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Li Yunmu had had no plans to help the crazy woman. He was somewhat afraid of getting entangled with her and was completely clear in his heart that the farther he was from her, the better it would be.

But at that moment, he understood that good fortune wasn't misfortune and couldn't be avoided. And even if he managed to somehow avoid it, the system in his body would pull it back to him.

Li Yunmu wasn't afraid of any opponent but only being conned by the system!

All his hope collapsed at that moment. He looked at Brunhilda's gaze which was full of love in despair. The increase in strength of her godly spear had caught even Hatchet God and Hammer God unprepared, shocking them endlessly.

With the long spear in her hand, Brunhilda arrived in front of Li Yunmu and haughtily stated, "Mortal, it is impossible for anything good to happen between us. I am a god!"

Li Yunmu inwardly thought, It's best if nothing happens. Who wants to marry an unruly and headstrong woman like you? Isn't that the same as seeking unnecessary suffering?

But what slipped out of his mouth was something else entirely.

"Regardless of whether anything happens or not, my love for you will never change. If you think to turn your back on me because I am not a deity, then I will prove it to you. I will become a god and personally ask Odin for your hand."

"What nonsense are you spouting motherf*cker?"

Li Yunmu turned pale with fright. Those weren't his words but the damned system falsifying his speech. He instantly became furious.

But the system quickly came to fight from Li Yunmu's side. [Little lassie, although this mortal doesn't have the temperament to become a pseudo god yet, I am convinced that before long, he will join the ranks of gods.]

Brunhilda hesitated for an instant before indifferently saying, "Only my father could make a decision in this matter. I… can't say anything!"

While saying this, she looked at Li Yunmu with an affectionate gaze, unable to hide her emotions. It sent a cold chill down Li Yunmu's back, from top to bottom.

He was finished! The woman had truly fallen in love with him!

All the blame lay in the godly spear's ability. A woman holding it was truly insufferable. If one was not careful, the other party would immediately fall for them.

Li Yunmu felt quite bitter in his heart. But since the matter had already developed to that stage, it was beyond his control to change the outcome. The system had already 'helped' him in arranging everything.

[Just leave this matter to me. Odin, that old guy, will give me some face.]

Li Yunmu immediately understood the system's words, like they had been hammered into stone. Regardless of how much he resisted, it would be futile in front of the system's arrangements.

Furiously he howled at it. "You just decided the happiness of my future? Are you having a great time now? With the happiness established upon the pain of others, are you feeling happy now?"

Seeing Li Yunmu get indignant, the system coldly snorted. [Don't tell me that you don't understand the ways of the Origin World? Without Odin's assistance, you think we will be able to establish any foothold in this world? Mange to stand on our feet?

[Do you think that this world is the same as the projection plane from where you came? Or the Lucky Wind City where you could easily obliterate those battle sages?

[This is the Origin World. It has an abundance of people stronger than battle sages. Half step gods, ancient gods and even master gods are present here. With that little strength of yours and no backers, you think you can establish a foundation in the Origin World? Dream on!

[Brunhilda is an enormous opportunity for you! If you can obtain Odin's support, then let alone speak of being related to gods, you will have a foundation in the Origin World. Only after your strength slowly spreads through the Origin World will we have the capital to negotiate with the gods of ancient past.

[Don't forget our aim for coming to the Origin World this time. It's to get hold of the secret genetic code before they can break it! It will have an important use when the war involving the entire world explodes. It might even completely change the situation.

[The entire world would might look calm and peaceful at the moment, but how could there be no undercurrents be surging forth beneath? One slight change will affect everything, so you better think carefully about whether you want to take this opportunity or not.]

After the system's words, all the anger completely evaporated from Li Yunmu's mind. It was correct in saying that he had a goal for coming to the Origin World, but he didn't want to sink down, becoming a chess piece in the hands of others once more. He wanted to completely reverse the situation.

He had just recently arrived in the Origin World where danger lurked everywhere. If he could gain the support of any faction, he would have the foundation to stand in the Origin World.

Li Yunmu's gaze slowly became passionate. He looked at Brunhilda and said in an affectionate voice, "I will work hard to become a god, to rest and fly together with you."

Brunhilda almost dropped her long spear. It was the first time a man had publicly declared his love for her, and Li Yunmu had done it with such great emotion.

She still remembered her father saying once: "Hilda, you lassie, if you continue going on killing sprees, who will be willing to marry you?"

Li Yunmu's confession would allow her to proudly hold her head high and say to her father, "See, father! There is someone who has taken a fancy to your daughter!"

The love in Brunhilda's heart for Li Yunmu became even deeper. A layer of bright light covered the long spear in her hand, implying that its power had increased to the next level.

Hatchet God furiously swung the two hatchets in his hand and loudly roared, "Both of you, stop your public display of affection! Eat this old man's hatchet!"

The Hatchet God truly couldn't stand it. The two people were murmuring endearments in front of him, a grand god.

Hammer God also spoke up with extreme indignation. "Little girl, if you want to battle, then battle and pay less attention to casting amorous glances toward that mortal. I feel ashamed of you in Odin's place, falling in love with mortal! Truly losing face for Scandinavia!"

Brunhilda had been wavering just a moment ago, but because Li Yunmu had professed his determination publicly, claiming that regardless of how many difficulties came in the future, he would advance bravely and definitely wouldn't cower, she made a choice.

His unswerving determination had moved her who would never allow some artificial gods who were quite inferior to Odin to humiliate Scandinavia.

She coldly snorted at them. "Our Scandinavia's matters don't need the judgment from the two of you. Speaking of which, you are still inferior half step gods. You two aren't even worth dust in the eyes of Scandinavia!"

"You! Savage girl, I see that you are seeking death!" Hatchet God furiously bellowed while swinging his weapons. "You little girl, on the day when the gods fell, you hadn't even appeared, so how could you know about the formidable might of Hatchet God and Hammer God? Let's help you experience it."

If it had been someone else, being surrounded and attacked by two giant gods would have pushed them into a deadend, but Valkyrie Brunhilda didn't entertain any thoughts of retreat.