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622 Removing the Seal

Northern Land of Ice was completely black, with no daylight. There was no lethargic sunlight, only white snowflakes falling from the sky.

Rows of footprints could be seen on the snow which covered a thousand miles.

Li Yunmu had traveled over land and water to reach the region, but he hadn't thought that the wilderness would be hidden beneath boundless ice. Yet where Odin lay dormant was still quite a distance away.

With Brunhilda pointing out the directions, it was unlikely that Li Yunmu would lose himself in the boundless snow.

They were quickly getting closer to the frozen mound where Odin, the god of distant past, lay without his divine awareness. Yet because of the destruction caused by his daughter at Whale City, he had become the target of resentment of other gods!

If Odin was truly awakened from dormancy, he would probably become Hades' first target!

When a daughter provoked misfortune, her father would naturally be the one to bear the consequences. This was an established convention from the past.

But Hades still hadn't left, while Li Yunmu had already reached the frozen land.

Sleipnir looked at the frozen mound at the center of the boundless snow and instantly crawled on the ground as if it had lost its footing and began to communicate with Odin with his divine awareness.

"Master! Lord has come. He can assist you in removing the seal and restoring your divine awareness. The past glory of our Scandinavia will return once again!"

Brunhilda also knelt down on the ground and murmured, "Waiting for our father to awaken, waiting for Scandinavia to recover its past glory!"

The system sighed. [To think that so many years have passed. Odin, you old bastard, you will owe this old man a favor!]

The system's strength was transmitted through Li Yunmu's body into the frozen mound, and a gloomy and cold presence was emitted. It seemed to swallow the entire sheet of snow.

Suddenly, an icy flame rose out of the frozen mound, thawing the seal of ice covering Odin.

The flame in Li Yunmu's hand melted the ice over the frozen mound. Li Yunmu clearly understood that this wasn't his accomplishment, but rather the system concealed in his body using his hand to allow Odin to recover his divine awareness.

The seal of ice over Odin's body melted at an increasingly faster rate, which stunned both Brunhilda and Sleipnir. The guy hidden in the body of the mortal was truly terrifying.

After Scandinavia's pride, Odin, had been sealed in ice, no one was able to rescue him. Yet that guy was able to do it, so just how terrifying his might was?

But they didn't knew that this was only part of the system's ability. Only Li Yunmu understood that the system could be said to be omnipotent and omniscient!

But no one knew its true identity. A few mysterious details had been leaked out before, but Li Yunmu could not understand them.

The ice slowly melted under Sleipnir and Brunhilda's shocked gazes.

In reality, they had only held a bit of hope, but hadn't truly believed that the clown hidden inside Li Yunmu could truly remove the seal from Odin's body.

Yet before their eyes, Odin's body was slowly breaking out of the ice. This was an extraordinary news for Scandinavia. Not only that, if those people who previously possessed high status in Scandinavia learned that Odin had left the frozen mound, they would also return to Scandinavia.

That would be tantamount to Scandinavia's power being unleashed once more! Li Yunmu didn't know whether they would be able to restore their former glory or not, but at least he would have found an existence which could contend with other powers of the Origin World.

Bang, bang!

The ice and snow found it difficult to keep Odin's body buried. After the seal over him melted, his body gradually recovered, and his divine awareness also began to condense.

Li Yunmu felt the burning hot power like a red flame coming out of his hand to melt the millenium old ice seal over Odin's body.

"Even Flame God Loki might not have been able to melt the ice seal! It… How did he do it?" Brunhilda murmured.

Bean-sized beads of sweat covered Li Yunmu's forehead. When the red flame had melted the frozen mound, Odid not only did not feel the cold, a heat current rushed through his body.

"Ha ha….."

Covered in ice, Odin finally reacted and tried to move his body. At that moment, Brunhilda's eyes filled with astonishment and she cried out unable to restrain her emotions.


Hearing his daughter's shout, Odin's divine awareness also showed some reaction. It had barely congealed, but it began to recover as well.

Odin didn't knew who had helped him, but the familiarity of their power gave him a peace of mind.

"Who was it that awakened me!"

Li Yunmu clenched his teeth only to hear system say indifferently to him, [Do it for a while more! If you can't even endure this little amount of pain, how can you talk about controlling your destiny!]

After being berated by the system, Li Yunmu shouted loudly. The power in his hand increased by a fold, and Odin's upper body almost came out of the ice seal.

Sleipnir crawled forward and excitedly said to Odin, "Welcome back, my master! Lead our Scandinavia to glory again!"

Sleipnir's voice almost roused Odin's divine awareness. The god's gaze fell on his mount's body, and it turned soft.

"Thou hath worked hard."

Using Li Yunmu's voice, the system chose that moment to speak disdainfully said to Odin who had recovered more than half of his divine awareness.

[Hello, old bastard! It was clearly this old man who rescued you, but you only thanked your mount and daughter. What did they do? Only begged me and that's all.]

Hearing this voice, Odin was instantly stunned, and in the corner of his eye, he saw the young man.

Li Yunmu didn't react and promptly pulled back his hands. He then stated, "What are you looking at me for? Those words weren't mine!"

Odin sensed that Li Yunmu was extraordinary. In his body, there was a soul which filled even him with dread. That soul was extremely familiar, to the extent that his whole body trembled slightly.

"Hath thou returned?"

Odin's complexion slowly loosened. He had never expected the former king would surprisingly use a mortal's body to return once more!

[Hmph! Old bastard, you finally recognized me. Just recently, your spirit soldiers attacked us and you dispatched your daughter to kill us. You have already forgotten our previous relation. Do you want me to help you recall it?"