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638 Different Choices

As the Heavenly Gods Council became increasingly more restless and started planning against Asgard because of Hades' injuries, it seemed that the Origin World was going to be embroiled in a huge war!

However, far away in the Land of Ice, Scandinavia didn't seem to realize the approaching crisis. It was preparing for Li Yunmu and Brunhilda's wedding.

Odin couldn't let the marriage between his daughter and the mortal to be a casual event. He would conduct his daughter's wedding ceremony in a dazzling way, so that the being inside Li Yunmu's body wouldn't look down on him.

Asgard was excessively lively because of that, but Li Yunmu wasn't in a joyous mood. His heart was still stuck on Lucky Wind City. Who knew what was its current state after Lin Yuerou had taken over its management? Hopefully, she hadn't ruined the prestige of Lucky Wind City along with the supreme transcending level experts raised single handedly by him!

Seeing Li Yunmu's depression, Brunhilda knitted her brows and asked, "Hey you, I am soon going to be married to you, so why don't you feel a bit more happy about it? Marrying Scandinavia's valkyrie as a mortal, shouldn't you feel proud?"

Li Yunmu faintly laughed. "I am a little bit nervous!"

Brunhilda sat down next to Li Yunmu and placed the godly spear on the ground. In a voice which was no longer crude, but rather soft and gentle, she asked, "Nervous about what? Are you worried that I will eat you?"

Li Yunmu shook his head, saying, "The power structure of the Origin World is enormous and extremely complex. And I have defeated Hades! I fear that the Heavenly Gods Council won't be willing to leave this matter at that. It might turn out to be an enormous catastrophe for Scandinavia! I was just thinking about the imminent danger."

Previously, Brunhilda would have had anything to do with a mortal, but because of Li Yunmu's appearance, her thinking had completely changed.

She lightly kissed his cheek and said, "Thanks for thinking about Scandinavia. It doesn't matter. If the Heavenly Gods Council truly invades, our Scandinavia will definitely resist. Those people are truly arrogant and conceited, always looking down upon Scandinavia. Our men and women would fight until death for their motherland."

Li Yunmu lowered his head. "However, all of this is because of me…" he said in a heavy tone.

"But you are already a scandinavian. We won't close our eyes to your matters."

"Alright, if Heavenly Gods Council truly invades Scandinavia, I also won't hold back against them. Together with everyone, I will drive them away from Scandinavia!"

When Brunhilda nodded, the system inside Li Yunmu's body chose to speak up.

[You don't need to be anxious. If those people of Heavenly Gods Council really come to Asgard, it will be extremely beneficial for us.]

"Do you already have a plan to annihilate them?" Li Yunmu asked in astonishment.

[What plan. Did you forget about the secret genetic code from Whale City?]

"Isn't that why you stayed behind in the Origin World? If it was decrypted by those gods of ancient past, the Origin World's God Creation Programme would be started."

[That secret genetic code is in the hands of the Heavenly Gods Council at this moment. We didn't provoke them, but now they are provoking us. Thus, we can use the opportunity while they are busy attacking Scandinavia to steal the secret genetic code from them. That being said, I must stop their God Creation Programme.]

Li Yunmu eyes threatened to split open when he said in shock, "What are you saying? You plan to sacrifice Scandinavia!"

He only said it in his heart and didn't just blurt it out. Otherwise, if Brunhilda who was sitting by his side had heard those words, she definitely wouldn't have continued to act gentle toward him. He and the being inside him might both be instantly viewed as a mortal enemy.

[Don't talk nonsense. Who intends to sacrifice Scandinavia? I only want it them to occupy Heavenly Gods Council for a while. I will discuss this matter with Odin, and he will definitely agree. After all, the threat posed by the secret genetic code is larger than the threat of Heavenly Gods Council.

[Once the God Creation Programme is unleashed, the entire Origin World will be thrown into chaos. If the number of gods surpasses the number of mortals, the existence of gods would lose its meaning.]

Li Yunmu began to hesitate; he didn't want Scandinavia to face such a fate. If it was annihilated, he would lose his foundation in the Origin World. He wasn't willing to lose it so easily after he had finally gained it.

[Don't be stupid! You mustn't forget why have you come to Origin World! It was in order to control your own fate and make sure that it isn't under anyone else's control! If the God Creation Programme succeeds, countless fake gods and artificial gods will appear in this world. At that time, will there still be a place for you to stand?]

Li Yunmu tightly clenched his fists while looking at the hopeful gaze of Brunhilda. How could he bear to abandon his newlywed wife to such danger? It was impossible for him!

"Why can't we just force the Heavenly Gods Council to hand over the secret genetic code after defeating them?"

Li Yunmu still hoped that the system wouldn't renounce Scandinavia or at least would postpone other matters until Scandinavia defeated Heavenly Gods Council.

But the system only sneered at him. [You think that those Heavenly Gods Council people don't know my aim for coming to the Origin World? You are truly naive! We cannot hesitate in the slightest in this matter, since we will only have this single opportunity.

[If we fail to grasp it properly, then we wouldn't be able to think of obtaining the secret genetic code again, for the aftermath at that time would be too horrible to contemplate. Not only Scandinavia, even the entire Origin World would be destroyed. Is that what you want to see?

[Don't think of saving a little only to lose a lot. Do you understand this principle or not? Don't be indecisive like a woman! You should be able to support both heavens and earth like a man. If you hesitate, you will never be able to succeed.]

After hearing the system's teachings, Li Yunmu took a deep breath. It was basically like choosing between the bigger picture and smaller picture. In life, everyone always got to face such a decision.

All the heroes from the past until then had had to face this type of difficult decision!

The bigger picture was the fate of the Origin World while the smaller picture was the fate of Scandinavia and Brunhilda, who were like family to him. If anyone had to choose between them, the majority of people would choose the bigger picture and abandon the smaller picture!

And so they would be considered to be heroes!