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624 An Effortless Victory

Black Mountain's old goblin was deathly pale. The winner was always the king, and the loser a bandit. The old goblin understood this principle better than anyone. Before, they had campaigned everywhere in their plane and had become its hegemon, but now they had fallen before the Lucky Wind City.

Jade Face Master coldly said, "If you want to kill us, then go ahead, but we vow that we won't rebel!"

Lin Yuerou kneaded her forehead before speaking with indifference. "Seems like you have an unyielding character, but you are displaying it at the wrong place. If I don't kill you today, it can't be guaranteed that you won't seek to harm my Lucky Wind City in the future. But seeing your unyielding character, it would be a pity to kill you all. It truly is a headache!

"I also don't wish to waste words on you. If you are willing to surrender and swear allegiance, my Lucky Wind City will welcome you. But if you had vowed to die rather than to obey, then today I can only execute you."

Green Woods Manor Master hurriedly spoke up. "City Lord, I Green Woods Manor Master am willing to surrender and swear allegiance to Lucky Wind City. Me and my people are willing to offer our lives and will never show disloyalty."

In order to survive, Green Woods Manor Master promptly surrendered. This caused his three comrades to become unable to restrain their rage.

Who would have known that their companion was such a coward? Just two or three words from Lucky Wind City's City Lord, and he had been persuaded!

"Green Woods Manor Master, you— You scum! A man should feel incomparable glory in dying in battle! People like you, who are greedy for life and afraid of death, aren't fit for leading a great army!" Red Beard Saint furiously bellowed.

Green Woods Manor Master trembled, but did not back down. "I-I told you before that we shouldn't plot this matter, but you all didn't listen. City lord, I actually had no intention of offending Lucky Wind City. If not for the three of them bewitching me, I wouldn't be here today.

"City lord, you are magnanimous, so please let me go! I guarantee you that in the future, I will definitely not look for trouble with Lucky Wind City!"

"You shameless scum!"

Black Mountain's old goblin couldn't control his fury.

Jade Face Master also sneered, "Truly a coward!"

A ball of energy congealed in Lin Yuerou's hand and rushed toward Green Woods Manor Master!

His eyes went wide in disbelief before he fell on the ground. What he couldn't understand was that since he had clearly surrendered, why had the city lord gotten rid of him?

Lin Yuerou withdrew her hand and said to the three people with shocked faces, "You three have passed Lucky Wind City's test. If you are willing to join me, you are welcome to do so at any time!

"If you aren't willing to join, then we will immediately release you. But remember that if you leave Lucky Wind City, the next time we encounter each other, we will be enemies and I will definitely not hold back! That would be respectful to you and honorable for our soldiers!"

Her words left Jade Face Master and others completely stunned. They couldn't imagine them coming out of a woman's mouth!

The three men took a deep breath and suddenly knelt on the ground, saying to Lin Yuerou, "We three are willing to pledge eternal loyalty to Lucky Wind City, and we will never go back on our word. If we break our word, then we may not have a good death!"

Looking at the three men submitting themselves, the four shadows—Li Yun, Li De, Li Feng, and Li Tian—were shocked. This was Lin Yuerou? She was clearly a person kind on the outside but inwardly evil. Handing his back to her had been Li Yunmu's best decision.

The shadows finally understood what was meant by an effortless victory!

Each and every move made by Lin Yuerou looked to be taken from the textbook of contending for Earth's supremacy. It was something that could be called obtaining the will of people.

Li Yunmu had suppressed everyone and forced them to surrender. However, Lin Yuerou had used another method which didn't rely on combat prowess, but rather wisdom to force the people of other planes to surrender and swear allegiance to Lucky Wind City.

The two were completely different methods, and the difference between their results were also very different.

Although Li Yunmu could suppress the powers of different planes, the majority of them hadn't sincerely surrendered and paid allegiance. Most of them were only afraid of Li Yunmu's strength. Once he left, they all began to stir. This caused Lucky Wind City's foundation to become unstable.

But once Lin Yuerou took over, she directly attacked the will of the people, which forced the powers of different nationalities to surrender. Because of this, even if the day arrived when the backbone of Lucky Wind City broke, their rear wouldn't end up in complete chaos.

"City lord, my admiration towards you has increased greatly! These people who formerly didn't accept Lucky Wind City's rule have yielded sincerely!"

Lin Yuerou was looking at the disadvantageous information surrounding Lucky Wind City, so she spoke with knitted her eyebrows.

"Why is the information regarding this region completely blank? Does this place have some secret powers?"

Li Yun glanced at the information and said while shaking his head, "It isn't clear. It might be because we still haven't explored them and collected enough detailed information regarding them."

Lin Yuerou nodded. "If some other power appeared in that region, it could easily surround our Lucky Wind City. If it is allowed to hone its strength for one big push, our Lucky Wind City could be caught unprepared. This gives me a great headache."

"Li Tian, dispatch some people to investigate all such places properly. If you discover some new power, set out with soldiers and crush them while they are in the cradle!"

A hint of ruthlessness appeared on Lin Yuerou's face.

Li Tian, who led the other three shadows, promptly replied, "Yes! City lord, we will immediately get to work! Do you wish to give us any other commands?"

"Make some discreet enquiries about the Frontline Heavens. I sense some uneasiness in that region," Lin Yuerou indifferently stated.

Li Tian nodded, agreeing. Then, he led the other three shadows out of her room. With the dangers lurking around Lucky Wind City, Lin Yuerou couldn't relax in the slightest. If she did, the many enemies around them would make use of the opportunity.

Lin Yuerou narrowed her eyes and suddenly began to smile. If those enemies exposed any weakness, she might be able to catch them all in one fell swoop. At that time, Lucky Wind City's position would become a lot more stable.

Lin Yuerou took a deep breath and suddenly took out the cultivation relaying globe, then she began to cultivate according to the cultivation method passed on by Li Yunmu.

Since she had started, she could feel that her strength was progressing quickly. This made her wonder whether the strength of the supreme transcending level experts had also increased to another step?

With that thought in mind, Lin Yuerou inquired about the supreme transcending level experts in the city and learned that their strength had also increased. The cultivation method spread by Li Yunmu had been greatly effective.

If they continued to develop their strength with the same momentum, then in the future, Lucky Wind City would definitely become a sacred land whose dignity was inviolable!

Lin Yuerou was very happy about this. She hadn't failed to live up to Li Yunmu's expectations. Although she didn't possess any great strength, she could organize manpower and arrange armies as well as plan war strategies. This was extremely crucial for any group contending for supremacy.