almost bulged out when he saw his brothers falling down one after another. Yet he could only regret his actions!

"We vampires won't let you go even if we die!"

Just as the leader of the vampires said those words, he saw the disciples of Divine Religion thrusting their blades toward him one after another.

Blood spilled out from various parts of his body, and he began to gasp for breath. His eyes turned dark, holding no light. But he swung his blade and killed several disciples in his surroundings.

Even if he was covered in blood from head to toe, he still continued to battle. Li De had said that they had to battle until their body didn't have even a single drop of blood left, and so he was going to do just that.

Yet soon, the leader of the vampires couldn't hold on anymore as the corpses under his feet began to accumulate.

Seeing that, the Pope couldn't help but sigh and say, "Kill him for me!"

One of the disciples stuck the leader of vampires and then chopped off his head. Taking it, they then went to the frontline to send a message to everyone in Lucky Wind City.

"People of the city, hear my words. If you continue to resist, your end will be no different from this leader of vampires!"

When Frontline God threw the head of the leader of vampires at the gate of the city, Li De looked at the person who had been drinking wine with him just a moment ago. He retreated a few steps, simply unable to believe his eyes.

"This is impossible! How could the leader of the vampires die?"