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634 Illusion God Appears

The old man with twirly beard narrowed his eyes, then said with a smile to Lin Yuerou, "Luck is also a skill! Little girl, seems like you are filled with confidence about the second layer of the mythical realm!"

"May I ask senior who you are…" 

The old man laughed heartily. "This old man is Illusion God! And this illusion mythical realm was established by me. Countless have entered it, but few of those people relied on wisdom like you.

"This old man was somewhat unable to remain patient and had to send my will here to see who exactly was it that had broken the first layer of my mythical realm. I hadn't expected that it would surprisingly be a little girl like you, ha ha ha…"

Seeing the seemingly magnanimous old man, Lin Yuerou still replied with modesty. "Many thanks to senior for your praise."

"Girl, if you can pass the five layers of this mythical realm, not only will this old man let you out, I will also give you a treasure. What do you think about that?"

Upon hearing the old man trying to lure her with a treasure, Lin Yuerou was sure that the next four layers definitely wouldn't be as easy as the first one.

But her interest was suddenly piqued by the reward mentioned by the old man.

"Alright senior, then it's settled!"

"Good, good, good! Hahaha.. I haven't encountered such a lively youth in a long time. Now, you have to be extremely careful. The level of difficulty in the next four levels is much higher than in the first one. If you are unable to leave this mythical realm, you'll have agree to this old man's one request."

Wasn't this a bet with her? Lin Yuerou's complexion changed slightly, but it quickly disappeared. She then asked in an indifferent tone, "What request? Tell me! As long as I can do it, I will agree to it."

"If you are unable to leave this mythical realm, all of you will remain behind as the servants of this old man's mythical realm for a period of ten years!"

Ten years! What was the difference between his offer and being imprisoned for ten years? Why would anyone agree to it?

So this was the truth!

No wonder then that the majority of people who entered the mythical realm had been unable to come out. It wasn't that they didn't want to, but that they had been enslaved. If they weren't able to clear the mythical realm, they would become the puppets of the old man.

The supreme transcending level experts shook their heads and hoped that Lin Yuerou wouldn't give a foolish answer.

But Lin Yuerou didn't think about it much. Since she was able to clear the first layer, she would certainly do her utmost to clear the next four layers as well.

She was still quite interested in the treasure mentioned by the old man. This interest compelled her to proceed with going forward. In any case, if she couldn't advance through the next layers, how were they supposed to leave this mythical realm anyway?

When Lin Yuerou thought about the high possibility of Lucky Wind City encountering an enormous crisis that very night, she felt that she couldn't stay here for long.

"I agree to your bet!"

The supreme transcending level experts were startled. Lin Yuerou was a truly courageous and insightful person, and their group of people with high cultivation were still quite inferior to this young girl. This left them feeling ashamed.

The old man began to laugh heartily. "Good, good, good! You are quite bold! I like young people like you! Come, enter this old man's second layer! You all must be careful, the next layers of the mythical realm contain more than just savage beasts."

Before the old man's words could be fully processed, everyone's surroundings changed. No one could say what unknown dangers would they face then, but Lin Yuerou was confident in her ability to deal with them.


Li Yunmu creased his brows and asked, "What matter? Why are you being so secretive? Are you trying to deceive me again?"

[Don't misunderstand me, I only pointed out the correct method to use that little girl's long spear. This method requires her to coordinate with you!]

"What coordination?"

Li Yunmu suspiciously looked at the system. He had absolutely no idea as to what enormous hole had been dug by the system now, who was just waiting for him to jump into it.

The system burst out laughing. [You must immediately get married to Brunhilda. After you get married, won't there be a ceremony in the secret inner room? You should know what you need to know about going there with Brunhilda? As a man, you can't tell me that you don't know!]

Li Yunmu was completely dumbstruck. What was the system trying to express? He felt another headache coming to him.

Suddenly Brunhilda uncomfortably asked Li Yunmu, "Yes! As the being inside your body says, we must be mutually compatible, only then could I truly unleash the genuine might of the long spear. That being talked about pouring some yin and yang energy? Is this some secret power cultivated in your hometown? Do you know what it is?"

Li Yunmu was slightly startled. When he again thought about the vague words used by the system, his face instantly flushed red. He cursed in his heart, "System, you old dog! You are surprisingly passing dirty thoughts to Brunhilda."

The system laughed calmly. [Don't tell me you won't combine your yin and yang after getting married? You youngster, can you refrain from it?]

Upon hearing the system's words, Li Yunmu wanted to crawl into a hole deep in the Earth. Damn it! Wasn't this a matter between him and Brunhilda? So why is it getting so excited? Wasn't the system a completely wretched old man?

When Li Yunmmu thought about how the guy residing in his body was a dirty old man, he felt his scalp go numb.

Brunhilda naively blinked at Li Yunmu and asked, "What exactly is it? Are you also not going to tell me? Whether it was my dad or that being inside your body, I was unable to make sense of their words, and now you are also unwilling to tell me. We should quickly get married, so you can tell me, right?"

Li Yunmu coughed and then nervously explained, "That is… that is, a man and a woman strip their clothes and then fight on the bed!"

"Fight? Then why would we get naked?"

"Forget about it. I still cannot do it anyway, or else my recuperation won't be able to keep up!" Li Yunmu said somewhat shamefully.

The system laughed in a wretched ay, and Li Yunmu furiously said, "Are you still laughing? All of this was started by you! How can you ask me to explain the matters between men and women to an innocent woman?"

Brunhilda's lips twitched. "In any case, father said that when we get married, I will know. At that time, you must explain it to me!"

Seeing Brunhilda's naive and adorable appearance, Li Yunmu was slightly stupefied. Wasn't she too pure? Wasn't this cheating? A completely naive and innocent woman was rarely seen in the world!

Brunhilda placed her hand on Li Yunmu's shoulder and said, "Why are you so shocked? My father said to lead you to first meet my elder brothers. Normally, a mortal like you wouldn't be suitable to meet with elder brothers, but father explained that from now on, you are a Scandinavian, so everyone will treat you as an equal!"

"Your elder brothers? Thunder God Thor and Fire God Loki?"