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623 Odin“s Hostility

Odin's expression slowly relaxed, since his body could finally move. With the assistance of the king in Li Yunmu's body, he had awakened.

He had been asleep for a really long time. When he saw Li Yunmu, his gaze filled with astonishment.

"No need, I owe you a favor. How will thou want me to repay it?"

The system still had Li Yunmu adopt a frivolous appearance and said with ridicule, "You should know that your treasured daughter has fallen in love with this mortal. According to the rules of Scandinavia, if the people of Scandinavia fall in love with a mortal, then what should be the punishment?"

Brunhilda's complexion suddenly changed, she knelt promptly and lowered her.

"Father, I—" she said in a soft voice.

Odin waved his hand to cut her off, stating, "It's fine! If my daughter likes him, then so what if he is a mortal? Thou's elder brother Thor also fell in love with a mortal. Although I opposed that marriage, the marriages of children are their own matter!"

Hearing Odin being so open-hearted, the system laughed and said, [Old bastard! I didn't think that after being sealed here for a thousand years, your thoughts would change to this extent.]

Brunhilda also couldn't believe that the words from just a moment ago were surprisingly said by her father's mouth. Where had the old time's strictness gone? What had happened with her elder brother Thor that had changed Odin's thinking?

Odin's gaze became somewhat abstruse, and he coldly said, "At that time, when we were confronting the dark fairy, if not for Odin's wife—that mortal!—perhaps the whole of Scandinavia would have been destroyed. Therefore now, we don't hold much prejudice toward mortals. Also, Thor taking that mortal as a wife had even turned her into a god!"

Brunhilda, who knelt on the ground, turned emotional and said to Odin, "Many thanks to lord father!"

Sleipnir also followed and agreed. "My master's fame and wisdom spread far!"

"Although the dark fairy had been eradicated, my people then faced the crisis of God's Dusk. Other gods probably don't know Scandinavia's secret, let alone our reason behind protecting this Land of Ice."

With great difficulty, Li Yunmu broke away from the system's control and asked in a gentle tone, "What secret is that exactly? Since you have already agreed to my marriage with Brunhilda, shouldn't Scandinavia's secret also not be concealed from me?"

Li Yunmu's aim behind coming to the Origin World was to understand everything clearly. He didn't want to sink down to become other people's chess piece. He also didn't want to place all hopes on a single person in case they might become futile. Thus, he quickly asked Odin a follow up question.

However, Odin sensed the soul in Li Yunmu's body had already scattered and said in a heavy voice, "Mortal! If I was not giving face to the king in thou's body, thou wouldn't even possess the qualifications to talk to me. Thou should feel grateful. My divine princess, heaven's proud daughter, thou should feel honored."

Li Yunmu saw that Odin had began to raise his divine might and said with a cold snort, "You all keep blabbering on about gods and not gods, but that has no relation to me! I only want to understand the situation of the Origin World.

"If you don't want to tell me, that is also alright! Hmph, worst comes to worst, I will have to find it myself. I don't need your kindness. And you will eternally owe me for not backing me!"

"Impudent! Mortal, don't be rude and talk properly with father!"

Brunhilda opened her eyes widely and promptly pulled Li Yunmu to kneel on the ground.

But Li Yunmu also had a lofty character. With Odin being so rude to him, he naturally wouldn't be polite.

The system chose that moment to speak in an indifferent manner to him.

[Do you still want to mix in with the Origin World or not? If you think about it, then aren't you unable to endure even this little grievance? This is a good opportunity for you to discuss marriage.]

Li Yunmu let out a snort. "If you want to discuss, then discuss on your own! Since we have already awakened Odin, we should now speak about the alliance and not about the matters of marriage of his children."

"Odin, you probably still don't know about the changed circumstances of the Origin World? You have been hibernating for very long, and in that time, the Origin World has been divided by factions of ancient gods.

"Do you believe that your Scandinavia is still as powerful as before? This old man wouldn't surrender to anyone, so you also shouldn't hope that he would yield to you.

"From the start, I have been in control of my own fate. The reason why we awoke you from the ice seal was to draw support from your strength and establish a foundation in this world. If you consider us as outsiders, then there's no need to talk about this marriage."


Brunhilda anxiously pointed at Li Yunmu. She didn't even dare to imagine that the person who had publicly confessed to her and the person who was speaking rudely to her father right then was the same one.

Odin's complexion turned indignant and he said in a cold voice, "Mortal, I clearly understand the difference between gods and ants."

"If you despise this mortal, why did you act like someone who never offends anybody in front of the presence in my body?" Li Yunmu asked calmly.

His words were like a slap to Odin's face. Once the system retreated, Odin's true thoughts had come pouring out. From the time Scandinavia was established, he had never changed his views toward mortals.

Gods were gods, and mortals were mortals!

He had indeed agreed to the matter of Thor's marriage with a mortal, but Thor had been banished to the mortal world and received proper punishment. And his mortal bride had also received the curse of heaven.

It was impossible for gods and mortals to have a proper ending.

Odin was completely clear in his heart that even if he didn't obstruct this matter, there would be others who would work against them. This was related to Scandinavia's dignity, and its prestige was inviolable!

The system sneered at Odin. [You old bastard, I thought you had truly changed your thinking and hadn't expected that you would still remain stubborn. Never mind, since you have deep complaints toward the host chosen by me, then we will not talk of this matter.]

Odin had given his consent just a moment ago, so who would have guessed that Brunhilda would crawl to his feet to beg him.

"I hope father agrees to this matter! I and this mortal love each other sincerely. The long spear has also approved of him. If daughter is unable to marry him, then I am afraid that I will become the joke among all the gods of this world."

"If you marry this mortal, then it will turn Scandinavia into a joke and bring disgrace to it," Odin replied with coldness in his tone.

"But if elder brother can marry a mortal, why can't I do the same?"

Brunhilda finally rebelled slightly. It was perhaps because she had been influenced by Li Yunmu's resistance.

"Thor received heavenly punishment for that, so do you also want to be punished by the heavens?" Odin asked in heavy voice.