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633 Joining Scandinavia

Li Yunmu opened his eyes in a daze. He found himself lying on a bed in an ice cave and immediately tried to get up. "I… Where am I?"

"Are you awake? You have been unconscious for a long time."

Brunhilda entered the ice cave and looked at him with a faint smile.

Brunhilda's image in Li Yunmu's mind was one of a savage and cruel person. But the one before him seemed to be much more gentler compared to before?

He wasn't used to this!

However, he didn't know that there had been many changes in Brunhilda's temperament in this short period of time. She now clearly recognized Li Yunmu's strength despite him being a mortal!

In the beginning, when he had claimed that he would become a deity in half a year and join the ranks of gods, she had been unconvinced.

But after she personally witnessed him severely injuring Hades, she realized that he possessed unlimited potential.

Li Yunmu felt his body shudder from top to bottom and couldn't help but ask, "We… Weren't we attacked by Hades? What happened after that? Why don't I remember anything?"

When he thought of the last events, he felt a sharp twinge in his head, and pain spread through various parts of his body.

"You truly don't remember anything?" Brunhilda asked with her eyes wide open.

Li Yunmu shook his head. He only remembered the system loading some power with urgency as if as long as the loading was finished, his strength would obtain a qualitative leap.

Odin had chosen to disobey the Heavenly Gods Council's Hades for Scandinavia and the system, and Li Yunmu had attacked Hades to stop him from finishing off the injured Odin and Brunhilda.

But unfortunately, when he attacked, he felt that his body had been filled with some unknown power, following which he lost consciousness.

He had no recollection of what happened afterwards and could only ask the others about it.

He remembered clearly that they were in the Land of Ice, but where exactly were they at that moment?

Brunhilda mumbled to herself for a moment, then replied, "You defeated Hades!"

"What? Did I really do that?"

Li Yunmu didn't dare to believe it. He had only acted by following the system's direction and hadn't thought of other things.

Upon hearing Brunhilda's words, he was left utterly astonished. Who didn't know how formidable Hades was? So how could he who couldn't even be considered a fake god defeat that guy with his ancient god level cultivation?

"However, that being in your body assisted you. After it forced you into the Dark State, you seemed to have transformed into a completely different person and acted with complete ruthlessness toward Hades. You severely injured him, and if Zeus hadn't arrived promptly, I fear that Hades would have truly died in the Land of Ice."

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and mumbled inwardly to himself, This damned system, how many times is it going to take control of my body? It actually threw me into the Dark State?

Although the fierce short term increase in his strength had allowed him to overpower an ancient god, the reason why the system didn't allow Li Yunmu to use it in ordinary situations was because the power of the Dark State would only last for a specific period of time, since it was very unstable. Moreover, after using it, his body would collapse from exhaustion and he wouldn't awaken for at least half a month.

"You have been unconscious for ten days. But according to that being, you awakened a little bit earlier because you have already adapted to the exhaustion from the sudden increase in strength."

Li Yunmu snorted and mumbled under his breath, "The system is talking behind my back again."

"Where are we?" he inquired loudly.

"This is Scandinavia. In the future, this will be our room. We will get married in front of the entire Scandinavia the day after tomorrow. In the future, you will be ranked among the gods, as soon as my father finds a proper divine title for you."

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes. "This so-called divine title should be similar to Thunder God Thor or Fire God Loki, like the job title before one's name?"

Brunhilda nodded. "Yes, I forgot to tell you. My father has summoned back all the gods of Scandinavia, so from now on, Scandinavia will eternally serve that being inside your body with steadfast loyalty. We will assist you in becoming the new king of the Origin World!"

Li Yunmu wasn't much interested in other matters. He only asked one more question of Brunhilda.

"If I become the new king of the Origin World, will I sink down to become a chess piece in the hands of others? Or will my fate be completely in my control and won't be influenced by others?"

Brunhilda nodded at him once more. "Naturally! At that time, you will be the most senior god, and everyone will have to swear allegiance to you. At that time, of course you wouldn't be influenced by others and instead would control others."

Two terrifying lights flashed in Li Yunmu's eyes. This was what he had come to the Origin World for. Only by becoming the new king of the Origin World could he change up his situation, and for that, he would definitely exploit Scandinavia to fulfill his aim.

[Don't think of doing anything devious. I had to persuade that old bastard Odin for a long time until he was willing to agree. That old bastard is very shrewd, so your thoughts won't escape his eyes.]

After receiving the system's reminder, Li Yunmu asked it, "Then what should I do?"

[What do you still need to do? Just be a spectator! Now that you obtained a huge supporter, no one will think of dealing with us in the Origin World for the time being. They will first have to settle their internal strife, and at that time, you can use Scandinavian God Council to catch them all in one swoop!]

Li Yunmu's lips curled upwards. "It's just a military tactic on paper! I see that your plan hasn't followed the original direction you intended!"

[Ha ha ha… Those are just a few glitches! This time, you should genuinely listen to me. Since you provoked the Heavenly Gods Council, those people won't take this matter lying down. Our and Scandinavia's fates are now linked together, so we cannot fail to live up to their expectations.]

Li Yunmu was given the liberty to enter and leave any location in Scandinavia, which was a kindness that became firmly etched in his heart. However, he naturally wasn't a coward, since he knew that it would involve Scandinavia, why would he wait for them to come? Naturally, he would choose to take the initiative and go find everyone!

This was Li Yunmu's own strategy, but when he heard the system speaking in high spirits, he didn't dare to interrupt it.

[But presently, you still have a very important task to finish. Only then will you be able to take the initiative to attack. Otherwise, it will be considered as me breaking my promise to Odin.]