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615 Hatchet God and Hammer God

[Is this girl crazy?]

The system couldn't help but issue a thunderous roar. It was clear that Brunhilda had already lost all reason.

She had struck down without caring about alarming the ancient gods hibernating underneath Whale City nor that she might destroy the whole place with her formidable strength.

At that moment, she didn't care about any of these matters. She was completely infuriated by Li Yunmu and the system insulting Scandinavia and wished to massacre all the people who thought to obstruct her way.

"I am certain that she is crazy. This attack alone will bring great inconvenience for us."

The system sneered at him. [What inconvenience? She has already shaken the Origin World, so is she afraid that it wouldn't know that she is Odin's daughter? This sort of impulsive action would certainly make her father lose faith.]

Li Yunmu looked at the cracked ground and wrinkled his brows. "Although it is good that this crazy woman has destroyed the enchantment, I fear a lot of people in the Whale City were alarmed by her noisy actions." 

Just as Li Yunmu said that, there was movement in Whale City. A magnificent army rushed out in full strength, followed by countless flux experts that made a beeline in Brunhilda's direction.

The person who had put the Whale City in crisis was Odin's daughter. She had caught the eye of the famous muscular man when his female companion with cultivation extremely close to sage flux realm was killed in a single strike.

At that moment, he again appeared in front of the terrifying existence with an ashen complexion. His voice was chilly though.

"How could my Whale City be invaded by you two foreigners? Quickly leave the sky of our Whale City or our city's flux experts won't let you go."

When Brunhilda heard the robust man's warning, she couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Just a mortal and still dare to boss people around? Taking the power behind you into consideration, I didn't kill you, yet you come seeking the path to your doom. Good, good, good, then I will help you accomplish your aim!"

A hint of imposingness appeared on Brunhilda's face. Each and every person who obstructed her path would be killed without any consideration. This was the majesty of a war god.

Although occasionally she might have some doubts, anyone who violated the sanctity of Scandinavia would be reduced to nothing more than their souls by her spear!

With one strike, countless flux experts were blown away like debris and fell to the ground. A large hole even opened up in the gate of the Whale City because of the spear's terrifying power.

When Li Yunmu had traded blows with Brunhilda, he had sensed that her skill was quite outstanding. Although he hadn't used his full strength, he would have subdued her a long time ago if not because of the formidable power of the spear in her hand.

The complexion of Whale City's city lord Zach changed when he saw the flux experts sent by him being effortlessly defeated by Brunhilda. His body couldn't stop shuddering.

"I am afraid that there probably isn't anyone in the city who could stop this woman. I need to request an artificial god to fight her."

However, Zach didn't really do it. If he truly disturbed them, it would mean making enemies with Odin. Just hearing his name was enough to make him afraid of the consequences, so what if Odin actually really came?

However, what they didn't know was that at that moment, Odin's spiritual consciousness hadn't been restored completely; otherwise, Sleipnir wouldn't have requested the system to remove the restrictions from his master.

Frankly speaking, those restrictions were on his spiritual awareness, and in olden days, they would've been known as a seal.

This wasn't any difficult matter for the system. It truth, it was quite easy. But Li Yunmu had some apprehensions regarding Brunhilda, and he also didn't dare to be completely confident that after Odin's spiritual consciousness was restored, he would stand on the system's side.

The circumstances of the Origin World were excessively complex, and the reason why the system had brought him to the Whale City, wasn't it to break the remaining secret genetic code?

"Why are you so insistent on breaking the secret genetic code?" Li Yunmu couldn't help but suspiciously ask.

At that moment, Brunhilda had already sunk into a deranged state at the gate of the Whale City. Given that she was attacking in this manner, the artificial gods inside the city would soon have no choice but to appear. At that time, not only would she be in conflict with the Whale City, the artificial gods would also have to fight with Odin.

Li Yunmu clearly understood that all of this wasn't related to him. The more lively the situation became, the better it would be for him. Using the chaos, he could make his move and find the information he needed.

[Ding, tracks of the genetic code discovered at the northern edge of the city, but there's also a presence of an ancient god there. Do you want to proceed or not?]

Ancient God?

Was it possible that the genetic code had already fallen into the hands of other people? This wasn't good news, right?

"Is there any possibility of me being the opponent of that ancient god given my present strength?"

[The number of ancient gods cannot be verified for the time being, so you mustn't stand out. But since the genetic code has fallen into the hands of ancient gods, I can say with 100% certainty that it hadn't been broken yet. Thus I can rest assured.]

"Why are you so focused upon this secret genetic code?"

The system was silent for a moment, then indifferently replied, [Because if it is broken, the god creation program will be launched everywhere in the Origin World. At that time, the balance would be broken, and the war which I predicted before would become a reality.

[But since they haven't broken the genetic code, humanity still has the opportunity to prevent the war. The so-called god creation can be stopped, and the prophesied war then won't happen.]

"This was your aim when choosing me as a host? In order to obtain the secret genetic code? Obstruct the god creation plan of those ambitious people?"

The system didn't say anything more and instead scanned the situation outside the city. Brunhilda was a truly crazy woman and annihilated all the flux experts in the Whale City by herself.

By doing so, she provoked some artificial gods. One of them was holding hatchets in both hands with a sinister expression on his face. Another one had two large hammers in his hands and was watching Brunhilda like a fiend.

[Hatchet God and Hammer God have been drawn out by that lassie, so this battle might last until the sky turns murky. But I don't understand, clearly you are the main culprit behind this matter, so why are you able to move freely while other people step out to become your scapegoats?] the system said depressingly.