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626 There“s No Need to Talk so Much

Li Yunmu dumbfoundedly looked at Odin and asked with his eyebrows knitted, "This is my test? What do you mean? Are you making fun of me?"

The system promptly answered him. [This matter isn't related to me. I only assisted in raising the matter of marriage. As for that old bastard Odin, he approved it first and then opposed it because of your agreement to this marriage.]


Li Yunmu almost pulled the hairs from his head. He was once more cheated by the motherf*cking system?

But upon seeing the smile on Brunhilda's face which had blossomed like a peach, the fury in Li Yunmu's heart subsided a little. Perhaps the alliance with Scandinavia would begin to take shape from the marriage between him and Brunhilda.

Odin nodded with satisfaction. "Mortal, thou must remember your promise. Don't fail to live up to my princess' hopes!"


Looking at Odin's gaze which was filled with confidence, Li Yunmu indifferently said, "However, danger lurks everywhere in the Origin World. How should we confront the circumstances?"

[You don't need to be afraid. Now that you have that old bastard Odin backing you, those ancient gods won't be able to harm us,] the system replied calmly.

Suddenly, a black cloud rushed over the Land of Ice as if trying to swallow this entire region.

The unexpected transformation of the sky caused huge changes in Odin's complexion. Even the system was startled, but it was only a spirit hiding in Li Yunmu's body so it quickly concealed its presence and let Li Yunmu be the scapegoat.

Brunhilda also raised her head to see the black cloud and mist. How could such a scene appear in the Land of Ice? She enquired toward her father with a suspicious gaze.

"Father, this is…"

Odin's body slightly shuddered, since his divine power still hadn't completely recovered. A thorny person had appeared, which caused him to be somewhat concerned.

Sleipnir leaped over and said to Odin and Brunhilda, "Master! We must quickly escape from this region!"

Li Yunmu also enquired from the system, "What's going on here? Why are you not replying? Are you playing dead again? You are truly too much."

System silently transmitted its thoughts.

[Blockhead, this old man is presently only in soul form. Don't tell me that I shouldn't conceal myself? Wait until the day when I can take human form. Then even if a master god came, let alone those ancient gods, this old man still wouldn't place them in his eyes.]

Without sufficient time to think, Li Yunmu leapt up and landed on Sleipnir's back, where he looked like a small ant. He then pulled Brunhilda up onto the mythical horse.

Sleipnir leapt forward, wanting to immediately leave the Land of Ice, but what faced them were countless black shadows. They were congealed from balls of black energy and were quite similar to Li Yunmu's shadows.

Yet they had sinister smiles, which could make anyone feel insecure, as if they had encountered some beast.

But if it was only a beast, Odin wouldn't have been so flustered. At least an ancient god level creature had to have showed up, since even system seemed somewhat at a loss and hadn't even raised any warning.

Li Yunmu knew that the system's customary self defense was to hide whenever someone formidable appeared, leaving everything for him to deal with. Wasn't that like striking a stone with an egg? Only if he became even more formidable would he possess the qualifications to fight against such people.

Sleipnir charged forward and clashed with the black shadows, but the balls of black energy seemed to possess formidable strength and completely stopped him.

"Oh… this power… I… am helpless…"

Odin leapt down from Sleipnir's back and took a deep breath. He raised his head to look at the sudden changes and indifferently said, "Since you have descended, why not reveal your true self. If you want to take my life, show yourself!"

Brunhilda's complexion abruptly changed, and she asked anxiously, "Who is it? They surprisingly dare to tread on the dignity of our Scandinavia. You treacherous scum hiding in the darkness, show yourself to me! My god will definitely let you experience his fury!"

Among the balls of black energy, a human silhouette appeared. The person seemed to be old and was clad in a black chinese-styled gown. His entire body, including his head, was concealed, while his smile seemed to contain the vicissitudes of life.

"Odin, you have surprisingly awakened. That person has certainly assisted you? I and Zeus have anticipated this long ago, that you would finally awaken one day. But even if you have awakened, so what?

"Don't tell me you intend to become enemies of the entire Heavenly Gods Council? Quickly bend your knee and pay allegiance to Heavenly Gods Council. Only then will your Scandinavia have a glimmer of hope."

Brunhilda was unable to endure others being so rude, so she raised her head and furiously looked at the newcomer. "Who are you? How can an outsider like you determine the fate of our Scandinavia? I don't care about your Heavenly Gods Council."

Even though they were both heavenly gods, there was still a vast disparity between their strength. Odin seemed to dread the god in front of him, so clearly his rank wouldn't be low. Now that his people encountered such a gigantic crisis, Odin might have to yield to the ancient god in front of him in order to save everyone.

Odin stopped his daughter, furiously reprimanding her, "What wanton actions! Don't be rude!"

Hearing Odin's majestic voice, Brunhilda's eyes filled with shock. This was her father? Could it be that even after the other person had humiliated Scandinavia, he would continue watching indifferently? What about the glory of their Scandinavia? What was that Heavenly Gods Council?

But she kept all these thoughts in her heart and didn't utter another word, resolutely watching the unexpected guest without showing her incredulity.

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes, sensing the formidable strength of the opponent. Just a moment ago, when he had traded blows with Odin, it had been extremely strenuous. But if he wanted to clash with the ancient god in front of his eyes, he would probably be crushed like a melon gourd.

[Loading, transmitting, 39% loaded.]

"What's the meaning of this? How could you act like a ghost now? Who exactly is this person? Why did he suddenly appear in the Land of Ice?"

[Loading progress: 45%.]

When the system's cold voice echoed within him, Li Yunmu sensed the energy inside his body about to overspill.

The system then transmitted its thoughts to him again. [This old man is a system and is working, so why are you host being so talkative?]

When Li Yunmu heard the system's words , he couldn't help shouting out, "Motherf*cking a*shole!"

Odin was already about to surrender, so why was the system trying to raise wind?

"Odin, today is the day when you make the choice. Either surrender to Heavenly Gods Council, or choose death!"