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617 Swindled Again

Lin Yuerou kept drinking, and the vampires kept on cheering her frankness.

"Great! Straightforward! City Lord is quite straightforward!"

Seeing Lin Yuerou drink so many cups without any change in her expression, the head of vampires was thoroughly convinced about her intensity.

Many old men and youths couldn't compare to the frail woman's drinking capacity. If this was spread outside, wouldn't they turn into a gigantic joke?

The leader of vampires already found his head going somewhat dizzy from the alcohol and promptly waved his hand. "Our drinking capacity is far inferior to City Lord's. From today onwards, we vampires pledge our eternal allegiance.

"If Lucky Wind City ever faces a difficulty, vampires will come over in full strength to provide assistance. And if we find ourselves in a difficult position, we will hope that City Lord will also do the same!"

"Alright! I will remember today's vow! We will take our leave then!"

Under the command of the head, all the vampires respectfully knelt on the ground and respectfully kowtowed towards Lin Yuerou.

"Respectfully sending off City Lord!"

Only after she left the camp of the vampires did Lin Yuerou feel her head going dizzy and cleansed her mouth from the drink.

Li Tian standing at her side sighed.

"City Lord, there was no need for you to act like that. Given Lucky Wind City's strength, obliterating the vampires would have been easy. "

Lin Yuerou looked at him indifferently. "I know that Li Yunmu had suppressed the other strange races with his strength. If was still in Lucky Wind City, everything would be alright! But if these strange races which have been oppressed learn about Li Yunmu going to the Origin World, won't it be somewhat disadvantageous for our Lucky Wind City?"

Li Yun who was standing on the other side had a simple answer. "Kill! Kill them all without leaving anyone behind!"

"If all these factions ally together and jointly attack our Lucky Wind City, then what will we do?"

Li Feng quickly gave her a reply. "Cut a bloody path outside. There will inevitably be an opportunity to make a comeback. The tyrannical supreme transcending level experts can easily crush the ants."

Lin Yuerou was still indifferent to their suggestions.

"None of the supreme transcending level experts possess the abilities of Li Yunmu. Even if we cut out a bloody path through the joint attack of those factions, won't our losses be disastrous? The experts we have are the foundation single handedly established by Li Yunmu, and our current prosperity is the result of his meticulous care!

"If we keep using military force to suppress everyone blindly, it will attract the resentment of those people. Once that happens, our Lucky Wind City will be the one suffering the loss!

"But at present, I have obtained victory effortlessly, without the need for any weapons or soldiers. After obtaining the trust of vampires, our Lucky Wind City will be known to have allied with them, so won't the other powers have apprehensions toward attacking us?"

Lin Yuerou's words caused the two shadows Li Yun and Li Feng, who only knew killing, to feel somewhat ashamed.

Li Tian nodded and stated, "That's true, you have indeed obtained the respect of vampires without needing a soldier or a weapon. Then what should we do next?"

"Next, we will go on creating alliances in all directions and start the offensive. Apart from the vampires who have already sworn allegiance to us, other races won't sincerely surrender to our Lucky Wind City.

"But we will use this opportunity to clearly understand which of the other races intend to become enemies with us and which of them will maintain neutrality. This will help us to prepare plans for the future.

"Those who intend to become enemies with our Lucky Wind City should be eradicated completely, with their roots pulled out. As for those who wish to remain neutral, we will force them to acknowledge allegiance to us and as for those who won't pay allegiance to us, they will be responsible for the consequences themselves."

Li Yuerou, the two-faced woman, was indeed savvy. The reason why Li Yunmu chose her to manage Lucky Wind City was in consideration of her brain which was full of wisdom.

Fortunately, Ling Shuang had rescued her. Otherwise, it would have been a great loss for Lucky Wind City. When it was under her supervision, Lin Yunmu could put away his fears about its future behind him.


Li Yunmu looked over with an unconvinced expression.

"What does this have to do with me? It was clearly that woman who didn't want to give up on her hunt for me. I could sense that her spear's strength was rising quickly, but she hasn't truly fallen in love with me, has she?"

The system suddenly laughed craftily and said to Li Yunmu, [That little lassie looks pretty good. If anything happened between you and her, it would be godly.

[It's good to know that that old fellow Odin pampers his daughter greatly. If you can seal a deal with her, then Odin will most likely stand on our side. After all, he wouldn't become enemies with his own daughter, right?]

Li Yunmu's eyes went wide. He finally saw the deep evil intentions the system had towards him. It planned to sell him, which was different from the past. It wasn't just trying to swindle him, but rather pushing him into the pit of fire. Its plan was to sell him for s*x and destroy the happiness of his future life.

But what could he do? Wasn't this another large hole?

"Wily old fox! You surprisingly concocted such a plan. I will tell you now that I definitely won't let you have your way! I will resist until death!"

However, this matter was truly out of Li Yunmu's control. While standing at the gate of the city, he was still retorting logically, but his passionate speech had instantly been transformed into a public confession for Brunhilda.

"Brunhilda, I know you want power, so let me bestow strength upon you! My grand Valkyrie, I will be your lover!"

The stronger the love, the more powerful the spear would become. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that one strike of the spear possessed the power of ten thousand oxen. This level of strength was even a grade higher than the highest amount of strength that Li Yunmu could unleash.

Was it the so-called 'power of love'? What sort of messy plaything was that spear?

When Li Yunmu heard the words coming from his mouth, he was flabbergasted and genuinely wanted to drop dead at that instant.

In his mind, he angrily shouted, "You old fox! You conned me again!"

The firmness in Brunhilda's eyes began to waver. Just a moment ago, she had still viewed Li Yunmu as the enemy, but after hearing his public confession, her heart instantly softened.

"This mortal… wants to help me?"

The two artificial gods, Hatchet God and Hammer God, had already focused their attention on her, and their strength naturally couldn't be underestimated. Normally, Brunhilda would find it difficult to deal with one of them, let alone two.

She was fighting against them at her full strength. However, her spear's strength would grow with the increase in her love. If she fell deeply in love with Li Yunmu, its power would be unleashed to the extreme.

The spear was outstanding to begin with, so after Li Yunmu's public confession and Brunhilda changing her view about him, things changed.

The power unleashed by her next attack forced Hatchet God and Hammer God to retreat a few feet. The two artificial gods couldn't help but be startled, and a single thought arose in their minds.

How could this woman's power have increased again?