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645 Ares“ Strength

"Here we go again! My friend!" Odin said with shock-filled eyes.

Li Yunmu's activation of the Dark State had caused the complexion of people of Heavenly Gods Council to change slightly, especially that of Zeus. He sensed that stripping that being from the mortal's body was going to be extremely difficult. The youth's strength had undergone a heaven-defying transformation.

How could striping the system from Li Yunmu's body be easy?

Li Yunmu in the Dark State rushed to attack Zeus without any consciousness. The system had installed a target for attack, and it was Zeus!

Capture the leader to capture all the followers!

If he could defeat Zeus, then the Heavenly Gods Council's gods would no longer dare to act impudently.

When Li Yunmu's attack was about to hit Zeus, Ares used his pike to parry it. He clenched his teeth, finding it somewhat difficult.

Ares was forced to retreat because of Li Yunmu's attack. While gasping for breath, he said to Zeus, "This was the reason he was able to resist Hades!"

Although a glimmer of astonishment flashed in Zeus' gaze, it instantly changed into a glimmer of ruthlessness, and he roared at Ares, "Kill him for me! Such a dangerous person cannot be allowed to exist in the Origin World. Otherwise, he will continue giving us trouble and get in the way of our aim to rule the entire Origin World!"

After haring Zeus' command, Ares was silent for a moment, then he indifferently said, "I fear that it will be somewhat difficult! This mortal's power is like an abyss whose end can't be seen at a glance."

Zeus' complexion changed suddenly. Even the most powerful of Heavenly Gods Council Ares also surprisingly said such words? The level of Li Yunmu's strength was clear from this.

Ares was also quite uncertain in his heart regarding this. If he truly attacked the Li Yunmu at that moment, he wasn't certain if he could even take ten moves.

Ares' entire battle intent and strength congealed in his long pike. He hoped to use all of his strength in one attack, hoping to kill Li Yunmu with it. Otherwise, he would be unable to resist the counterattack.

Zeus' gaze then fell on Apollo and Artemis, and he furiously bellowed, "You two, assist him! I don't believe that this mortal cannot die!"

Before he even finished speaking, the light of the sun and the moon descended, shining between him and Ares. Ares' long pike turned into an afterimage and rose into the sky above. It had all of Ares' battle intent and power condensed in it as well as the assistance of Artemis. The next moment, it suddenly descended from the sky filled with the splendor of the sun and the moon.

Its terrifying power was congealed from the full strength of three gods. Such a deadly attack, how could Li Yunmu resist it with the body of a mortal? At that instant, Zeus was completely certain of winning!

"Mortal! This is the punishment for fighting against me! If you hadn't been so unbridled, then perhaps you wouldn't have received the divine punishment!"

The three ancient gods released their power together, which stunned the Scandinavian God Council. This time, everything bode ill for the mortal.

Odin's eyes also opened widely when he saw the power falling from the sky directly at Li Yunmu's head. It was the divine punishment coming from the fury of the gods!

"My friend!"

Odin wasn't anxious about Li Yunmu rather that being inside his body. But even if he acted at that moment, it would be too late.

Li Yunmu was too far from him, so he wouldn't be able to block that attack.

"Elder brother, the mortal won't be able to survive this attack!" Poseidon excitedly said to Zeus.

The two gods standing behind him, Dionysus and Hephaestus, also appeared to be somewhat relaxed. They knew that with Artemis and Apollo joining hands with Ares, the mortal would stand no chance.

Li Yunmu in his Dark State was completely unable to determine the strength of the divine attack about to strike his head. He only felt his body suddenly being suppressed, after which the afterimage of the long pike swallowed him.

The snow in the Land of Ice trembled, and the ice covering the ground began to crack, even forming an enormous ravine.

Everyone without exception was shocked by the terrifying power, and the gods of the Scandinavian God Council felt great pity for the mortal. Dying under the hands of three gods joining hands wasn't any injustice toward him.

Brunhilda flung her long spear forward, and Athena was instantly blown away. She hoarsely shouted, "Li YUNMU!"

It was the first time that Brunhilda had called out Li Yunmu's name. Previously due to the divine prestige of her station, she had called him a mortal. But at that moment, she already viewed him on the same level as all the gods of Scandinavia. 

Although Athena was pushed back, she struck with her sword toward Brunhilda, which she blocked with her long spear.

Yet she didn't want to continue the battle before confirming whether Li Yunmu was alive or not.

"Li Yunmu!"

She didn't dare to believe that he would sacrifice his life for Scandinavia, but she was unable to accept the reality either.

She knew that even her father would be unable to block the attack congealed by the three ancient gods, so how could he, a mortal with a mortal body, be able to resist it?

Tears began to fall from Brunhilda's eyes, landing on the long spear. It seemed to sense its master's intense love as well as extreme fury!

The long spear's power soared, and it continuously flickered with light as it became much more formidable in Brunhilda's hand.

"Li Yunmu…"

Brunhilda, who had always been like a masculine woman, dropped bitter tears on her weapon.

"You all, will certainly die!"

A golden light suddenly appeared in Brunhilda's gaze, which was the power she had awakened with the long spear. It left the Heavenly Gods Council and Scandinavian God Council dumbstruck!

Was that the final state unleashed after complete comprehension of the godly pike?

Odin was stupefied. The most formidable strength is the world was the power of love. It could destroy all obstructions and difficulties and pressure everyone around.

Zeus was startled while Poseidon was stupefied. They could clearly sense that Brunhilda's power could be considered to be heaven-defying!

A hint of anger appeared in Brunhilda's gaze, and she roared, "I will take revenge! None of you should hope of running away! I'll kill all of you!"

While swinging her long spear, she fiercely rushed at Athena. At that moment, the goddess of war and wisdom was far from being her opponent. She promptly raised her golden shield to resist, but as soon as it touched the long spear, it was cleaved in two!

Athena's eyes were filled with endless astonishment, following which she was blown away by the godly spear.


Li Yunmu's silhouette appeared in front of all the gods from within the smoke!