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653 Li Yunmu“s Divine Status


Without the slightest sign, the box with the secret code opened despite Li Yunmu not knowing the way to open it.

Li Yunmu was stupefied. This shouldn't be the secret code, right? But then how did it open without him knowing the code?

When the system saw the secret code box containing the gene open, its face darkened.

[You fool!]

The system couldn't help but curse inwardly.

Li Yunmu instantly defended himself. "You cannot blame me! I also don't know how it opened! The responsibility definitely isn't mine!"

However, the gene inside the secret code box began to flow out, transformed into globes of data!

[Blockhead! Why aren't quickly closing the box! Do you want to court a great disaster?]

After being reminded by the system, Li Yunmu promptly exerted force to close the box. And turned speechless for he wasn't able to close it. Once the box was opened, the gene inside it would continue flowing out and wouldn't be stored inside again!

The system's heart went cold. Regardless of how much it had planned, it had never thought that the prophesized great war would surprisingly be unleashed because of an unexpected mistake.

"I am sorry. I-I truly didn't know how to open it!" Li Yunmu said

The system couldn't think of anything to say. It wasn't afraid of having a powerful enemy, but it was afraid of encountering a host like Li Yunmu.

The secret genetic code box which it had obtained so painstakingly had been opened by him, and the genes were released. Once they were absorbed by humans, the success of God Creation Program was only a matter of time.

Li Yunmu couldn't help asking, "You… When did you obtain the secret genetic code box? I clearly saw Odin also participate in the war with Heavenly Gods Council. I, your host, hadn't gone to Whale City, so how did you get your hands on the secret genetic code box?"

[You don't need to bother about it. I naturally have my own ways. But now everything was in vain, and the genes will soon spread through the human world. The prophesized war will soon descend upon the Origin World!]

Li Yunmu felt somewhat dejected and blamed himself, but he was helpless. He felt that he had been greatly wronged!

He was just casually playing with the code of the secret genetic code box when it unexpectedly opened. The probability of this occurring was astronomically low!

Brunhilda had heard the majority of Li Yunmu's discussion with the system, but she couldn't understand the meaning of the system's words.

"Can we stop this gene from spreading through the mortal world? I can inform my father so we can think of a way to stop it from spreading?"

If it had been truly that simple, the system wouldn't have been so vexed. The fact was that the spreading of the gene was impossible to stop. Once it entered the mortal world and the ordinary humans absorbed, they would become gods.

At that time, the number of gods in the Origin World would swiftly skyrocket. That would certainly lead to a war that would endanger the whole world.

It was also possible that the power structure of the entire world would change.

This was the reason why Zeus had protected the secret genetic code box and wasn't willing to allow others to obtain it. He knew the secret behind it.

Not only could the gene create gods, it could also make ancient gods become even more powerful and raise their strength to the next level.

Since the dispersed genes would also give him some benefits, Zeus had preserved them. As long as he could break the secret code on the box, he could make his Heavenly Gods Council become even more powerful.

At that time, the entire Origin World, let alone Scandinavia, would become his subordinate.

The system shook its head and sighed. [It's useless. We can only pray that it isn't absorbed by a god who has ulterior motives.]

Brunhilda suddenly blinked and said, "Would it be better that I absorb the remaining genes? I want to become more powerful!"

The system's eyes suddenly shone, and it burst out laughing. [Your words are smart! Since these genes have already been released, I should allow you two to settle it. Why am I still blindly holding onto them?]

Li Yunmu began to absorb the genes and gradually sensed all the meridians in his body transforming. It was...

He felt that the bones and flesh in his body seemed to have been opened by the genes spreading through the air. He took a deep breath and began to use the Great Devouring Technique to devour the genes left inside the secret genetic code box.

Brunhilda also didn't remain idle. She also began to absorb the genes in the air.

She wasn't as fierce as Li Yunmu, who could devour all living things. She only absorbed a part of the genes and felt her strength undergo a qualitative leap.

Since she was ingesting the genes, there was a limit on how much her body could accept. But Li Yunmu seemed to have no such restrictions.

"The Great Devouring Technique is indeed too fierce, I feel the power inside my body becoming even more formidable!"

[Ding! Congratulations host for obtaining boundless divine power by absorbing the gene!]

[Ding! Congratulations, host can already rank among the gods. Your new divine title is Devouring God!]

[Ding! Congratulations host, the world essence has been purified! New ability unlocked!]

[Ding! Congratulation host, space element +10 000!]

[Ding! Congratulation host, experience points +10 000!]

Hearing system's continuous rewards, Li Yunmu was once again dumbfounded. If not for the strength of the genes, he probably wouldn't have obtained the divine power for a long time.

His gaze fell upon the few punctuation marks in the system's notifications, then at the new skill he had just obtained.

Name: Transformation

Attribute: ? ? ?

Grade: ? ? ?

Characteristics: ? ? ?

Attention 1: This is the first time I have encountered this skill, so even I cannot control it. Perhaps because the amount of genes you absorbed is excessive, your body has already began to reject them. But possessing Transformation, your body can freely switch into any mode.

Attention 2: As of now, Transformation possesses four modes. If host can absorb more genes, there will be more transformation modes. But seeing host's lazy attitude, it can be inferred that he won't be absorbing any more genes.

When Li Yunmu looked at the two attention points, he disdainfully replied, "Who knows whether Transformation will make me lose consciousness again, allowing you to take over my body? I won't be easily duped this time!"

[You youngster, tell me, do you know what the four modes are?] the system asked indifferently.

Li Yunmu shrugged his shoulders and stated, "In any case, I intend to keep this skill in cold storage for now. Who knows what uses does it have? I fear that you will cheat me again."

Hearing Li Yunmu's evaluation, the system couldn't help but shake its head and sigh. [It seems like the most basic trust has been lost between us!]